One second memories of childhood! Accompany you through the youth of the United States Maiden Warrior, so that you understand the goodness and heterogeneity of the precious, you have what kind of dream? What kind of girl warrior do you want to be?

"I will punish you instead of the moon!" 」

The maiden hopped on the bed, her eyes fixed on the wall clock, memory that is the mother's time to go home from work, impartial 5:30, the girls with the familiar melody, the beautiful Girl Warrior, pointing to every lovely hateful guy to say the most classic lines; The Moon Fairy has long golden hair, the hero also likes him, Role playing game began, scissors, stone cloth, several happy after the fist several worries, your mouth is old and high, every time scissors lose, can not be the most love Moonlight Fairy.

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"American Girl Warrior" animation 1992 on the Japanese television station premiere, Taiwan then aired in 1995, since then the United States teenage Warrior has become the memory of the children, it is the enlightenment of girls love, the girl's life model, in the small animation has a prototype, some people like the Moon Fairy justice, someone love Mercury's sentimental, And you have to feel the fiery Mars, persistent very personality.

Take you a second to recall childhood, you want to be a child of their own vows to become what kind of young warrior? Defending our homeland may be too lofty, let us explode in our own little universe, burn life, live as you want to be!

Moonlight Fairy: Your strength, from the goodness of the world

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You are not the most mature person in the eyes of a friend, occasionally lazy, easy-going with some Meng Meng silly, born overflowing goodness and the same, always let you warm embrace the world, you have rosy eyes, with compassion and their faith of goodwill, dedication to pay life, your personality strong, from the good of compromise. Or often fragile, but you still have to care for their own things, adhere to the end of the stupidity peculiar. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" feather Mountain Autumn People and Cang Tanaka: And love your strong, more cherish your fragile )

Mercury Ami : You watch each other with sensitivity and tenderness

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You are such a person, some sensitive introverted, but your sensitivity is always quick to perceive other people's emotions, silently looking after each other, introverted or even a bit cold, your usual companion trick waiting for everyone you care about, you are a smart and ambitious person, but you are on your way, always unwilling to treat others to achieve their own, You are gentle and introverted, but watch the world softer than anyone else.

Jupiter Makano : Your sexuality comes from the courage to do your own self-confidence

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You are a confident and willing to try, you have a lot of interest, life is long, you want to continue to experience life, never let others define themselves, to define, it is you to define yourself! Always ask yourself what you want to be, but you will never follow the role that other people expect, for you, the courage to do your own self-confidence, is your sexy-to declare yourself, live at ease. (Recommended reading: to live yourself into a dilapidated beauty!) Courtney love: I'm crazy about it, I use rock to subvert definition

Venus Minako Aino : Not afraid to change, you always with the original intention

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You're a man of some obsession, although the usual some lively and even Grand, but mention you persistent things, will have the energy than anyone else, energetic experience of life, you have a dream, occasionally think that the point of thinking in front of yourself too small, there are a lot of places to work hard, the front confused but all the way wide, you feel huge Holding on to the original intention, you can accept any life to give you the difficulties, as long as the direction of progress is right, although slow and enjoys.

Mars Fire Wild : Your energy, from the passion for life

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Everyone who knows you knows, you're passionate and even hot, against the things very direct, some people think you tough, but it is your insistence on faith, you hate false state of affairs, directed at the core of the words can always let people see the core of the event, you are strong and reliable people, always do their best to experience life, endless vitality and curiosity, From your passion for life. (Recommended reading:"Emotional Sales Department" Do you have any passion for your life? )

No matter what kind of maiden warrior you are, we all live our youth in these childhood memories, learn to think about what you want to become, to begin to understand the original heterogeneity is a beautiful unique, grow up looking back to childhood, found that we can be a compromise of their own American teenage warrior, but also happy to be a hero, as long as you always live happy, Remember the youth that want to fight the innocence of the bad guys!

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