Music is her first impression of the world, since then can not extricate themselves in love. Interview A-lin, she repeatedly sing the original intention of singing, to the world, she returned with simple happiness, let you hear the courage in the song, grow into their own appearance.

"The sea is my first fan. "--a-lin

Her face to the sea, singing the longing, when the Taidong wind whispering across the face, the sea Breeze and the hometown ballad, it was her first appearance of music, simple and happy, no restraint, and then always wanted to fly up the sea, became a journey back to the faith, too far from home to see the sea, know that no matter how far they go, will eventually return to the valley of the Wind echoed, The hometown surrounded by blue sea and sky.

2006 shouted "Lovelorn", singing Modern Love in the loneliness and loneliness, the night floated such a bass can always detonate you will burst the emotional boundary, later who did not go to KTV sang a few words " Give me a reason to forget ", always in her song to see their figure, the mouth singing to love the free and easy, but with tears in the eyes, I do not know is not willing to give up.

We know the A-lin, the deep voice of the woman's perseverance, the song has the surging emotion, the day she wore a simple black T-shirt, feet purple high heel, a cool sexy short hair into paradise, with my impression of the a-lin is very different, she went out of the world around a circle, lasted three years to bring back songs in more life experience, Loyalty to their original purpose of singing: The song does not have to crack heart, as long as simple happy to do their own. (Recommended reading: to the people of this era!) Interview Li Zhi: "Even if living in the seam, but also to continue to live")

Music is the life that leads me to see the world

Talk about music, home has been pregnant A-lin original intention of the place, like the beginning of the mother, she saw all is singing and laughter, home is full of music field, which became her first impression of the world, from the embedded in her life.

"My family has been a very deep influence on me, as long as there is a family reunion music, to me they are my first teacher, not only music, attitude to life they also affect me very deep, since happiness is a day is not happy is also a day, then why not choose happy to live? "Looking at the A-lin of the eyes of the family, the eyes are gentle, occasionally flashed a girl-like naughty smile, with the family growth of life, life background sound, tapping then into a song, life, such as waves, there is a normal phenomenon of falling."

Small star dream Deep root, to the sea sing love singing longing, Sea is her life first and forever fans, dream on the road, the mother does not like the sea, but also as the stable Tower of the Earth's mountains, supporting her to be brave to do their own, "in fact, the mother has been silently to my self-confidence, once she wrote in my diary:" Dear daughter, have a dream to build steadfast, Every step must be steady ", this sentence for me is a great encouragement, she is always behind me in the back of the people." (Recommended reading: One day, we are not to get the dream, but to become our own dream )

A-lin chasing the road always have ups and downs, had spent many nights in singing night, a guest thinks she is ugly, the wine bottle that throws in the dark night almost rout confidence; each big singing competition runs, filled with blood, the searchlight is peering to follow the ideal, the lamp out of the ideal seems to be dim some; doubt oneself, also want to find a school to apply for, See the application form on the interest bar, in addition to "singing", how there is no other ideas.

Grandpa's words propped up her strong, let her understand why and sing, "Grandpa critically ill when I was helpless do not know what to do, he is very painful also seem to no longer remember me, finally I decided to sing!" "a-lin in the grandfather bedside leisurely sing the ancient tune," Wonderful is a sing, Grandpa's eyes suddenly become gentle, warm and tears look at me, he reached out to grasp the temperature of my hand, I still remember. " "The song has the magic, pulls each life link," at that time grandfather told me, he knew I very like singing, but he had to go, later will protect me in the sky, wants me to insist sings down. 」

So A-lin understand the meaning of singing, meet again more difficult, it doesn't matter, know that someone in the world because of singing and with their own links, can always sing down.

Return to simple happiness, courage to experience life

Song is very magical, the same song in different time and space to take up the lives of Strangers, the song story is each individual interpretation, because the life experience is different, and have different feelings.

Through the songs of dialogue with themselves, and others linked to the process, I wonder how a-lin give emotion, sing every sentence to the people, "singing love songs always let me hate, I need to close my eyes to feel the emotion, open the eye to pull back the emotional process is actually very uncomfortable, but an open eyes to see someone with you sing together cry, at this time, Our life experience seems to have a staggered, we share these emotions, we are not alone. (Recommended reading: be a person who asks questions about the world!) Wen Yufang x Koshukin: Life, the pain of crying before you know it .

Later I understood that these overlapping songs through the song of a period of time, has been a-lin singing the power.

This lasted three years, bringing back "A-lin" album of the same name, she hopes to pass the music to the positive energy and optimistic attitude, highlighting the A-lin personality, with the song of Simple Happiness, let the listener find the wound can vent the place, the most important thing is to live in the present, with a cherished attitude to face the daily life experience.

Let yourself be the challenger of life, and every day review yourself and stand up bravely.


