Why do we often think that sexual harassment is an overreaction, or a harmless one, in the case of sexual harassment on campus in Zhongshan? Our disregard and avoidance, in fact, let the injury occurred repeatedly.

School day, Zhongshan Female school gate issued an open letter, the title is written, please pay attention to the campus of Zhongshan female sexual harassment incidents.

At the end of June 2017, the Committee on Gender Equality Education for women in Zhongshan confirmed that four school girls had been sexually harassed by certain male teachers on campus. Behaviors include suggestive words, words, pictures, a positive hug, a stroke of the thigh, and a touch of the body's privacy. Not only students in school are very disturbed, but alumni who have graduated from the past have also suffered.

The Campus sex Flat survey, and confirmed that sexual harassment has its aftermath, not only in hiding the name of the party, the University of Public information on the investigation process and follow-up treatment, and did not take remedial or retraining measures to improve the environment, the teacher was a greater punishment, will be a year after the sabbatical, and then back to school teaching.

Campus sexual harassment, Zhongshan female is not the only case, women are not the only possible victims of sexual harassment, in April this year, Neihu senior engineer also male teachers from behind bear hold male students, and stroked male students in the middle of the hip. (same site recommendation: 20 common myths about male sexual assault victims: "You have a reaction that you want")

What we should ask is, why is the campus of the educational establishment a hotbed of sexual harassment? Under the dual status of adults and teachers, how should students say no? How can a student say no, will someone be willing to believe and treat?

Sexual harassment is not an overreaction or a harmless response.

Compared with sexual assault, sexual harassment in the legal definition, because of the field and the object, in the "Gender Equality Education Act", "Two equal work equality law", "sexual Harassment prevention and control law" constraints, some micro-differences in the legal position is relatively delicate.

Sexual harassment is often seen as "less serious", with most of the victims hearing "don't overreact" and the perpetrator is a shameful recidivism, as the whole society has repeatedly told him that sexual harassment is harmless.

The perpetrator's behaviour was not adjusted and re-education, the victim's mood was not appeased and tutored, and sexual harassment became a "necessary evil" on campus.

In accordance with the norms of article II of the Gender Equality Education Act, sexual harassment on campus refers to

The scope of the coverage can also be divided into four kinds,

The teacher suddenly contempt up, the students do not know whether to say no, how to say no, have felt the age and identity is the dual power oppression. The campus that should let the student build trust, became the night nightmare, the student must organize the physical and mental discomfort, also faces the teacher-student relationship The trust breakdown-this should educate my field, but is hurts me the place.

And if we continue to be indifferent to sexual harassment, it is also to tell these children that your discomfort is not important. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" Kasiai Frek's sexual harassment suspicion: each tolerance, is to tell the victim you are not important )

Sexual harassment prevention and sexual harassment myth: You have to know how to protect yourself.

At the same time, we look at the inadequacy of the current sexual Harassment initiative, education has also replicated gender oppression, consolidating the existing gender power structure--assuming that women are inevitable victims, men are inevitable perpetrators, always to the feminine warm shout, the actual reprimand, such as "You have to know how to protect yourself", " You should pay attention to your own safety ", you should know how to handle distance," You should not let people touch you.

To be and not to, and should not, to the single sex.

This is a perennial myth about sexual harassment-only women are the victims of sexual harassment, and they are the victims of blame in disguise. Sexual harassment and prevention advocates, who cannot see the boys who are suffering from sexual harassment and are unable to speak out; after seeing no sexual harassment, repeated accusations and reviews of their victims; no immediate pain and the darkness of the campus.

Perhaps sexual harassment prevention advocates, the most should do, but is a good talk about sex, lust and physical autonomy rights. How can we be aware of our discomfort, which may have constituted his "sexual harassment"? How do we distinguish between intimacy and sexual harassment? How do we do our own physical rights? How do we enlighten each person's gender consciousness? Talk about respect, no gender, no age, no identity. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" I was sexually abused, they said "you should not seduce the teacher")

Sexual Harassment prevention advocates, the focus also is to break the existing sexual harassment myth, no longer oppression victims, no longer give the perpetrator more excuses, the common myth there are three kinds,

  1. The perpetrator was a momentary impulse or a temporary runaway.
  2. The perpetrator was lured and flirted with by the other.
  3. The perpetrator needs a physical vent, he's pathetic, he can't control himself.

