"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Write the love of Blue Valentine's Day, originally loved after, look forward to the future is not happy, the most brutal is the accumulation of life.

"Blue Valentine's Day", I have seen the most embarrassing Ryan Goslin.

"Blue Valentine's Day" stills

His name is Dean, the middle-aged man, the hair line back, no charm, he did not have a principal, paint, odd jobs, the reason is to go home on time. He felt that he didn't have to have a dream, just want to be a good husband and a good father, he wanted to finish what he promised her all, he is willing to make any changes. But do not understand where they have been happy? Can you come back again? (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" Mistress and Zhou Muiun: The best of times, are not yet completed )

He often looked at his daughter's face and thought, "Why doesn't your Mother Love me anymore?" "The original Love is the world's most can destroy a person's things, gently push, you fall."

"Blue Valentine's Day" is a love story after a happy ending. Where did the lovers go? They go to the future, the future is not happy, the most cruel is life.

Dean with Cynthia lost, fails, body lost tacit understanding, finally even embrace are unfamiliar.

In retrospect, it was beautiful, Dean. Remember the moment when he loved Cindy, Love was in first sight, and it was a real rush to have a good look. He wanted to meet her again, they kissed on the bus, the streets dance, he remembers her in red dress black dress, with the song he played the dance, you always hurt the one of your love, is not the prediction of their fate?

That year, he gave her the assurance of love in her most turbulent season, and she let his life without care, with the desire of the family, she is his bird, he will be her nest, once, they have only one eye. Just why, love goes forward, can't stay, stay in love now?

"Blue Valentine's Day" stills

Six years of marriage, has been vicissitudes. She looked at his eyes no longer gentle, husband and wife just barely living family, family relations strained and broken, they do not even have sex. He could only make a phone call to a cheap motel room, just to say to her, I still want you, do you want me? But she mumbled, how you taste so vulgar, can not touch me?

"Break up is not terrible, the most terrible is to try to save, but powerless." "Blue Valentine's Day"

Love was the best blessing, but finally became the heaviest baggage. She was tired, too tired to accept love and finally became responsible. The future house of the motel, they last, a hasty, he felt like rape her, their theme song, has not been beautiful, no future. (Recommended reading:"Love you, I just become myself" three movies dedicated to the love of you )

Love in life completely collapsed, Dean finally can do, is indifferent to leave, he finally put a hug daughter, said dad go first, don't miss me too.

"Blue Valentine's Day" stills

I often think that if there is an emotional education, then it is "Blue Valentine's Day", Love so beautiful, also so painful. What kind of gesture are you going to leave after you've had a downright broken heart?

"Blue Valentine's Day" script after 66 changes, taking 10 years, director Chianfollans has been believed that this is the department should be taken out of the work.

It is said that the image of the toss, is the actor grinding out, except acting, there are many real emotions. After filming, the director rented a room in Pennsylvania, two actors to take this place as a home, personally buy household goods, decorate the room, list expenses, daily return home, love and build a life.

Love lives in the roots of life and begins to disintegrate when it is completely unfamiliar. Later, the director changed to a strange room, asking them to start torturing each other, personally destroy love, one months time, they experience love from scratch, from the passionate again to dislike, feel almost fragmented.

Terrible, cold, cruel, this is love, sweet, hot, happy, this is always love, there is no choice.