To anxiety-type attachment, we are always love love, experienced several times of stumble and pain, then understand, fearless to admit their vulnerability, is a hard to love proof.

When you are sad
I'll hold you.
Fish Tank for delivery

Fish tank without water
Fish in a fishbowl

--Excerpts from the letter of the Ming Dynasty (sad time)

Every time you remind yourself that when you love someone, don't throw yourself out. With sticky weight crush love, can not see him every time, like fish out of the water, so suffocating; several times you have turned back against the empty heart, the hole has been a voice, begging lovers do not ignore your anxiety, but they finally, All still walk so free and easy.

These restless unceasingly eats your love, you put the lover's heart, Echeng the smouldering fireworks, a little separation of loneliness can easily swallow you, this love, love to burn each other, love to lose their own, love, but you do not mind, the more eager to love people, the heart of the more difficult to heal the scars, you would like to hold this devastated heart, Wait for someone who knows your weakness to love.

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If you are always anxious in a relationship, be accustomed to expressing your desire to be appeased with anger and no words; in love love to lose themselves is not a pity, your every humble, extremely please, all only for in this relationship is treated well; May a man see through your frailty and uneasiness, give a hug when you need love, let you know, It turns out that I still deserve to be loved well. (Recommended reading: The psychology of love to find back practice for too long the passion no longer? )

To the anxiety of your general attachment,"Workhealthlife" author shepell-fgi give you three exercises, we will fear to lose, but the courage to admit the fragile, but also a serious love of evidence:

Is you, so I am willing to disarm: the recognition of vulnerability is also a kind of love

You use thorns to protect yourself too soft inside, the anxiety of love choked in the throat, into silent crying, but always better to turn around and wipe away the tears; you are afraid of your own care, to the heavy pressure, pressure on the lover breathless, one day will quietly away from you, so hold on, to the heart of bitterness, with a cup of bitter spirits depressed You are afraid to admit your own vulnerability and fear, to cover up the naked heart, only one day the lover to leave, don't lose too thoroughly.

To the anxiety-type attachment to the subject of practice, understand that their vulnerability is also a kind of love, you hold sincere, not afraid in love to win or lose, you are willing to withdraw his own strong, to give the most true of their own, you have a sense of security and companionship of relationship needs, fear of loneliness, afraid of love but also thirsty love, this love may not perfect, But you are absolutely true.

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Bare true feelings to your lover: I love you too much because I love you so

Love a person is afraid of love, each of the signs of the relationship can make you doubt the love of the heart, you are always in love with lack of self-confidence, to meet everyone to love, "Do You Love Me?" "This said to be careful, afraid to hear the denial of rejection, more like an outlaw himself: I really deserve to be loved?" So ordinary oneself is worth a person to love?

Exercises for anxious-type attachments, try to show your true feelings to your lover, because too much care, so love is restless, love paranoid, these anxieties troubled you, every quarrel and separation of you feel suffocated, you love, but hope to prove that they are also worthy of love. (Recommended reading: Five of the true needs of love and being loved: Love him in the right way!) )

Love is hard, but we never want to give up: Love is willing to work for each other

When you are too concerned about a person, you always forget to restrain yourself, without reason, jealousy drown your sanity, but always in the quarrel after annoyed, clearly is so love a person, but always learn not gentle expression; longing to accompany several phone calls, Doodle audio-visual your lonely general empty huge, you put yourself to the universe of love thrown, but no one to catch you.

For anxiety-type attachment, love is difficult, but you never think of giving up. Learn to speak with your partner, communicate with each other in a way that both of you are willing to accept, and try to reduce your anger, your urgent stare, your jealousy, and remember that "love" is the original intention of each communication, in order to continue to share your life with each other.

In this life, we continue to practice in love how to love a person, also in the process of love, as a toddler, love is a continuous adult-style, we began to learn how to love humble is what taste, began to find out why they always uneasy, began to recognize the fact of love, but never give up the search for love to their own meaning.