Allen Peg on the 11th charged that director Brett Reiner made verbal sexual harassment, and Gedo immediately supported her, stating that she would refuse to reprise if Rayner did not withdraw from the production of "Superman II".

11/11, Canadian actress Allen Peg published an article on a personal Facebook page, accusing the film director Breton Brett Ratner of speaking to her openly about sexual harassment during the "Battle of the Battle" of the film "The Last Campaign".

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At the age of 18, Alan Peggy will play the role

Allen Peggy was not yet in the closet, but she was still groping her way, and the side was rude and untidy. She was unsure how to respond, and she looked down at her head and looked at her toes, hearing a silent, unruddy protest.

She swallowed and tolerated, knowing that she was powerless to fight back, and that she could lose the chance of an uneasily acquired performance.

When she was 27 years old, she came out when she was a human rights activist at a symposium on February 14, 2014, and she shared, " I'm tired of not being able to talk about myself or to conceal lying. I've been in pain for many years, and I'm here today to stand with you and stand on the other side of the pain."And call for people to continue to change the world for people like me."" (Recommended reading: Brave is not a generational term for comrades!Alan Paye: We make ourselves a trend )

In 2017, a social wave of the relay #METOO scrolls, Allan Peggy has been vigorously accused of "looking at the few who have accused the sex of Hollywood".Some of them are gone, forced to leave or commit suicide, but the perpetrators of sexual harassment, they are still there, they are still protected, and we know who they are."

These behaviors are also people, because they are allied with brothers because of the strong complicity of the accomplice.

"I harbor you, you support me" in the mascules and coalipees of men

to the Los Angeles Times, she was currently facing six female stars accused — fae —, Natasha, and "I had to give in," while Olli Moon said, "I was embarrassed. I was a bit of an embarrassment. He was whisper in front of me.""

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From Weenstein to Kevin Sbersey, from Louis C.K. Then he went to Bretrena, where there was a huge accomplice structure, and the behavior of one another was harbouring each other, supporting each other, and even helping to suppress it.

In Hollywood, there is a culture of sexual harassment and sexual harassment, which is a sex dominated by men and powerful men, who are men and women who are not so strong.This is a game of sexual hunting with powerful people, which has always been a secret of Hollywood's deep hiding.

As Woody Allen said publicly in Weenstein, "I must point out that this is a witch hunt," and that future Hollywood men may be prosecuted for blinking women in their offices."

I told him not to do this again, "said the girl," I told him not to do so. "I asked myself what I should do to avoid a repeat of the incident."Ben Everlek himself, in 2003, boldly attacked the hostess on the show, claiming the program's effects.(sibling: [Gender watch] Casey, Casey, sex-sexual harassment: Every tolerance is telling the victim that you don't matter )

As the famous director, Kundintharentino, confessed, " I know enough, more than I do."

The reason why the mouth is so difficult is that when the victims come forward to identify, they are faced with not only a single victim, but also a whole system of harbouring and connivance, and very few people stand with her.

The presence of female experience and the establishment of a support network for women

This time, Ilya Peggy is no longer isolated, and Hollywood is no longer silent.

I was also there, "Anna ·, who participated in the

the same time, Gaga, who interpretres the superman of God, also declared that she would withdraw from the film "Superman II" if Warner Bros. did not stop working with the production company founded by Breton, who refused to attend the same event with Breton.(Recommended for you: [gender perspective] Superman, the birth of heroheroism, and her selection conditions )

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Gel Gaga said firmly to the media that "The Superman is a film that promotes feminism, and that it is not the case that women's filmmakers are behind the scenes."and wrote on the IG that "sexual harassment and violence should not be tolerated."I stand with all the women who face fear and choose to speak out.We are together, and we will face the changes of the times together."

A collective presence of women is necessary because of gender violence and sexual harassment, not cases, and not women's personal problems.The reason why it is called gender violence is that it has a gender ratio of serious imbalance, and a gender-empowered chancellor relationship.

How do we combat the accomplice structure?In this actress's solidarity, I saw another possibility: a continuation of the #METOO power, which women should also establish to support each other's networks, to pass on women's experiences, and to stop any of the victims from having to face up to the power of a fraternal ally with a strong sense of power.

Alan Peggy has done a good job of demonstrating, and she is aware that she has the privilege of being an actor and a white lesbian, and that he has the privilege to speak for herself and for those who cannot have a voice.

"I am an actor and have the right to speak, and I still feel hesitant about the identification of sexual harassment prisoners, and I think there are many risks."So what choice do other vulnerable people have in sexual harassment?"

Gender violence like infectious diseases, low income households, non-white women, queer and transgender women, and Aboriginal women meet more gender violence and harassment than other women, " she said.These women continue to be oppressed because of the unfriendly economic conditions and the justice system."

There is a need for women to align themselves with the injustice and experience of women in the face of gender and to share the successes and secrets of the "women".Although different ethnic groups have their own battles to fight, the women's alliance offers a new possibility. We really don't have to go all the way and walk away by ourselves.

Women have fought for a long time, and through the collective cabinets of women's experience and the establishment of support networks, we have the opportunity to truly implement the phrase "we are together.""