"Relationship Diary", there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. The love of the Ace friend, if loves to finally we must be disgusted, that I also willing even your not to love also to go down together.

I really intend to delete all the memories about us, whatever we have, I can not take any more. I am fine without you.

Clementine into the indifferent clinic, love too painful, so want to forget.

The name of the clinic is lacuna, blank meaning, remove the memory, from scratch, lovelorn originally is the Pride declaration, I have, is about our a whole piece of blank, we no longer have a relationship.

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At first he was lovely, eccentric and charming, and he saw him as the best man in the world, personality at odds, but it happens to feel, only he inlay match temperament, she opened himself, let him in; But love is not always to hate, like who secretly switch lovers, love rooting, incredibly grow the shape of hate, she hated his silence, She hated him for not fighting back, she hated them no longer have nothing to say. (Recommended reading:"relationship Diary" MSc and Marty: Our love so free, why do we have?) )

"I tell you everything, all the damn shame, and you don't believe me." 」

At least hate is to care about, at least hate is hurt each other, at least hate is two people angry, love the most hot people's pour is not hate, but is forgotten, she forgot him, drove him out of her world.

"If one day, the memory between us is removed, you will not love me as before, as we have not hurt each other?" 」

Nietzsche said, bless forgetful people, because forget the mistakes will be better. For Joel to close his eyes and delete his memory, he remembered that they were loved. Love, is the past completion type, in advance refers to the future, notice the cause and effect.

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The day they met, she was a fluorescent hair color, lined with the Montauk of the sea, like the small beast of the city, and then think of summer, he is the same picture. Another act of montage, he and she lay on the frozen lake, holding each other cold hands, the mist, pointing to the stars, with her, happy so easy, he felt safe, like in the maternal womb.

She is the most free person he has ever met, because he no longer stray, he is the most eccentric person she has met, but because she has expectations of the world. Love to the end, he has little left, only memory. He in the memory of holding her hand fled, he was reluctant to, the original quarrel tears, those silent Cold War, All is Love picture. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" Mistress and Zhou Muiun: The best of times, are not yet completed )

True love beat them black and blue, just see, Love is never great, also need not perfect, we are lovely hateful people, longing for is such an ordinary love.

"I'm not a concept, men think I can complete them, but I'm just a mess of girls trying to find themselves." I'm not perfect. 」

"I can't see where you're going to make me sick. 」

"In the future you will, you will find how I hate, and I will be tired of you, feel trapped in it, because we are." 」

Good 」

Love, is a simple sentence of good. If love is bound to live and hate, the future, I think even your not cute, but also to love, in short is the enemy road narrow.