According to the network of gender-violence resources , more than half of the cases of sexual harassment were premeditated, deliberately chosen, and carefully tested; the perpetrator was not out of control of his desires or physical needs, but through his identity, the power of unequal violence, and knowing that he could easily be taken off the sin--he knew, The definition of sexual harassment is unclear, the case is difficult, the victim is difficult to have evidence and complaints, is not seen as overreacting, is deliberately framing, as long as they deny the end, or reverse blame, will eventually slightly punished, or even nothing.

Why is it so difficult for the perpetrators to admit their mistakes?

Then what about the follow-up of Zhongshan women?

Film "Accomplice" stills

September 18, Zhongshan Female school convened a senior sophomore, guidance director to cast a film, a page to introduce the meaning of sexual harassment, sexual harassment is a B is C, is a legal term, that is not to talk about the sexual harassment in schools has been cases. So, there are still teachers to imply that the so-called "Wolf Division" is actually framing, is the female students do not own self-love.

I have been thinking that this is not the case, this disregard of the facts, so that the perpetrators admit mistakes, become increasingly difficult?

I remember "Fang Siqi's first love Paradise" has such a section, the creepy. Teachers exchange information between the secret, and teaching is not involved, but is the teacher this position how to "use" and so on.

How do you say it's easy? You see, the students sit, looking up at the teacher, the eyes of worship, what that is, a only to slaughter the lamb ah, teachers know what they do to them can. If something happens, simple, prevarication, pretending not to understand, sexual shame is too convenient, the whole society is very indifferent to this thing, will cooperate with their own cover, sexual harassment and sexual assault, it is difficult to see light, wrong are the victims.

I forget the details of the sentence can not bear to look, that tone in general complacent.

We thought it was a novel, but it wasn't. For the appeasement of the incident, let the perpetrator become the inheritance of experience recidivism, let the perpetrator refused to face up to the wrong, so that the injury has repeatedly become a vicious circle. Sexual harassment or sexual assault on campus is frequent because of the lack of opportunities to take on the wrong things.

In addition to building an environment where victims can safely speak out, are we supposed to set up an occasion where the perpetrator can admit mistakes and make a public apology, to look at that mistake, to look at the mistake, to review the error, to avoid the continual occurrence of the error?

I think the TED film may have given us a possible solution. The reconciliation between the perpetrator and the victim , the opening of the wound, the process is extremely difficult but necessary, giving the perpetrator the opportunity to take responsibility, giving the victim the opportunity to stop blaming himself, and giving the community the opportunity to see the sexual violence actually happening, you and I can all be complicit in the structure.

"When a person is identified as a victim, he is attached to a minor, humiliating, destructive, and when a person is deemed to be the perpetrator, people subconsciously call him a demon, a monster, and he is inhuman." 」

"If we are unwilling to acknowledge that these violence are man-made, we do not want to give a chance to assume the wrong, and we will only continue to ignore the continuing violence in human society." If we continue to give victims the impression that they are secondary, how can we allow them to rebuild their power? 」

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Sexual harassment, trauma syndrome.

Sexual harassment syndrome

Victims of sexual harassment, although not seriously exposed to violence, have a great impact on their self-esteem, accompanied by physical and mental symptoms. According to the survey about 90% of the victims have symptoms of psychological stress, such as confusion, guilt, helplessness, anger, fear, and so on, which is called "stress trauma syndrome", and these psychological reactions tend to cause some physiological symptoms, such as headache, stomach pain, ulcers, high blood pressure, Scholars refer to this mental and physical condition as "sexual harassment trauma syndrome".

Reference data: Taiwan Legal Network