October 11 Taiwan girl's Day, Taiwan Girls gentle and resolute figure, prop up a generation of daily, subversion of the secular courage to do their own, we are strange and odd Taiwanese girls.

October 11, today is the International Girl Day, is the day of Taiwan Girl, also belongs to your day.

2011, the United Nations General Assembly resolution, will be October 11 every year as "International Girls Day", proclaiming the rights of girls should be pursued and possessed, advocating the world to recognize the unequal treatment of girls from ancient times, through the promotion of girls in education, medical, nutrition, legal and security treatment, empowering girls, Give them more possibilities to pursue their dreams. (Recommended reading:"Taiwan girl's Day" Zhang Tingyu: Baxian dust, dragon Tattoo girl )

In response to the girl's right to pursue freedom and human rights, Taiwan has also set out October 11 as "Taiwan Girl's Day", and has put forward the "action Programme for the promotion of girls ' rights", proposing 14 visions and 75 implementation strategies since 2011, which has lasted for 6 years, according to the According to the news network, the Executive Yuan said that this year, the department will handle all the important achievements to promote girls ' rights and interests, including: WEIFAO Department of continuous integration with the local government to check gender screening of medical practices or illegal advertising, strengthen the imbalance of sex ratio at birth; The Ministry of Education encourages women's sports Integrating gender equality into the space planning and operation management considerations of sports venues to encourage women to participate in sports. Through the promotion of policies, we will look at the gaps in gender, and hope to develop a more free and equal future for the Taiwanese girls.

So, what are the Taiwanese girls like in your eyes?

The day of the exclusive Taiwanese girl, I want to write a love letter to me in the eyes of the Taiwanese girl, is your figure propped up Taiwan's cultural landscape, in every need to stand up for the moment, gentle but resolute stand out for the things they care about and work hard for the same name and there is no compromise of the firm.

You are surly, gentle and violent, because you are not willing to define so live all the way back to the bone, in the face of life, you subvert the secular, with their own posture to open up a young generation, you live through the resilience of the Taiwanese, with unruly wayward, reversed sentient beings, Taiwan's good you want the world to see; You go out the world to take a turn, the heart is always homesick, In a foreign study, on the road to survival, you ask the world more knowledge, digging more possibilities for the future, finally you want to go home, in addition to the island where you live, where are far away. (Recommended reading:"Taiwanese Girl Day" Zhou: Who says girls are going to Winliang?) )

You have been wounded in your life, you may have been disappointed in love, but you have always been good to embrace every person who passes your life, live like flowers open, after the storm, still stay quietly, quietly sheng, only so your beautiful inadvertently warm a lot of people's daily life; you're a companion, to look after everyone you care about, Too intimate words do not export, you have a long eye care.

Dear Taiwanese girl, you use your unique, church world to appreciate the value of heterogeneous; You use your sensitivity, watch the people in the society who need to be paid attention to; you live a life of loyalty to yourself with your inborn quarrel; You use your name, to the world, your unique, worthy of their own drink, you want to be what kind of Taiwanese girl, No one else can do it!

"#女人迷台湾女孩日 | Limited Week/Taiwan Girl's Pride Manifesto"

10/11, is Taiwan Girl Day, I am a Taiwanese girl, I am proud of my unique self.

What about you? What kind of Taiwanese girl are you?

Woman fans invite you to film or write this Pride manifesto: "I am ___ (adjective) _____ Taiwanese girl, I am ___ (name) ___." 」
In response to Taiwan Girl's Day, and during the 10/11~10/18 event to upload ig,hashtag plus # women fascinated Taiwan Girls Day, let us find your pride manifesto. Women fans will collect the Ego manifesto, clip the film, together let the world hear the Taiwanese girl's voice.

Secretly said: If the account is not public, you are welcome to screenshot and small box to us yo:)

Are you ready?

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