Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. If you want to love, I have their own desire to love routines, anyway, happiness is their responsibility, a love a lot of people have why not?

When she was 25 years old, she knew that she couldn't get everything she wanted in a man, or a woman. When she said that, she was referring to love.

About love, she is very precocious, no, may not be said to be precocious, she is the memory of the ripening, parents from a very small time began to quarrel, she thought all families are like this, that love must also accompany injury. She thought, the so-called marriage is for what, is the character is inconsistent, disagree, and can not separate, is the man put himself into the cage, in order to let oneself no longer free.

She first saw what marriage is, just thinking about love. So she decided, only love this matter, she does not compromise, not also not enough.

People say love does not talk about conditions, she thought, this is really not wrong, the terms of the mouth, always feel tacky, but if a closer look, all the options are also the conditions of screening-your choice of restaurant explains what kind of lover you are, your twisted words reflect your knowledge, your life has declared your economic ability, in fact, Love is always the most conditional.

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She did think that she wanted a soul mate who knew her fur and loved her horns. Spoil her deformity; she wants an economic condition, he has the approximate taste, willing to spend money or stingy in the same place; she wants him to make her desire, to kiss him, and also to urge him to come up, she wants them to be fit, Like already done several times; she also wants him to be kind but not xiangyuan from, love home but not mother treasure, there is courage and not seek, decent but not fancy; she even wanted him to be telepathic, knowing when she wanted to fly herself, and when she longed for a captive hug. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" I Don't mind being alone, it's more comfortable than loving you )

Yes, even she did not understand herself so much, she was longing for such love. About love, she also precocious, probably is accustomed to see too many women in love wronged, she was young to know that their try, also had pain, think that has forgotten the name of who, give her want of happiness. Later, she took from different people, suddenly, every part is also love.

For example, the C, they can chat all night, from Greek mythology chat to stock ups and downs, the mind is completely open, the body could not walk in. C has a pair such as puppy, lovable eyes, but she happened to him a little desire also have no, no.

She likes to live with F, f long she is eight years old, has long grown out of their own taste, the kind of years taste. She took him to Glutton restaurant, familiar a cup of good wine, he also cooked coffee, know how to coax her to unconventional, she has a little dislike, he simply put her as a daughter.

Oh, and she and B, they like to go to bed, they don't have to do anything else. They do not call each other's friends, they do not prohibit the hug after sex, but they do not want to give each other commitment, she knew that they are most close to only the body.

And that M, that H, that L, they gather together, complete her love. "You're all my boyfriends," she said to them, "You told me to believe in love." 」

He did not know with her loved people, there is no more believe in love? Friends say she is crazy, more harsh will read down, you cheat, you are skittish, you are sick.

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She smiled, probably herself really sick, sick don't want to wronged themselves, unwilling to live in the vulgar love text, can not only leave the man's favorite black long straight, do not love only silly white sweet (and so on, every silly white sweet also should have their own personality). She thought of her childhood idol drama, Love always have a routine ABC, but she repeatedly did not choose what they want to look. She could no longer pretend to be satisfied with all the silly rules of love, and those rules were never responsible for her life. (Recommended reading:"Single Diary" Unfortunately we are not the people who make each other happy )

So why doesn't she write her own rules? Why not, why not to love a lot of people at the same time?

She does not believe in love, but she is more convinced that happiness is never the responsibility of other people, but her own. Her love to embrace the almost innocent imagination, that is, happiness can only be given up. She can be Barbie, when Barbie, don't have to be limited to a Kevin, Kevin can't do it, it doesn't matter, I have Daniel, William, White and Tommy, so I can continue to love you.

She wants to one day, the spirit of the spirit of decay, with the theory and system to build a world collapse, marriage system reorganization or even disappear, the concept of a partner again defined, until then, people will more seriously ask themselves, I want the love is what.