"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Summer and Tom, Kuang man infatuated in Neon City Exchange Love, Love is the field you do not want to drip muddy water, you are destined to hurt people, but the time of love is always true.

I do not want to belong to anyone, I like a person, talk about feelings are troublesome and will be injured, why? We are still young, living in this magnificent city, rather than to have a good time, serious things to say later. --"Love Summer 500 Days"

"Love Summer 500" in the summer and Tom, the film began to write: This is a story, not a love story. Their love does not have the romantic happy ending, but lets us see in the movie our true figure in the love.

To live independently in summer, single days she can spend a precious afternoon, sitting in the park watching the twilight change, feel happy life, about love she does not believe that the so-called fate, two people to build the future is not practical things, the city is big, youth is flourishing, why don't we enjoy the vast freedom? Tom is a believer in love, pulling the hand of his lover to the embryonic form of the future home, eager to use the sincere worship, to tears copy love to his meaning: life is doomed to meet, the city is too big, time old, why don't we make a commitment to become the only one?

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Summer Love Like you, she want to love, Love is free and easy even some self-drowning, erratic throbbing is her only belief, in the late night CD shop to listen to a song, feel each other soul has a moment of intersection, this is her love, but for the joy of the present, too far tomorrow we don't mention in the night.

Tom is a loved one who is broken by you, and he will give it to you with a hot heart, you pinch his heart pain, do not shout a pain, because it is you, so he would like to bear the love of begging and embarrassed, this is his love, if the rest of your life, then the pain of the present will become the past.

Love, either make people mature, or let people fall. Love makes mans grow up or sink down.

"Love Summer 500 Days"

Summer and Tom's love, two souls meet is doomed to separate, she in love love free, careless wounding, but always unwilling in love wronged, he held a glance of tenderness, to love every one of his life will be the problem, perhaps love is not doomed, but he still willing to love the appearance, even though the foot is the abyss of Love, Also willing to fall. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Nana and Nana: Love will be faithless, but I always like you )

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I love US.--tommy "500 Days in Summer"

You may love like Tom, in love to turn, two unfamiliar soul to meet the throbbing no longer, love and desire to pull stall, life on the road to throw each other, the original, has been intimate with the two people, a day ended in alienation, separated from the sea from then on. Later understand, perhaps eternity is the people create the biggest illusion, meet and then love is just a coincidence, the road to the end, we have their own long way to go. (Recommended reading:"Relational Diary" Shagao-style love, let oneself happiness is the only moral )

You are sometimes like summer, for you, love and not love, life of all meet has its meaning: why love all the time, once for each other crazy enough, love is not pure, let us embrace the lust of love dirty; Love is only now true, even if we love after no more.

Beloved lovely met the soul, I loved, and then did not love, but you let me know more about the meaning of love.