Interview Cai Chongda, he wrote the "skin" naked Confession, on the article to see him face himself , the next chapter on how to understand the writing of others.

32 years old that year "skins" finally listed, let the publishing house unexpectedly, the small town of South Fujian boy life short story unexpectedly shelves the next day sold out, composure has sold 2 million volumes, the Chinese literature list for many years. What does his vessel load and move millions of people in China? How did his abscess happen to be wrapped around the whole age wound in China, 2 million of people shed tears when the sword went down?

Cai Chongda This understanding, this answer.

"Contemporary society, especially the mainland, is too dramatic, so dramatic that many people do not know themselves." Just like you go through a very dark alley, after walking found here pain, there also pain, do not know who is playing, how to play. The tide of times is not let you know how uncomfortable you are, we all need to find out where the injury, will be relieved. 」

He thought, "the skin is to track the source of each wound, tracking the wound and the Times, with the society, and the relationship between the process." 」

Life is like a train, I write to retain

Cai Chongda often said that "skins" is not an autobiography, he said he is not qualified to write autobiography, but only after the discovery, these propositions are not their own unique.

"The proposition is common, for example, when young, always face the ideal and the reality of the problem, the relationship between the home and the distant, family life and death." It is the common part of the human being that makes people uncomfortable. 」

He cut into the sample by himself, and explained the part of the people who did not dare to dig deeply into the literary strokes. "Later, we met the hometown and the distance, ideals and reality, the family's departure, often said you look at the" Skin "bar. If a writer expresses a proposition that is difficult for people to solve, the more accurate the expression is, the better it will penetrate time, and people will naturally want to retain him. 」

"Retain" Two words is Cai Chongda, he wrote to strive for simple white, special words must have a story.

In the book, he is such as life as the forward speeding and constantly on the side of the train, he was proud of his ability to be involved in the cruel draw away.

"I have been trying the attitude of the traveler, looking at the train window again and again, and their lives oncoming, and then screaming, I told myself to be unmoved, because you can not stop the story of this window of the dead, and they are doomed to die." 」

But when he went through the sudden death of a cowardly and lovely father, foolish's newspaper brother holding the ideal sudden death, stone-like tenacious ah too easily erased, he loved people by the time train left, no see, just know that they actually want to break the glass to kiss to kiss, hug him don't want to leave.

Look at the view of the scenery is too weightless, now he wants to retain the most cherished things, even if the second time powerless but he was willing to, at least take away the memory, is the only resistance to time to do.

If people can not retain things, if the memory is not reliable, at least with a natural memory for you to remember the time of the book, catch this class of life train.

"For example, a generation of young people express their teenage troubles through young Victor and express their rebellious feelings on the road." People's proposition is really common, so the power of literature is very strong, be retained as a writer's greatest glory Ah! He spoke with a slowly rising mood, and a little embarrassed, talking more and more seriously.

"I thought we were going to have some easy talk today!" "He said, we all happy to stare and laugh, in fact, the dialogue is not easy and heavy difference, as long as the present is comfortable."

Life methodology and writing, inspired by psychic

The premise of freedom is to know how to "not" within themselves, not to be besieged by themselves.

Cai Chongda's attitude to life by psychic most inspired, the psychic is the opening of his book Attai, Cai Chongda said "I am now the methodology and life view is very similar to psychic." 」

The so-called psychic, often with floating in the sky overlooking the world and himself, "If the soul has been in its own body, will be their various desires, pain, feelings to fill and grasp, can not break out." 」

"I am too entrusted to me the most important methodology of life is to treat myself as an object." You are right to pull away, look down on yourself, see the true composition of the heart, to truly free themselves. You know, it's a little thing that makes you miserable, or something that's been touched in this way. 」

The inner order must be gently and properly arranged, not to be ruled by all kinds of trivial emotions. It's not easy, but it can be practiced. Feature writing is a practice approach: looking down at your standing position from a macro perspective. Sociology and anthropology provide a detached view of the structure, which is helpful to the ability of the giant vision. Literature is microscopic, by Cai Chongda, literature is the knowledge of human inner grain.

He himself said: "I use sociology, anthropology, literature, three-point view of the Times, society, between people, between people and themselves, is how to carve themselves out of the present appearance." My job was to cover the truth in others ' hearts, and when I felt I had enough power, I tried to dissect my heart with this set of methods. 」

Let him stir the Chinese feature "trial" is such a work, "skin" is also. Sounds invincible, but life is like a questionnaire, wrote a question and the next question, different stages have different propositions to solve, said no matter how unrestrained. He still has a pass, it is estimated that it will take him more than 20 years, this is the daughter.

Marriage is not necessarily a knot, but a child can have

I was anxious to ask his daughter, but he told a story first.

