The soft Rotten type inserts the anthology! You desire to Fashi the mood of the picture, mr.donothing ideal life: Play waste, is a very serious thing!

Cool days, every morning staged with the bed nanfennanshe, the alarm clock piercing the dream, you skilled roll down " Again, "The faltering energies are so dissipated; not easy to mention willpower, start day office daily, the clatter of the keyboard sound, time was filled with the meeting, want to Fashi heart in the clamor, you sometimes look up a clock, just hope to use the mind to let tired of today walk faster some.

South Korea illustrator of the Fashi characters mr.donothing, put each in the high-pressure anxiety, just want to waste time, serious Fashi people mood painting, each picture let you see oneself want to play waste figure, think also feel, not forced life, really happy! (Recommended reading: solitude Fashi plan!) Single album: "No one can stop me to please myself"

Coffee is the necessity of soothing life

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Being bombarded by work and pressure, a cup of warm, bitter coffee is a must, and at least you have the slightest choice of drinking bitter coffee, compared with the reality of suffering that has to be swallowed.

Good Hope, every day is Sunday

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Already 21st century, a dream of the time machine how has not been invented, if you can, good hope to live every day in Sunday.

Let me lie, feel the time passing by

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One of the great pleasures of life is that you can calmly watch time flow from your side, there is no document to catch, no thousands of private catching up, this day you are determined to do one of the most important thing is to lie down and let time pass you.

In dreams we fly to the vastness of the universe

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You love the soft touch of a dream, and every time you throw yourself to sleep, always feel that they are buoyant, all the illusion has become a second can be achieved in the ability, at the moment feel very huge, the day-to-day ideals, let us in the dream, and embrace the vast expanse of the universe to fly into the boundless ability, big fantasy it.

Don't treat me like a sick cat

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Life a lot of birds, every day in the small theater, back to life turned a big eye, and then smile to meet the reality, rage of the Endurance of the number of life is more and more high, but people always have the bottom line, tigers do not give up, do not put waste materials when the sick cat. (Recommended reading: life please flatter yourself!) James Franco's graduation speech: "When you really like, you will be willing to do anything")

Hey! Which side of me do you know?

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Get up and brush your teeth, put on a leather suit, suit a stiff spray on the stereotypes, the front of the two Facebook, it is your protection against life, the standard smile looks brilliant, but every day to go home to shed the guard, just want to limp sofa, tear down the Smile, Love cry love laugh no longer someone put you at the mercy of.

The head is a machine, requesting support.

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A day of stress and fatigue, you feel your brain after a big bang, tens of thousands of of cells can not withstand the reality of cruelty, have to shake the flag surrender, only to feel the head of a blank, when the machine can not operate, request support, help come before, please let me play waste!

Bed with me, when the mud.

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Get the hell out of Here! Get the hell out of Here! I just want to make love with my quilt in bed, feel the coverlet and my intimate contact, nothing to do, my body and time to contribute to the daily with me to sleep with the intimate partner, we agreed to practice together, when a mud!

One night, I hope the bed eats me Up

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Put yourself on the bed, only to lie on the pillow of the day, you face the most brilliant and charming smile, good hope that the bed will swallow their own, the other day's miscellaneous trivial, no longer need to mention!

As waste material, I just want to do nothing

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Play a tick of the sports philosophy: hard work, adhere to the end. You slowly in the day to realize the true meaning of persistence, you practice daily, at the same time to go to the same place, holding every day to absorb the knowledge and add calories of drinks, get rid of all the obstacles to reality, adhere to Practice: nothing good! I just want to do nothing!

People say you're fooling around like this, wasted time, but they do not understand the ideal life of waste material, is with a lot of time wandering in life, wasting the arrogant smile of youth to see the world's fame ideal, doing nothing is your alternative life philosophy: Life is difficult, why not make the day easy?