The 24th Female Film Festival X women fans exclusive cooperation, editing for you to choose the film, tie the relationship inside the "mother Lian", see the Philippines Manila, the surface of the busiest maternity ward, how to live a day.

Motherland, mother chain, a word to us, when the womb becomes a production line, when the mother's love becomes a professional, when production becomes a daily operation, people say welcome to the baby Factory, welcome to the production and reproduction of the hell and Heaven.

Location, Manila, Philippines, Jose Fabela Memorial Hospital, the most busy maternity ward on the surface, delivered at least 60 babies a day. The face of the young mothers, living under the poverty line, the time there is another calculation, they have at least five children, old experience, almost forgotten, they are only 20-year-old.

A child, but also a child, has a ripening uterus.

The nurse asked her how old she was and how many children she had.

She pulled up her finger count, 2007, born in 2008, one, 2009 a ..., my sixth, she touched the belly, to me this year 24 years old, like counting myself to several countries, so commonplace.

"Mother Chain", I thought that speaking is surrogate mother, but is not. Perhaps, mother as a link in the production chain, is always the society of the noble expectations of women, you can be born, you have to live, you have to be born. (Recommended reading: Is the uterus of a woman a country?) Written after Trump signed the global abortion ban )

Contraception is not popular, women's names are called mother

Most of the time, I look at the production of mechanical action, open feet, close your eyes, push, children cry, keep thinking, from small to large, I am afraid to see is the production screen.

I fear that the pain of tearing the body, I fear that will eventually squeeze the life of the umbilical cord, but also fear that the society in the role of women take for granted-the picture is always approximate, after the production of joy and tears, hold the baby, the decision for the mother is strong.

"Mother chain" made another group of mothers, mother set foot on the road of never-ending mother, the background is always the children cry loudly, this group of mothers in Binghuangmaluan, learn to Kuzhongzuoyue, here is another, the same vital, more negative battlefield.

They are also a code, number No. 585, No. 682, shouting convenient, nurses easy to broadcast, their names are called Mother, just produced the mother, the mother to be produced, the mother on the bed.

The delivery process is very fast, there are always people waiting, the mother of life, to be able to incubate a new life, the newborn a purple, mother bend body tired to sleep, beds very crowded, two or three mothers share a piece, they usually have been born, can not be born so far.

Contraception here, is such a strange concept, the birth of a child fearless mother, but afraid of contraception. The nurse gestures, explains very forcefully, family planning (Family planning), pills, injections, tubal ligation (tubal ligation), intrauterine contraceptive (IUD), is to give you a better life, to do the 20 years old, really should do. (Recommended reading:"The topic of pregnancy" from the "orange red" read Surrogate mother: is the uterus a privilege or a yoke? )

"My mother doesn't want me to have a intrauterine device. 」
"Then what do you think?" 」
(A silence)
"I am afraid of danger, I dare not install intrauterine contraceptives, I fear danger." 」
"What you do is more dangerous, you are 21 years old, you have two children." 」

Some of them signed to agree, but on the bed to regret, and some would prefer to have a baby every year, also refused to install intrauterine contraceptive device; The nurse shook his head and whispered, "You've just had a baby, and when you get home, you'll be pregnant again, can you really enjoy sex?"

We were very poor, but our father was not absent.

I look at the fortunately, the father is not absent, the child is not only a mother's responsibility. The reality is cruel, they are very poor, but father remember to shift shifts at noon, or around the change, to let the family survive.

Early is still the normal, many children here are very young, obviously premature birth, seven months born, the body is not ripe, very easy to infect, labored suction air. In the room, everyone is kangaroo mother, Kangaroo Mother Care, heat preservation box is not enough, when the body incubator, children like cubs, close to mother's chest, attached to the temperature of heating.

The mother always has to rest, the father comes to change hands. At noon, the fathers have little babies in their chests, chatting, exchanging information, and passing on experience--where there is clean blood, where to go for medicine is cheaper, premature babies should pay attention to what. He said to himself, "Baby, we can't go home yet." Can't go home, because you are not strong enough, because there is no incubator, because the home does not have enough clean water for you. You just have to be responsible for eating and drinking and Lazarus sleeping, we wait for you to grow up. (Recommended reading:"Sex watch" says Father's Day is happy: from where Dad goes to Daddy wants to go home )

A mother learns to be a mother, and so is her father.

The reason for the relationship is because there is care, there is love, the mother's production chain, the other half to participate together, is called the family. "Mother chain" will no longer condemn, no longer reveal, and no longer provoke sympathy, perhaps there are more "progressive countries" can learn from the place.

For most of the time, I ached for the mother who was too young, and their blood drained and dried, dry and flow, sex to them almost equal to production, sex device is called mother; I worry for the early-born children, they are very hard to live, sometimes only luck, if can grow up is a gift.

I feel gratified at the same time, perhaps the family concept, it is from their bumps and shaking out of the hospital, rainy days, recruit a rare taxi, a person with a child, slowly grow out. Poverty is the scene, people in the effort, the mother chain of intention, perhaps it is necessary to disconnect the mother and children of the inevitable link, let the family come in together to take up the fate of the family.