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The Peruvian beauty pageant doesn't report measurements! Tell the truth about women's abuse and call upon the public to face

According to "Newyorktimes" , beauty contests are often dressed in swimwear and roll up the measurements figures, but in the Sunday Miss Peru pageant, the beauties stood up one by one, but they did not read their own measurements, It is the proportion of crimes and abuses in the Peruvian criminal cases involving women over the years.

"My name is Camilla (Camila Canicoba), representing the Lima region, my number is: Over the past 9 years, there have been 2202 cases of killings of women in our country. 」
My name is Julia (Juana Acevedo), my number is: more than 70% of women in our country are victims of street harassment. 」
"My name is Luciana (Luciana Fernández), and I represent Vanuko city, my number is: 13,000 girls have been sexually abused in our country." 」
"My name is Melina (Melina Machuca), and I represent the Cajamarca region, my number is: more than 80% of women in my city are being treated with violence. 」
"My name is Romina (Romina Lozano), representing Callao, my number is: As of 2014, there were 3,114 women victims of trafficking. 」

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The pageant was a continuation of the #NiUnaMenos movement, #NiUnaMenos campaign condemning more and more violence against women in South America, which was called "#PeruPaisdeVioladores Peru, one weeks before the tournament this year. A country full of rape "the label began to spread on Twitter, and nearly half of Peruvian women have suffered severe domestic violence in their growing history, according to the United Nations.

After the Miss Peruvian competition, there was another wave of labels-#MisMedidasSon, in which women expressed their reluctance to let the violence spread and hoped that society would address the problem of women's abuse.

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By saying these amazing figures, I hope that the competition will remind the Community of the importance of women's abuse and have a substantial positive impact. The event was conceived by former beauty champion Jessica Jessica Newton, who hopes to reveal the violence facing Peruvian women. Jessica also hopes that the swimsuit link will promote women's right to choose their own clothing and should be respected by the public. (Recommended reading: A transsexual queen who has been plucked: why should I prove to the world that I am a woman?) )

Some people criticize beauty pageants as a manifestation of women's behavior, through examining and evaluating the male gaze of female body and selecting the beauty pageant which accords with the social standard, some people say that it is a kind of right symbol for women to express themselves, and through their own conscious display of sex and beauty, flip themselves, to reach a social class flow.

And no matter whether the beauty pageant is a woman or a woman's autonomy, at the recent Miss Peruvian pageant, we saw how contestants used their influence to bring the beauty pageant to the attention of women in the country, telling the world in their own words: it's more important to focus on women's rights than the measurements of the beauties.

India's first transgender female judge looks to the community for gender discrimination

According to the Yourstory , in July this year, a transgender person named Choita Siegmund (Joyita mondal) became a female judge of the "People's Court" (Lok Adalat) in North Bangladesh, India. Siegmund says she will continue to fight for justice and dignity and, through her own experience, pave the road for more transgender people to enter the Indian justice system.

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According to reports, the 29-Year-old Indian transgender Siegmund, who had been living in the streets begging for discrimination, but when Siegmund worked for the Trans-gender rights organization, she was determined to continue her studies, get a law degree, and successfully become the first "People's court" female judge in India. (Recommended reading: Why do we love the Danish Girl, but do not love the transgender side?) )

Will soon become a judge of the People's Court, she was well aware of her mission and, in order not to make this appointment a political rub, she spoke with enthusiasm: "All governments want to promoted one person from a vulnerable group to a high, hoping to weaken the protests of that vulnerable group, and I will not let that happen." Even in Islamabad, where 23% of transgender people get a decent job, but I think I should be able to exert my influence and focus on those transgender people who still have to be engaged in sex work to get 150-200 rupees a day to improve their lives so that they can have a good night's sleep. Even now that I'm in a air-conditioned car, more sex people can only beg during the day and do sex work at night. 」

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Siegmund Hope, in the legal system to counter the discrimination against transgender people in India, but also expressed satisfaction that they have broken the concept of gender stereotypes, professional affirmation, although still receive a hostile eye, but she said: "I think we have to give the community a little time to accept this change." "In the future, she will continue to work to eliminate discrimination against transgender people in the community."

Marry through the same marriage! Christine Belle: I'm not having a party to celebrate the rights that the gay community can't have.

According to the HuffingtonPost , Christine Bell (Michelle Kristen Bell) and Mila Cunis (Mila Kunis) have been interviewed on the website "PrideSource", which is very concerned about same-sex issues, They say they will not marry their partner until they are legally married to a same-sex marriage.

In an interview, Bell said he and her husband married on October 17, 2013, a few months later, the Supreme Court in June dismissed the California State legal appeal. "I don't know what we should do, do we have a wedding party," she said, after seeing the marriage bill delay? It's like laughing at people who can't have marriage rights: "We're celebrating something you can't do!" "Especially when 90% of your friends are gay, the news is very depressing," he said. 」

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As for Cunis (Kunis) and her current companion Ashton Kutcher (Ashton Kutcher) chose to marry one months after the Supreme Court passed the National gay marriage on June 26, 2015, her father joked on the wedding day: "When Cunis was 14 years old, she told us that she would not get married, Because he does not understand why his comrades can not enjoy the same rights and interests, why there is an unequal difference? It's no longer a sacred marriage to her, and she's not going to get married! "(Recommended reading: Rainbow color of you!) 2017 Gay Parade: Be yourself, love make you fearless

Cunis also said in an interview that when he was in the country through same-sex marriage she could not believe her ears: "I thought it would never happen, it actually happened!" "As the world began to face the same marriage issues, look forward to more countries in the future through the Marriage Act, so that the gay community to get the necessary marriage security."

Muslim designer Designs Rainbow Turban: Everyone should have the right to love, regardless of color, religion or sexual orientation.

Is there a design that can break the stereotype of the society and support the same marriage? Azahn Munas, a Muslim fashion designer, has created a rainbow-coloured turban to pay attention to the equality of marriage.

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"Supporting the sport is very special and important to us as a new brand that prides itself on constantly challenging social norms," said BuzzFeed , MOGA 's founder and fashion brand creative director, Azahn Munas. We often face struggles and obstacles similar to those of the LGBTIQ community. I think everyone should be brave enough to be himself and be proud of who he is, regardless of color, religion or sexual orientation, everyone should have the right to love. 」

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In the past, he has also designed a headscarf for Australia Day to celebrate the country's pluralistic people formed a rich and beautiful culture of Australia, he on the national birthday this day to celebrate the diversity of the country, Australia is beautiful because of tolerance and inclusive, embracing a diverse population composition and culture.

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