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The recent installation art in the Swedish metro has sparked public debate, according to the Guardian , a graphic artist livströmquist the blood issue to the world, drawing a series of enlarged sketches of naked men and women without shaving their legs, In a series of pictures, in addition to black, red is the only color, bold painting in the woman's private place-a touch of eye-catching red.

A hockey player wears tights with a clear red stain on his trousers, and the next word reads: I'm fine! (I was just bleeding). Pictures | source

Use the painting to flip the menstrual stigma! Artist Livströmquist: This is a healthy and necessary issue.

The Swedish capital's subway, known as the world's longest gallery, has a 68-mile tunnel system encompassing 100 stations, 90 of which are permanently exhibiting the art of Action on women's rights, inclusiveness and environmental issues. And the artist Livströmquist's menstrual blood painting in today's society also led to the pros and cons of the evaluation of noise, according to the report, a netizen said that the public art so that he did not know how to explain what the red is, and some people agree with the artist's desire to convey the core concept, the menstrual blood of women should not be dirty, Taboo Topic! (Recommended reading:"World Journal" cross-Gender life experience: pregnancy, cotton revolution, by Trump prohibited in the Army )

Liv strömquist the controversy over the work, say what you think: "I've gotten used to the occasional controversy about my work, but I think this series of paintings is a healthy and necessary discussion, and it's strange that the masses think these works are indecent and provocative, and it's hard for me to understand the phenomenon, The menstrual blood of women is clearly a common and natural thing in life. 」

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Janet Carr, a language expert and translator, also commented on her blog: "I am glad that society can talk about menstruation openly today ... but at the same time, I am not sure that this very meaningful painting is what I want to see when I pass the subway every day!" Although I did not feel uneasy when I saw the painting, there were hundreds of thousands of people and tourists from different countries and cultures every day in this station. They have to go through the subway, but they can't choose whether to look at the artwork! 」

In response to these evaluations, Martina Viklund, a SL spokesman for the Stockholm Transportation company, said he wanted to celebrate the body's diversity and form by showcasing Livströmquist's artwork.

Dare to be different! Wrestling girl Rose Namajunas: Don't let failure define you

The 25-Year-old Ross Na Madjunas (Rose Namajunas) is the champion of the women's Lightweight Polar Combat Championship (UFC), according to the Cosmopolitan report. She talked about her upbringing in the report, don't let the social standards of "like a girl" frame themselves, the love of things, failure can never define you!

The 25-year-old American Girl Ross Na Madjunas Rose Namajunas, who was thought to be the man of the world, lost in the women's Lightweight Polar Combat Championship (UFC) three years ago and won the championship, with her interest in acting and loving practice.

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After the game she said that every day there are setbacks, but don't let failure define you, how to cheer up and overcome is the most important! The report she mentioned that she grew up in the poor security of the community, learning martial arts to protect their own security instead let him have a healthy export, not with people chengxiong fight ruthless, martial arts since this became her love of interest. (Recommended reading:"My story, on my body," white spot syndrome female mold Chantelle, the United States should be defined by their own )

Against social discrimination against female fighters She also said: "A big misconception is that women should not be UFC because we play" like a girl, "but I think women's combat is a very inspiring sport, a battle of professional fighting skills, and mutual respect for the glory of each other. The woman fights very few to end rudely, when a match finishes, the contestant hugs each other to show respect, you will know, this is a good fight! 」

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In addition to focus on fighting, Rose also for the Women ' s Heath magazine photography publicity photos, advocating attention to physical and mental health, not weight figures! In the past she was also disgusted with herself in youth, when the peer began to develop the chest, but she did not inevitably feel frustrated, but then she saw her own advantages to embrace the various forms of the body, nothing more important than physical and mental health.

"But when I see how fast I can run and how high I jump, I don't mind anymore," he said. "Girls do not have to have a very feminine appearance, exhausted strength for their love of things to struggle to the end of the mentality than anything sexy!"

Artist Camilla Engstrom painted pink fat female body: No dress, female body has its innate beauty

According to the Window , the original fashion model artist Camilla Engstrom, in the past majoring in visual arts, experienced in the development of the knowledge of the design world baptism, in order to pursue the dream, celibacy to New York to fight to become a fashion industry model, Seemingly all the prosperous life she began to think about what she really want to do in the career and life planning.

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She found it was the happiest thing to do when she was fearless and creative. So she began to paint, design her own clothing brand, the main character in the picture with a pink chubby nude girl, she hopes through this person to let society rethink the definition of fashion and beauty: "I think the definition of fashion in society is too superficial, No need to wear Chinese clothes is fashionable! 」

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She expresses her view of fashion through the creation of this, regardless of your body shape, the female body has its innate beauty, she looks forward to through such artistic creation to arouse everyone to embrace their own body, have awakened society to all kinds of physique and self attitude of inclusiveness, to their self-confidence, is to wear finery, Can not be compared to the beautiful!

U.S. first trans-gender state Congress Congressman Danica Roem: We can't get lost in discrimination.

According to "Vox" , the United States was born the first openly transgender state parliament representative. The Democratic Roma (Danica Roem) defeated Republican Marshall, who has been a congressman for 25 years, as a state councillor in Virginia.

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The Virginia State Council election Tuesday (7th) released the results of a 33-year-old Democrat who was from the same musicians as a musician, Roma, and the election results of a senior Republican senator from the rival state, Robert Marshall, who successfully defeated Marshall to create history, Become America's first publicly-transgender state senator. (Recommended reading:"World Journal" cross-Gender life experience: pregnancy, cotton revolution, by Trump prohibited in the Army )

In addition to being a veteran politician and a conservative Christian, Marshall supports the policy of the U.S. President Trump to ban transgender people from joining the army, and advocates that transgender people must use toilets with gender-sensitive birth certificates. He called himself "Chief" (Homophobe), and during the campaign, he refused to debate with Roma in order to express his anti-LGBT stance.

After Roma wins the election, for the victory election published these days of experience: "This is the 13 district voters to abandon the gift of hate, disregard discrimination of choice, we are here to celebrate, because of you!" "She also reminded society not to be lost in discrimination, especially in her speech, and the following excerpts from its speeches, let us embrace the similarities and differences with a free and equal heart:

When you advocate tolerance, when you advocate equality, focus on the issues we agree on, such as building our infrastructure, repairing our roads, and ensuring our teachers ' pay levels in Virginia.

I would like to point out here that no matter what you look like, where you come from, what you believe, who you love, if you have good public policy ideas, take these ideas to the table and let them act, this is your America, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.