Harvey Weinstein, a movie mogul, · been sexual harassment and sexual harassment for 30 years. What we are asking is, why Hollywood has been silent for so long?

The New York Times has recently published reports that — Harvey ·, president of — Weinstein, has been in charge of sexual harassment and sexual assault for 30 years. With his status as an employee, he believes that most people dare not to say that they are not, and that he can pay for the matter.

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This is a very necessary and reoccurrence gender strike in Hollywood.

In December 2016, Bettorucci acknowledged that the last act of the Paris-tango was not approved by actress Maria Schneider · and in March 2017 the film was a mystery for sexual harassment by Casey, Casey, who was for so long.

Twenty years ago, she was invited to meet with Weynstein, "actress Ashley Jujjad said." I didn't think of the location but about the hotel room of the peninsula."She appeared in a robe, asked her to massage, and asked her, " Do you want to see me shower?"How can I leave this room without disturbing the heavyweight of the world," she said."

This is not Ashley's first opening talk, and in 2015 she said in an interview that she had been sexually harassed, and she believed she was not a case, and she was a movie mogul that could not be revealed.She said, "I'm not so willing to publish this on the Internet because I'm sure many of you will leave a message asking me," Why don't you go?""

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Why not go?Why don't you talk about exports?Neglect of the power structure relationship of the field and the imprudence of the victim's mentality reinforces the unshaky gender supremacy.

Ashley Judd is not a case. The New York Times has revealed that at least eight cases of sexual harassment by Vernstein through legal channels, including a sex assault case, have been settled in over three million US dollars.

Sexual assault and harassment are not personal issues, but public issues

I was in a different era when I was in a different way, but I knew I had to spend a lot of pain on the way I spent with my colleagues, " Weenstein told a news conference.On October 8, the board of directors of the Weenstein Film Company issued a statement declaring that the founder and CEO Harvey Wernstein · been dismissed.

To be sure, Venstein did contribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood, and he has made a number of movies, including a total of over 300 Oscars, including ,



Series, Love Read >, and so on.Several Oscar stars, including Melissa Tsui, who won the Oscar for the first time, made a sincere message of thanks to the winning actress.(Recommended reading: Hollywood doesn't equal gender equality 700 years )

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Prior to the brilliant achievement, many people tended to use private life to address misunderstandings, or to release them with "incontinence", "emotion deviation", "incompetent close relationships".But sexual assault and sexual harassment have never been a private matter, but a public issue.

We must recognize that sexual assault and sexual harassment are acts of violence rather than close relationships.The focus of gender violence is that, contrary to the will of others, the focus is often not on sexual desires, but on the dominance and zeal of power.

We must also understand that Harvey · Weenstein's initiatives are real, in the workplace, where gender-based violence occurs in the public sphere, with a power threat or a target for bait and purpose, and knowing that they can easily escape the crime on the Internet.

The social responsibility for the victims does not change, and the palliative of the perpetrators becomes a normal state.In this incident, many actresses who have worked with Vernstein for many years have expressed their position and stand up.

Kate Weinstein, who worked with Vernstein, commented, "These women are willing to stand up and accuse the filmmakers of their most acclaimed filmmaking, very brave."There is no doubt that, for them, the trauma has always been, and we must pay tribute to them.Perhaps I was too naive, and I hoped that these things were just rumours.But in any corner of the world, my position is zero tolerance."

There is no doubt that Harvey Wernstein has helped me for the last 20 years, and I have no knowledge of these terrible scandals, " said Judy Danci, who also made a statement of honesty and nothisance.To all the victims, my sympathies; for all those who have come forward, I sincerely support them."

If you are a party: Say no to rejected capital, not everyone has

If we can, let us ask ourselves further. Do we have the ability to do more than we can?

If you look carefully, the Hollywood environment is unfriendly to women. According to the 2017 annual analysis of the women's Media Center, the 89th Oscar and the women's film industry are only 20 % of the number of subscribers — — — are the few who are behind the scenes.(Recommended reading: [Gender)] The 89th Oscar, who is the key minority in front and behind the curtain?)

Behind the scenes, men's perspective and masculinates remain dominant, and women are less likely to be cast in roles than men, while women's performing arts are usually shorter and more risky than men.

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In the context of gender inequality in the environment, we should also begin to talk about: Not everyone has the right to say that no capital is rejected.

If you are a client, you are Ashley Judd, and you have been suffering for a long time in this way, waiting for an audition.The movie mogul who can give you a chance is reaching out to you, and the place of invitation is the hotel room.You start from the beginning, and you don't know how to talk, and he asks you, "Do you want to see me shower?" "Do you want to massage me?" What would you do?How can you deny it, how do you express your will, and don't lose the chance to be so valuable?

Almost no one has ever discussed this question: When someone asks you to exchange possible career opportunities with an independent will, is there a possibility that we will be able to get back to the job?

When we can only choose one of the two: defending the rights and reputations of our own cause to embarrassment, or to temporarily and succour willingness to use the body for future development (perhaps even a scam), we are actually not comfortable with our options.

It is not only the perpetrators of abuse of power, but also the acquiescence of society as a whole — — society does not allow women to have capital that is rejected and that they are able to do so beautifully.It's your charisma, and it's that you look beautiful and you choose to walk into a room equating to sexual intercourse, and it's just you don't reject it. It's totally consenting.(Sibling: Why can't victims of sexual assault resist?The world is telling women: you're sexually assaulted, you deserve it )

Capital that is bold and not to be able to get out of the way, needs the whole environment to work together

Ask the victim to stand up and say no, defend the rights of the individual, in fact is a kind of lazy, neglecting the structural problems behind the scenes: What we really should condemn and challenge is a repetition and intensification of the situation of power and power.At that moment, no matter what options the victims choose, do or do not do, we should all equally condemn such a powerful threat scenario.

The current scenario is tough, so we should not overly praise the victims of rejection, who know how to "clean themselves", ignore the less equal of power, put pressure on gender violence back to the victim, or even imply that the — — refuses to protect yourself, and doesn't reject it because you have a voluntary basis.(Recommended to you: [gender] is a free blackmail with "protection", we are all " Cinderella ))

May I ask, why did I refuse to blame for his coercion and threats?

After the incident, it is also very difficult to say that under the power relationship, it is the support or distrust of the entire environment. Similarly, the second option is to choose one or more, and the victim can only choose to gamble.More often than not, victims choose to be forbearable, waiting for time, waiting for themselves to have more trust capital, waiting for themselves to retreat to a safe place, and not to have the power to affect their voice.(Sibling: [gender watch] 500 startups co-founder: sexual harassment: "I should record you, or with your bed" )

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Gender violence is not a case. We really need to set up a safe environment for the victims to make a sound. The aim is to make different capital, different conditions, and victims of different situations feel comfortable and have the option of being able to rest.We should also review the appalling environment of sexual harassment and sex abuse in the public sphere, as a private matter or a personal scandal (which, in most cases, is considered a woman).

As a result, I look forward to the Venn Film Company's board of directors who, in addition to removing, bleaching and firing Harvey · Weenstein, can more actively call for, launch, and engage in Hollywood's gender movement.The current situation is not good, but the people who have the power to do so can also be able to make the key changes, allowing the workplace to give play to the professional expertise, and give the actors a good job, so that the Hollywood film industry of nearly a century will grow a new and more egalitful life.