Is it not this generation that each of us is at a distance? Write to modern people's relationship exercises, to clarify their own heart, not afraid of occasional lonely intrusion.

The old days become slow, cars, horses, mails are slow, life only enough to love a person.

Excerpt from the Wooden Heart (formerly Slow)

The past is slow, the connection is not easy, so cherish the current grip of the temperature, people say distance pull away feelings, but someone's love is like this, because a promise, with a lifetime of youth and other noisy days of silence, with a long wait to tell the meaning of love; for a moment, willing to give up the vast freedom of a person, with a gentle wink led lover figure, Accompany to walk a long way.

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Modern people mention long-distance love, like the direct death sentence for love, when the street lovers tight, you can only look at the window of his resolve loneliness, feel very wronged when, can not find his chest buried, only stronger to remind himself not to cry, wronged remember the head; Communication software developed, but often missed messages, like a love of time difference, Let each other give the anticipation but in exchange for helpless.

According to Laura Stafford of Ohio state University, the two major factors that make long-distance romances unsustainable are: "idealized disillusionment" and "insecurity"-the so-called idealized disillusionment to beautify the imagination of the partner, Actually get along with to find out with the imagination is not consistent with the initiation of separate thoughts, security is based on the trust of two people, through the sharing of life and reveal their true feelings, each bit to build trust. (Recommended reading: How to maintain a long distance?) Eight things to know after a long distance relationship .

Belong to the modern three exercises, although close at hand, but the distance of heart, let each of us like experienced a long distance, so the pain is so confused.

Express your Love in time: Busy life, do not forget the feelings need to operate

Love is, I am willing to put my life, live into me with your daily.

You start your day with a daily reminder of your alarm clock, and you're busy with your eyes open. You think you live flat, lunch time with the unfinished letters, stay up all night to prepare for tomorrow's meeting documents, you in these busy, forget the emotional need to operate, often miss the message of love, can not share the feelings of each other in real time , each other's insecurity, once shared tacit understanding into a plain xiangjingrubin.

Exercises for the modern people: remember that it's timely to express your concern, to miss the message of your lover, but don't let this loss become a habit, according to John Gottman , who has long studied intimate relationships, the key to influencing intimacy in love is whether we can catch his needs when the other person needs it. Try to explain to your partner the difficulties you have encountered, and say the same about your partner's expectations, and let your lover know that even if life is busy, you still don't forget to take his needs to heart.

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Time for each other: In spite of the day's rush, create memories of each other can not forget

Love is, the days are busy again, I always willing for you, leaving a blank on the calendar, together with each other.

It's always a vacation, you hang out on the street on Christmas Eve with your friends, and you think about your lover in another country because of your business. The countdown bells are so harsh, the square crowd is jubilant, he is still working overtime night, you some lost but only in the bottom of my heart silently said: "Another year, I love you as usual, still look forward to living with you." 」

To the modern people's exercise: Despite the days of haste, because of life and always staggered together time of you, do not forget to set aside a night, look at each other's time, out of the holiday together. According to the study of Stafford & Merolla , the idealized anticipation of a partner may lead to a long distance relationship, creating memories of each other through regular relationships and sharing, in addition to deepening intimacy, and being able to chat with each other for a long time, and to get to know each other more truly. To avoid overly beautifying your partner. (Recommended reading: Love psychologists tell you that seven long-distance lovers maintain the secret of temperature )

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Recall the shared life experience: As long as the heart is firm, not afraid of loneliness and occasional intrusion

Love is the process by which we tame each other and make our love unique.

You are each other's youth, through the tender young age, looking at each other grow up now appearance, and then out of the society, with their own life circle, see more people, and partners to separate the distance between the two places and gradually different topics, you suddenly feel the world suddenly vast, occasionally lonely let you doubt, Is the love of young age still in line with the expectations of adulthood?

According to Purdue University's M. Carole Pistole, one of the most important factors in maintaining a long-distance relationship is the dedication of the past, which has made you unique in your love as a result of good memories and shared life experiences.

To the modern practice, you and your lover grow up together, become one another's youth, when the loneliness to attack, remember to recall each other's life experience, love beginner's mind let you become each other life's only, as long as the firm wants to continue to love the heart, not afraid of the occasional intrusion of loneliness. (Recommended reading: Long Distance love: The world is so big, your palm is the stable position )

In this generation, the definition of a distant relationship may no longer be confined to physical distances, when two hearts no longer close, two of people are no longer willing to work for each other, perhaps each of us, with a lifetime in a long distance exercise in practice, in every love practice good love, practice to understand their own hearts, practice looking back on the nature of Love, Perhaps love is that we have a total of two people close, can still enjoy a person's independence, practice to retain their own lives, while cherishing exclusive intimacy.