She is not Girl, but has always cherished Girl bold fearless, Maggie Zhang's life attitude outside-life only once, why not love it?

Maggie Cheung over 50 years old, may no longer call her girl, but she is a lot of girls on the way to women is very important icon.

Out of Asia, ask the most representative actress in Chinese movies, no one will not say Maggie. If there is a beauty can describe the film Maggie, I think it is called restraint, another kind of beauty describes the reality of Maggie Cheung, is to swing.

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I'm Maggie, not Ruan Jade.

18 years old, Maggie Cheung won the Hong Kong Miss Asia runner-up, since then, each of her plays, have been judged she is a vase.

What is Maggie's effort? In the 80 's to the middle of the 90, she moved at the speed of 10 movies a year to the home of the film and the car, and it was a time when only efforts had been made. Wong Kar Wai, "Mong Kok Carmen" Pat Maggie Cheung, people began to remember her, and for her set the role of Sansheng III, "punk", "East evil West Poison", "The Mood for Love", Maggie Cheung with a look back to the first three loves and not love reincarnation, Zhou Muiun and Mistress story Timeless classic. (same field Gayon:"Relationship diary" Mistress and Zhou Muiun: The best of times, are not yet completed )

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"Ruan" let Maggie got to the Berlin film festival actress, she played Ruan slender, flirting, powerless, weak in the stubborn, the media highly praised, guess Maggie Life's achievements, may be like Ruan. Director Kwan asked her, you think half a century later can with Ruan Jade general? "I think it doesn't matter if someone remembers me half a century later, but if anyone really remembers me, it would be different from Ruan," she said. 」

Maggie Cheung Although no dowager, but there is full of internal tension. Many people acting, is the use of eyes, voice, facial expression, Wong Kar-Wai said Maggie is best at the limb, for example, Maggie Cheung in the Wang family series movies, often close-up hand, back, was led by the hands of the warm, long shot in the body of the dress, Maggie Cheung's emotions, by their own limbs, and static, and crazy. (You will like: Remember Wong Kar Wai: Write the world of regret and calm, never expired six classic )

In the role of Maggie Cheung, I particularly like in the "Sweet Honey" like weeds in the Lee, the role has to wash the Qianhua, the natural luster, a death first laugh after the close-up of the cry, the life said very clearly. Maggie prop up the Chinese half of the world's important literary and artistic films, and then Maggie patted slowly, she did not know anything from what all the girls, photographed to reject Wong Kar Wai, "2046", that year, Zhangman Yusing said, I do not want to play Suli Jean.

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I don't want to be an actress all my life.

50 years old that year, Maggie Cheung to the singer identity, many people wonder why Maggie wants to sing, she replied: "I am trying to find other aspects of work, do not want to own life is just an actor." 」

In the film "clean", she was immediately fascinated by the studio, which is also Maggie Cheung left the Chinese circle, to New York to see the day. She lived a pleasant life, occasionally to a friend's apartment smoking, writing songs, people see Her is Maggie, not a star. In China, there are always people who just like to see God in the same way that Maggie lives in the marketplace. "Waitan pictorial" reporter once asked, if give you a kind of ability, what do you want? Maggie's answer was sour. "invisible, Invisible. So I can go wherever I want to go. 」

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In many places, she always wanted to go, but did not go, many things, she always wanted to experience, but only through the role of actors to arrive. She has always wanted to enrich her life, in the performance of "cleaning" he said: "I do not want to let everyone think: Maggie always just a look, no feelings, no desire, no failure, just walk around perfectly." "So Maggie has the courage to do what no one wants to do, just like she thinks of her music:" I hope to have a rough but powerful force, better than the hypocrisy of beauty. 」

Maggie's achievements in music have been less than any of her plays, perhaps she did not want this achievement, can play with their own.

I think it's not too late to realize the dream of being young, I'm proud


People sing Maggie Cheung, said you come back to act, she in the past few years music festival scene jokingly said: "I act until the 20th, no one said I am a vase, so sing, you also give me more opportunities." 」

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Without a dress, you can restrain a woman star

Society's advice to a female star is a lot of, not only interfering in her career, but also want to interfere in her various clothing grooming choice, Maggie Cheung had been "preaching" her red blanket dress may not be body when the media announced:

For a powerful actress, you don't care about the way you dress on the red carpet.


Maggie's style has been a concern, she attended the movie premiere wearing clothes, she used the powder background number, her new hairstyle in the film, but Maggie is still most like their own simple clothes and jeans. Many designers have praised Maggie is their design muse, she responded, although honored, but she knew the best designers are not only a muse, otherwise, Muse is just a joke. Maggie in a lot of people in the heart is the film and fashion Idol, she is often deeply feel the lack of her own life, will choose to go wandering in the age of 30 years, the life of buying food and walking.

Maggie Cheung said that there were two of them in the body, one is let hair makeup division full strength, carefully carved actress, one is the face of the sky, cycling through the streets of Paris woman, the woman if you see the brand one would think: "That is a big star at a dinner party through the clothes, I do not want to wear." "(Recommended you see:" Beauty is not to care!) "The Intelligent American Manifesto of 10 atypical actress"

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I have experienced a lot of feelings, how can it be a failure of love?

She is comfortable and proud, Maggie Cheung said she longed for freedom like longing for love, she recognized that she is a special need to love women, how many people sour, the beauty of life, Maggie Cheung's love has not been smoothly. She smiled and answered:

"People can not always retreat to their most comfortable place ah." However, there is no better reason than to take risks for love-to love, to be loved. 」

Maggie Cheung had flown from Beijing to Paris for love and flew back from Paris to Beijing. "Love is always something that I care about." Maggie said that when you love, you are more confident than when you love yourself. Maggie's success, no longer her acting, is her life of the righteous bones, beautiful her: "I experienced N feelings, every time is very happy, have good memories, so I do not think that they are emotional losers." 」

She wants to be in love with her life as she loves the truth: "It's better to have a relationship than not." Many plays have been coming, Maggie Cheung has not been answered, she said she did not want to make money, love has not earned enough.

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"A GIRL" Maggie Cheung

I like to use a big mood, to do some small things.


I hope to have a rough but powerful strength, better than false beauty.


I do not want to make people feel that Maggie Cheung is always a god, no feelings, no desire, no traces of years.