Taiwan's 921 earthquake when Quanzhou also shook, his father rushed all the way to the home, "he ran to the slippers are off, with an axe splitting the door, and finally found me, a hug all the way crying:" The apple scared me to death! "Cai Chongda imitate his father, make us laugh also nose acid, he was awake to see Father cry," feel particularly ashamed and failed, pretending to continue to sleep! 」

"Skin" In fact, there was an article, out of the book before taking off, called the "Father failed."

The first word of "〈 's failed father is that his father always fails. In fact, parents are always easy to fail, they have all the things they can give you, so you are most likely to find their limitations, easy to abandon him, and abandon him. 」

After his father left, Cai Chongda realized that his father had done all that he could. "I've felt like I've never been able to do that for a lifetime," he said. He said, and quieted down.

Until his daughter was born, he was amazed to find that he had the same grand and soft feelings as his father.

Cai Chongda said, looking at her daughter sitting on the ground to play fingers, tell their own stories, "I remember the things I forget, forget that when I was a child also like to play fingers, tell the story to themselves, many people's password will grow out of children." My wife thought she was going to see a doctor, and I said no. 」

Then he discovered that he cared for his daughter as much as his father, and would do everything for her, and he felt that his father did have a part in him. Suddenly, some sense of sureness is: My father's blood on my body, my blood on my daughter, I feel that I have a past, there is a future person. 」

It was too much of a thought to be inspired by the idea that life would not have to be a child, and I tried to imagine that life would be more than just a person's body; Cai Chongda: "Must be born, must be born!" I can even say in extreme that you can not get married, but you must have children! 」

There were three girls all hahaha. He's like a cousin in the cold of afternoon tea, always adding, "I mean it, really, you'll understand it's the best gift in the world." 」

Even if you don't have children, there is still a sense of reality in the world.

Cai Chongda in the book did not mention his love view, I took the opportunity to cross-examine. He explained by the contrast, "now the city said Love, is love, not feeling." It's hormones, but not emotion. 」

"Fuzhou Poly Spring Garden (note i) The boss told me one thing, he said spicy is not taste, is stimulation." Love is a thrill, it comes fast. Cai Chongda concludes that love is more important than affection, and that incense is more important than spicy stimulation.

"True emotion is the feeling that many parts of life are compatible and each other." There are many parts of the ultimate heart that cannot be expressed, so you need to be close to the people you are with, and you two of them will feel that you are not alone. 」

But urban modernity liquid flow, time and life is easy to be broken, all the solid has vanished, how can there be enough time and space will love steadfast into emotion? This problem can only be found out by each individual to explore the answer.

But Cai Chongda also provides a comparison, "If two people feel the need to explain each other, it must be a problem, because you do not have the ability to explain yourself, the other side is not." 」

After he had said all this, we were all quiet for a while. Outside the window Xinyi District stood a high-rise building, the skylight in the building between the dark, neon light point, the feeling of the city after nightfall is surging flow.

Logical frame of desire, let people become seamless art

In the book, "The Sea is not hidden" in the article, he with the sea metaphor desire, I asked him after so many years, find ways to deal with or appreciate the various desires?

He nodded sincerely, his eyes as clear as a child, and looked at me and said, "I found it." 」

"The first thing is to admit it, everyone has a bright side and a dark shadow, so there is no need to take it seriously." The dark side of each other is not the enemy, we have to face together, the light can be shared. "Because both the light and the dark side are worthy of acceptance, and thus can be aesthetic."

"I have always said that understanding is the greatest act of kindness to self and others, that it is easy to pronounce a man, and that sentencing is to carry out a section of him and crucify it in the framework of logical concepts, which is outrageous and irresponsible, and nothing great." In my opinion, understanding is much more important than pronouncing power. 」

He therefore does not like the current affairs critic, does the media period to watch too many people to conceal oneself body dark side, pulls own obvious to criticize others ' dark. "To pronounce others is evil in itself." Understanding others is the true power. 」

To understand others is the true power.

Cai Chongda

"To be understanding you must be humble and humble to see more people." 」

Speaking of which, he could not help saying, "In fact, the most beautiful scenery in the world, is an individual." You see people have a lot of contradictions, conflict, and eventually seamless, do not you think this is the best art? 」

Cai Chongda said he can be honest now, really unhappy he will speak directly, ask each other how to do those things? "Understand, OK, say to each other next time I may not be handled well, but will try to make myself a less sensitive, I speak this way." 」

Now Cai Chongda people around him as a child, no one put him as the boss, are "Hey!" That Dada, come here, "he said," Why?

The more he lives, the more he does not take himself seriously, "I look forward to my old Zhou Bo pass, the more transparent the more I am." Chinese traditional philosophy Often, what things I two forget, free travel, heaven and the unity, are not take their own things, as a leaf, but also a leaf as their own. In fact, this is the case! The only thing that didn't work out well was that I was worried about marrying my daughter. 」

We laugh, laughter permeability echoed in the interview room, the air I feel this constantly echoes, is worth to detain for a moment, 20 years later if there is a chance to see good-bye, and then ask Cai Chongda marry daughter's proposition to solve No.