Looking back at the 2017 52nd Annual Admiralty Award touching speech, a closer look at the theater front behind the scenes of the workers, they use their life betting enthusiasm, in each drama set off a gentle revolution of conscience.

2017 The 52nd Annual Admiralty Award on the debut today, the annual awards ceremony, will be bright Searchlight played in the organization of our life details of the drama, together with a closer look at the achievements of each of the stage backstage task, with actor Wu Yuenen once said: "Acting, is a kind of conscience cause ", they use their youth to burn the love of drama, with the dedication of the mind to the society to convey the necessary good thinking, acting is a cause of conscience, into the drama of the people, with life practice a gentle revolution on the conscience.

Reverse the sweatshops of Taiwan drama: The people who support Taiwan's creation, we stay with you in Taiwan

Written at the 52nd Annual Admiralty Award, see the Blood and sweat of Taiwan drama, every scene behind are countless staff, burning the night to work overtime, exhausted life to ponder the story of Taiwan, let the community see more meta narrative, pay attention to social, environmental issues, each with our lives closely related to human things.

Actor Wu Yuenen in the award process special mention: "Taiwan's play out, let the outside people see, pay increase, staff do not time out, overtime does not represent efforts!" "The effort of every actor and backstage mission to play in the drama Circle is to let Taiwan's drama be seen, so that more good stories and stories worth listening to are heard," he said.

This year, the Admiralty was shortlisted for many awards, the "Theatre" series, director Wang a dramatic revolution in Taiwan, focusing on Taiwan, with a profound and thoughtful theme, hoping to cultivate Taiwanese people to watch the drama, think about social issues, and incubate more dramas with Taiwanese details. (Recommended reading: The mastermind behind the theater!) Interview Wang: "Someone denies you, is the beginning of your growth")

In her speech, she said, "in this special happy and beautiful time, in fact, you will think of a lot of hard work, we have just seen Xu Yu director come up at all can not speak, because the real know people know is a very sweat work, plant theater is not about winning, we so sweat, We really think that there are many gems of light and heat in Taiwan's life, every bit of growth every little encouragement is important, all cherish and support Taiwan's creative progress of friends, we will stay here with you! 」

Only by giving hard work and creating more support and attention to creative people, the stories they tell can be heard by society, let's see these people in the drama circle, and take you back to the touching moment of the Admiralty, and see the extraordinary Taiwanese scenery on the little man's stack:

Koshukin: Finally I want to thank a person, that person is Koshukin, I thank myself

Koshukin, drama actress award winner, she in the "Love Sandstorm" in the deep performance of the mother's introverted mood, these years she used life to live each role, about achievement, she most want to thank the people who are crossing the difficulties of their own:

I thought Taiwan didn't need actors like me to perform with life and soul, thanks to the judges, you have seen my soul, this more than 10 years, thanks to my friend holding my hand, hang pit Baba walked for so many years, I want to thank a person--very important, that person is Koshukin, I thank myself, thank you for loving me, I also know! Thank you.

Wen: I hope that before I'm 25 years old, Taiwan will have the first gay marriage to be born

Wen, winner of the 52nd annual Admiralty Award for drama actress, starred in the new film "The Last Verse", she used to care about the life of the delicate performance role of the soul, on the podium she put her efforts behind, in addition to thanking each staff's hard work, she is more eager to see comrades can be generous love, gender can freely flow in Taiwan, Everyone is living the way they want to be. (Recommended reading:"See Comrade" Big Turtle x JoJo: Two If you love each other, you can form a home )

And, of course, we all want to love our only Earth together:

Because my 25 birthday is coming up, I hope that before my 25 birthday, Taiwan can have the first marriage of comrades to complete.
I love all the finalists, I'm honored to be with you, thank you for all the hard work, thank you for your review

My bonus today will be donated to the homeless animals home, as well as the Earth, I hope we love animals also love environmental protection, thank you.

Sun Cofang: This is a gentle revolution, I will continue to love life and love life

Sun Cofang, through the performance of the theater "Dark Please close Your eyes," won the 52 Golden Bell award drama supporting Actress award, please close your eyes when it's dark. Directed by Koshanian, one of Taiwan's few dramas with thriller Reasoning as its main line, through its own love and observation of life, she used delicate acting to participate in the theatre script, a gentle revolution to subvert Taiwan's drama system:

Thank you Wang Teacher, thank you for leading this gentle revolution, thank you, my manager, thank you, my agent, thank you, the director, thank you believe me, thank you for loving me, thank you for leading me, no you will not be dark Please close your eyes, thank you!

I am Sun Cofang, I will continue to love life, love performance, thank you!

Lin Fu: I want to make a contribution with my residual value.

Lin Fu, the 52nd Annual Admiralty Achievement Award winner, devoted his life to drama creation, devoting himself to promoting Taiwanese culture and contributing to the youth of Taiwan:

Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you for your friends in the film and television industry, a more than a lifetime of my life in this circle roll, now get this honor, I am old to this circle still have a little residual value to do this contribution, so that everyone will think of my name: Lin three words of the blessed land.

Father Dingsong: We must firmly believe in what we do.

Father Dingsong, the 52nd Prize winner of special contribution, embraced the love and care of life, he devoted his life to Taiwan, he in the media industry to convey his faith of the good and the good, many people miss Dingsong father's demeanor, Yang Guimei so described him: "He felt his life is very ordinary only love, but I think his life is very extraordinary, Full of great love. 」

Dingsong: "Do the media to rely on faith, because we can not see the audience, so we have to firmly believe in what we are doing." 」

Huanghuijuan: Because of you, my ordinary became extraordinary

Huanghuijuan, the 52nd session of the best non-drama program Guidance Award winner, she said that the program is not on their own, is relying on all the achievements, she let us understand, why do we have to continue to thank the staff to the stage? Because, a person is ordinary, a group of people can create extraordinary:

My ability is very ordinary, because of your technical blessing, I became extraordinary. I will accumulate the power of admiralty and make more quality programs to give back to the audience.

Lu Luming: Starting with you, let the industry hear more voices

Lu Luming, the 52nd Annual Admiralty Award for Sound effects, in the play "Close your Eyes in the dark", with exquisite and delicate sound effects to give drama vitality, let us see the achievements of the great staff of each play:

My Dean graduated and said to me: "From today, you may be very cruel to discover, in fact, music can not change the world, but since you step out of this place, it is from you start, let the industry hear more voices." 」

Thank you for the review, you have not only heard the content of the music, but also heard my sense of responsibility, thank my family, you are I do not give up the biggest reason.

"Golden Sentence review of Admiralty Award"

Let us look from the spotlight off, see prop up Taiwan drama every backstage task personnel, a play of the building needs is an entire team's efforts, let us relive tonight's wonderful moment, remember the drama has given us all moved.

Thank you. The Aborigines are the people who care about the land, because there is no outsider, no one is an outsider.

Humanities Documentary Program Award "I Exist"

In fact, Taiwan in many corners, we see some tribes, markets, stations, some great people, you are the prize to lift up the island, the energy of Taiwan, thank you!

Life Style Host Award "Hulk roaming" Liu Xiang

Writing a script is like swimming in a black hole, and every time you can't find the light, but when you see the exit and take the script out, you want to try again, which is the charm of writing the script. --mini series (TV and film) screenwriter Award "farewell" Xulida

I want to speak for the silence of Taiwan's oceans, because we can not see him, Taiwan's sea has been living in the intensive care unit, Taiwan is an island, we want is the marine culture, not seafood culture, everyone refueling, thank you! --Program Innovation Award "underwater 30 meters" Li Jingbai