"Relationship Diary", there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Jin Yong's little Longnu and Yang over, to the world what the situation, eventually found in your body to answer.

I see the first set of Jin Yong Series, that is, God Eagle chivalrous. Jin Yong Employment pen to write love, love called people into demons, Li Mo sorrow Faint asked, the advent of the situation, what is the matter, straight to life and death phase Xu? The promised Lurong why don't you want me? The sword pointed out that the end could not bear to kill.

Love urges the precocious, 16-year-old Guo Yan Maiden, the Wind Ling ferry Love, received Yang over three Jin, a heart also gave to go, a wish to see the true face, a wish to his birthday, the last wish Xu is Yang eldest brother to peace, only you are safe, I only really peace of mind.

Love will be sent to the dead, tens of thousands of people I go, 16 years later, Yang over the mouth shouting, why aunt you do not keep promise, jump Cliff, Echo witness love, you are not in the day, I live alone also do, but no meaning.

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When I grow up I can see that God Eagle is a solid love letter. Martial arts in troubled times, only love, million strokes not broken, directly to the heart.

That love is long in the tomb, decadent, love but such as bright moonlight, penetrate the world norms, according to them a smooth bright. She shouted him over son, he shouted her aunt, Master and apprentice love, people say deviant, still female big male small, doomed to many.

Dragon Girl also not taboo other people's eyes, love is two people talk, please others do? She smiled back to Huang Rong, "the son is not going to marry your daughter, because I have to do the wife of the son." "Words of love, she did not think much, single-minded also to his good." Yang is a staunch temper, love Aunt but love all the docile, as a child no one to him, Little Dragon woman gave him pure good, domesticated him, outside the colorful, not to spend the moment with aunt. (Recommended reading: beautiful Huashan Jian: Who is the first beauty in Jin Yong's works?) )

Love a person, is not bored with him, love his body has a vast universe, want to explore his every breath, every emotion, each layer of texture.

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Some people do not believe, said Yang was only the kindness of the Dragon Girl, can love to see thin, whose love is to repay, if no love up her mind can not live. Yang and little Dragon girl love shape like plants, to light growth, densely climbed into a wall, quiet to the far, the promise of life and death, you have me, I have you, where we go or where not to go or not, in short, together is the horizon. Yang over arm, so how, as long as you have an arm, you can hug me. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Malena and Ouray: You have my love in Your eyes )

Ask the world why things, I said Yang and little Dragon woman this sentence, flat light but very affectionate,

Yang sighed: "Why do you think 16 years?" If you set a date of eight years, wouldn't we be able to see eight years earlier? 」
Dragon Girl Way: "I know you to my affectionate, just eight years time, up her mind dilute you that fire general temper." Alas, I think you jumped down even though you were 16 years old. 」

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Yang and Dragon girl, Life and death, love flowers with thorns, need to be heartbroken, like their love mellow appearance, God Eagle chivalrous Companion, extinct Tianya, ask the world, you have answered me.