Talk about the album most want to share with the fans of the song, A-lin thought for a few seconds, still want to use their own dream story to encourage everyone, courage to do yourself, "The Sea of Light" is my own creation, hoping to encourage the pursuit of the Dream by this song, the lyrics mentioned "floating in the Sea of Light, a little island connected up", when we look at the globe, Every island, separate land is connected by the sea. "With human life is very similar, like an island of people, the end will be like the sea as gentle people, wrapped you sad, let you know, this world we have never been lonely."

As A-lin new album in the "Good", the lyrics sing: "Sometimes we feel small, need someone to remind us important", the process of practical ideals, because there are people supporting you, so that you understand their importance, always in frustration, look back to sing the original intention. "In fact, we are the challenges of life, the face of different things every day, so that you can re-examine yourself, stand up bravely." "a-lin Philosophy of life, small to big events, are to face up to the challenges, and then simple if not to step out of the beginning, the difficulties will always lie in your life.

Dare to be yourself, don't let others define your life

In fact, this trip to life is to learn.

A-lin said these years of experience, the more you see, the more you think, "meeting a lot of people will let me reflect on the subject of life," she looked at the story of others, thinking about themselves, "I think people are like mirrors, I love to hear people tell their stories, from them I will get the answer to life. 」

Speaking of which, there is the softness of life in A-lin, "I have a small fan, because the brain tumor to shave the knife, hair shaved off, friends see her appearance will laugh at her, but she said a sentence I feel very good words, she said:" Who said girls must have long hair, I like myself, very Sangye! " "Heard this story, I have been very eager to see her, she was bold and generous love their actions, inspired me." "a-lin this hair, because she and cut," then I really went to see her, singing to her, and said to her: "Because you I cut this short hair, because you, I want to be as brave as you, to do their own. 』

It is up to you to define what you want to live. This is also reflected in the attitude of A-lin to look at gender, as this year's Cool film Festival Ambassador of her, for gender also have a self view, "I think education is very important, adults careless words may affect children, we should not go to define how boys are, how girls should be, But to accept the life "he" himself wants to live. 」

In fact, gender is not like a textbook blunt, it exists in daily life, just expect everyone to be free to live their own, "My view of marriage equality is actually very simple, because I married no one to stop me, I like others, the confession of time, no one stopped me, I was blessed in life, So I hope every kind of love can be blessed. "The time is very serious, a-lin focus on his open hands, like in the bottom of my heart to tell himself: Open is for acceptance, with embracing heterogeneous." (Recommended reading:"See Comrade" Big Turtle x JoJo: Two If you love each other, you can form a home )

Modern people's praise, let us fade to the surface regression beginner's mind

Chat to accept, I think of the interview before we and A-lin recorded a film, talk about life, talk about women, talk about the unknown A-lin.

At the end of the movie, I asked A-lin to ask the next interviewee the question she wanted to know: "Well, my question is simple:" Do girls need makeup? 』」

The voice fell, I think this problem seems simple and not simple, the interview can not help but ask her the idea of asking questions, "Ah ... actually, I often think of a problem recently, when modern technology developed, generation seems to become superficial, like to self-portrait, but do not know what the purpose of praise?" "This is a praise-filled generation, we use praise to express ourselves, a praise, behind a lot of meaning, but also possible, meaningless."

"If we live more superficially, people will become very distant, we always hope that we can pursue natural freedom, but live more and more surface, so I wonder, how should beauty be defined?" Should women wear makeup? "a-lin words, let me reflect on their own, when the community to give the framework, you dare not run counter? The so-called beauty of the standard, let us return to beginner's mind, our own definition. (Recommended reading: people who race with themselves!) Interview Zenning: Do music to be able to complete others, also not stingy to achieve their own )

From time to time to look back at beginner's mind, a-lin whether in the face of social phenomena or setbacks, never forget to review their own, as the mother taught her, to remember to value themselves, listen to the voice of the heart.

Life frustrated, music deeply accompany her through, "just debut three or four years, because of work and feel frustration, I am a person at home," before ", in the toilet began to make up, repeated this song, and then rushed to the shower, while singing and crying. She said that she learned to sing "Sin Xiaoqi", and put herself into makeup full of flowers of the drowned rat, "suddenly feel funny, see the mirror of their own ugly enough" she laughed to think of the past, "in fact, life is like this, wantonly indulge emotions, and then to face things." "In a dramatic way to cure themselves, people do not say, life is like a play, let us humor to stay."

Looking at the A-lin, my mind is Taidong wide, her heart is like the wind, blowing everyone's life gap, because the growth process is always shared happiness, she came all the way to be happy to be shared out of the people, whether it is a song, or with good to accept everyone's soul, always a original intention.

Music to me, is my soul, my food and my medicine, always accompany me.


I think that A-lin's song also accompanies our weakness in every night we feel tired, music staggered, inadvertently she participated in many people's lives, once she used "before" to teach us to think about the meaning of love in life, now, she softly singing "Go On", life never for who stay, Time goes by, all the way forward , you will meet the reverse secular, the courage to do their own appearance.