We've always known that politics is an important means of changing the world , and we want to hear more voices when it happens.

This is a response to the upcoming 9-in-the-one elections, and women's fans have launched a questionnaire survey.The subject of our questionnaire is to understand whether the political information sources, political attitudes, and gender issues of political personalities are consistent with the political persuasion of politicians.The questionnaire was collected from October 27, 2014 to November 14, and we collected a total of 1361 valid samples.

With regard to data collection, it is a better way for women to evaluate online questionnaires.It can break through time and region restrictions, not only in Taipei, but relatively speaking, the shortcomings of the answer are that they are all Internet users, and those who contact them may also have similar information channels, and their views are homogenous.

Before the entry starts, tell us about us Basic background data for this questionnaire: up to 36 % in the student population, followed by services (10 %), and the creative craft (8 %).The status of marriage is unmarried (76 per cent).There were no children, 84 per cent.The post-1978 network of births took up 87 per cent.

We are doing our best to identify issues of real concern and potential problems that we haven't noticed, and here are our observations:

Civic awareness!More than 70 % indicate that it will vote

In this questionnaire, 76 % of the volumes indicated that they would certainly vote, 17 % said they were still considering it, and only 7 % would not vote.This figure is much higher than the average voter turnout rate of 63.71 % in the last 15 years.

The survey respondents also indicated that they would vote for: "Politics is a matter of public opinion.""I hope my hometown is better!""A small vote may not be a thing, but I will take a serious look at each candidate's political views and background, without giving up hope.""At least it expresses its own support and opposition, even though it may not really affect the direction of the final policy formulation."The result shows that in recent years, Taiwan's network of civil consciousness has awakened, and people no longer ignore the power of change. Most of them agree that the basic approach to participating in politics is to start from voting.(Recommended reading: The "big business" government of Lien Sheng-wen, the "All People" government of Cowenzi, who you want to vote for?)

The candidates' political views are the most important!

In selecting candidates' considerations, the most important are political and policy planning (72 %), followed by "Listening/Communicate Public" (70 %), "Political Ideas" (68 %), " Values" (67 %), "Specialty" (55 %).

In past elections, of candidates was the focus of the party's party affiliation.However, in the survey, only 27 % of the questionnaires filled the candidates' political parties, and everyone was in a recession with the identity of political parties, and no longer the ideology of confrontation with the blue and green.

In addition to the recent rise of websites such as g0v , it is easier for citizen monitoring to look at candidates' political views and ideals, as well as in the past. People are close to political means. They are also making political views and whether the government is willing to listen to public opinion, and is more demanding.

Social network as the primary source of political information

This time the survey is based on the Internet generation, and social networking is also a major source of political information (68 %), but traditional media reports are not to be underestimated, and 63 % of the questionnaires rely on news media reports to gain political information.

The network can make it easier for netizens to engage in more direct political participation.In the past, the general public had to rely on political parties or representatives of public opinion to participate effectively in political activities, while political information relied on the operation of news organizations.While the Internet has reduced the importance of the organization's role, it has increased the likelihood that people will not be able to participate directly through the organization's intermediary.

The multicultural nature of the new media provides new possibilities for the propagation of political messages compared to the one-way spread of traditional media.The browsing of the social website will lead to unintentional spread of messages, resulting in a simple exposure effect and political participation.

Not only women, men speak with transgender people!

This is a woman's political survey, 77 percent of the filers are women, but what's amazing is that 22 percent of the people who fill out are men and 1 percent of transgender people.Regardless of gender differences, men and women make their voices heard. Many of them also say in the questionnaire that they are usually concerned about women's political views. We have seen that the lines of political views are loosening.

In response, respondents said: "The benefits are not limited by gender, and each man woman can enjoy more open development opportunities and possibilities.""

In the past, rigid boundaries between work and family, public and private, were based on the difference between men and women, but now the dividing line has been broken, not only because women enter the workforce, but also have the power to manage public affairs, and because men share their family business as a result of changes in the status of women, and therefore have more common ground than before.(Recommended reading: The full text of the speech by Emma Watson's shocking speech at the United Nations: "Not just for women's rights, but for both men and women!"" )

do big people care about?

The top five are food security, urban residence, salary issues, environmental protection, and marital equality.Most recently, the issue of the time has risen, and the attention has increased.

