There are only 6% women around the world ceo! Glass cliff traps, often let women leaders lose the opportunity to scrutinize female CEO, it is not concerned about the status and power, but to create work value!

Listen to these numbers.

According to the 2017 Global Gap report released by the World Economic Forum, the average global male income is 21,000 U.S. dollars, and women are only 12,000 dollars. The pay perspective to achieve full equality between men and women requires another 100 years, and the workplace perspective to achieve equality between men and women will need to wait another 217 years.

The reason for women's low annual salary is that, in addition to the previously suspected equal pay factors, most women are assigned to Low-paid or unpaid work.

The Harvard Business Review reported that only 6.4% (32) of the world's top 500 companies were headed by female CEOs, which, despite being horribly low, was a 21-year high.

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The Rockefeller Center recently released a research project to interview 57 female CEOs, analyzing individual struggles and career progression, decoding success factors, and hoping to help companies recognize potential female leaders who are collaborating with the organization's growth earlier, and ensure that women enjoy better career arrangements in the future. (Recommended reading: Three key observations of Britain's de-Europe: generation injustice, shaking the world economy, the rise of female leaders )

The research project drew several deep observations, sorted into the following six points,

Women have a long career, because most women are considered to be role-aiding

"Compared to men, women usually do more job roles, stay in different companies, and do different industries before they become CEOs," he said. The world has enough places for men who are not good enough, but often do not have the same place for good women. 」

Women tend to be more serious, perform more brilliantly and work longer to get the same position as men. These women CEOs shared the observation. One of them said that the delay in promotion often made him feel anxious, another pointed out that "most women are" taken for granted "as the role of organization" assistance ", before they get the position they deserve, they have to spend 10 times times the effort to prove themselves, which is why women's career is longer. 」

In short, to achieve the same level of career, women spend more time and effort.

Status and power, not enough to drive women, women care about value

"Status, power, and rewards are not enough to attract women to leadership positions, and they are often motivated by cooperation and accountability." 」

Ambitious women are also hesitant to recommend themselves, because their motivation is not from the individual, but from the team, she hopes to contribute value and build culture. More than 2/3 of women's CEOs said the reason for driving themselves forward was "value" and the conviction that they had a positive impact on the groups they served. 1/4 of the female CEOs said that their most important achievement was to create a positive team culture.

One of the CEOs made it very clear, "of course, your company is making a lot of money, and it's great that you've achieved all your goals." But, what have you done? What else do you do for the group you serve and the team you work with? 」

Important traits: Brave, adventurous, flexible, deal with fuzzy areas

"These women CEOs have a common character, brave, adventurous, resilient, and able to deal with obscure areas that make them more likely to succeed." 」

It is also a trait that contemporary leaders should have. The ability to deal with obscure areas and complex things is often tempered by the courage to take risks.

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Women don't think they have to know, she raises her hand and asks questions.

According to the survey, female CEOs are usually more humble, more appreciative of the team, and credited to the team. Past data often show that women CEOs are far less confident than men, and they are unable to have a 100% confidence and mastery of their decisions. A female CEO responded by saying, "You get a job, the fact is, you have a lot to learn and you don't know all about it." To raise a hand to ask questions is an ability and should not be regarded as a disadvantage. (Recommended reading: Cai English domineering female force!) Women's political leadership under the lens of Time magazine

Female CEOs show a high degree of power sharing, but also a high degree of self-awareness, they should not be the only one to determine the future of the company.

Despite their talents, most women think they are unfit to be CEO.

Of the 57 women CEOs, only 5 said they had always wanted to be leaders, while 3 said they had never wanted to be leaders, took the job entirely out of a sense of responsibility, and the remaining 2/3 said they never thought they could lead until someone told them. Most of this information comes from her management.

"Before my boss told me I was fit for leadership, I had no desire to be in any managerial position, let alone CEO," he said. I just want to do a good job in a good company. That conversation, let me re-examine the position for myself. 」

In addition to discovering the potential of women earlier, the company should also provide women with more mentors and role models, help them to have more opportunities and have higher expectations of themselves.

Women often become the scapegoat for the enterprise! Glass Cliff Glass Cliff Trap

Studies show that women are often selected as senior leaders at a time when businesses and organizations are at risk, or are more likely to take leadership positions that have to face higher risks of failure.

The glass cliff phenomenon, is a wonderful opportunity for women to work, after all, to seek challenges and risks, as well as the responsibility in times of crisis, is the common characteristics of this group of female CEOs, difficult situation, is the leader of the trial, and even failure, but also for the leadership of the future success. (Recommended reading: The American dream belongs to everyone!) Hillary defeated the full text: One day, we will shake the glass ceiling.

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Glass Cliff phenomenon, but also double-sided blade. When women assume a higher risk of failure, are asked for the same odds of success; when men stay in safe districts and women are on the front line, if women fail to solve the problem in such a way, people tend to think of her ability as a problem, treating women as a scapegoat for corporate failure.

Female leaders often have only one chance, and the glass cliff phenomenon, so that the opportunity to disappear faster.

The World Economic Forum noted that improving the situation of gender equality can bring huge economic dividends, and we should further say that the uneven distribution of gender power in the workplace could lead to major commercial breakthroughs.

Acknowledging the power of women, allowing her to stand where she should be, giving women opportunities, giving women a long shot, and allowing women to compete fairly with men, will be a major focus of future corporate evolution.

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Glass Cliff

Glass Cliff

The glass cliff is relative to the glass ceiling (Glass Ceiling), the term proposed by the Harvard Business Review. It means that when a company is in crisis, women are more often assigned to lead the way than men, just like jumping off a cliff. University of Exeter, USA (Univ. Exeter has done research to find that if a business is headed by a male leader, 69% will choose a new female leader, whereas a company led by a woman is no different.