61 % of people care about food security.During the survey period, the issue of edible oil is on the top of the table. In Taiwan, the people are floating in the hearts and minds of the people. Every day, when watching the news, they are all looking for the names of the manufacturers we used to eat.We all have the same question: How did Taiwan become like this?How many unexploded bombs we still have?(Recommended reading: The food safety machine exploits again!The three food traps you have to know )

Next, 57 % of the population felt that the housing problem was a concern.Before the "snail" of the snails in the city of Ninepin Road in Taipei City on October 4th, as Peng Yang-kai, a spokesman for the Nestle, said, the common people's wish is simple. It doesn't need a luxury residence. It just needs a small living space of 25 square meters to live.How to accelerate the realization of the right to housing and to allow young people to live in Taiwan is a common expectation shared by all.

By juxtait the question of housing is the pay issue, with 57 % of the questionnaires filled with concern.The employment problem of the University graduates' 22K is still in dispute. Is the Government's economic policy out of order?Or is Taiwan's long-standing educational policy out of line with the industry?Young people are not hard enough to work hard, and they have to shoulder the same responsibility with their parents. The National Economic and Trade State is a meeting at which young people spoke with their speeches.In the seventh graders, they fear that 40 years from now, they will become the old people of the world. Some people think that Taiwan has become two worlds. Some people say that the domestic labor market is not good, the law is not implemented, the pay is too low, and the work will not be affordable for the rest of the life.From the housing problem to the pay issue, we have seen the fear of the future for the younger generation. (Let's look at: What's the burden of life?There are three difficulties in Taiwan: buying a house, passing days, raising children )

51 % of people think that environmental protection is an issue of common concern.As the most controversial bill of beauty, the sustainable development of the environment has become the consensus of the people. Why is beautiful Taiwan no longer beautiful?We started to reflect on of the development of Taiwan's society and the specter of land, environment, and generational offerings.How with humility and humility in this piece of land that we grew up with, and let us be proud of what we have to be proud of ourselves.

The fifth is the right to marriage with 41 % of the people concerned.More and more people think homosexuality is unnatural, destroys social morals, religious groups do not support, and does not support fertility, will encourage more people to become homosexuals, get AIDS, and if adopted children will not be able to give "healthy" and "normal" care to children of heterosexual parents.But from the results of the survey, we see people looking forward to the end of the affirmative action, to the point of zero discrimination, no longer looking at the stigma, and looking at the different people who are different from us.Not only "I am a man."" (You will also like: Gay, not only in a big parade to smile )

The results of the top five also reflect that life is political. Our food, clothing, and housing are all closely related to politics.

The dark corners we haven't seen yet

In this survey, the five penultimate topics that are less of concern are abortion (8 %), sex workers (15 %), sexual harassment (17 %), new immigrants (17 %), family/breakup violence (19 %).

This time, 48 % of our survey respondents were unmarried men and women between 20 and 26, and the largest number was 35 % of students.From the results of the survey, we can find that most of the above topics have nothing to do with the life of the bottom of the society, but in fact we do not find the dark corners of society that we find no.(The unseen corners of the world: Women speak out loud!The Lien Sheng-wen and Ke Wen-che's political views and debates have not been mentioned. )

In the last case of abortion, the visibility of the issue of oral contraceptives or abortion in Taiwan, be it women's oral contraceptives or abortion, is almost zero, and even if it appears, it is a matter of stepping down and avoiding.But many people who choose to have abortions or support abortion, love life and children, organize families and raise the next generation in their life plans. Even some already have children. For abortion, they are also struggling or forced to choose. They are not the cold-blooded by opponents of the plan.(Recommended reading: Diary of the miscarriage of these women, let us look at abortion from another angle )

What can we do after the election

With this questionnaire, women fans want to tell you: When we don't want to talk about political issues and feel political is dirty, but in fact the economy cannot be cut out from politics, culture cannot be simply culture, and politics will not stay at the political level.

What is politics?If you ask people on the road with this question, the answer may be: "Politics is a fake!"" Politics is in the interests of all." Look at the legislator fighting!" When people say that, we will find that these characterization of politics is about the impression of political workers.Political phenomena, political systems, political work, political figures, political figures, …, are subject to different analyses, as the people are too disappointed and are now fully attributed to the bad side.

Before we were politically disappointed, we asked ourselves: Why should I care about politics?What reasons do I care about politics?The simplest logic behind this is: What kind of life do I want?When we choose to ignore, we can't get the lives we want.We cannot find solutions to our daily lives. The dirty is the people in the political field, not the expectations and expectations that we should have in politics.After the election, we still have to live. Life is politics. The fans invite everyone to join the political process together and continue to care about political information, so that each of us can truly realize the value of each vote.(You will also like: Everyone is the force of change!)Look at the rise of social forces from 2014 )

Women are invited to speak with us to use the power of the community to see our political channel !

Text: Hype Lab/Fantine Chiu