November 22, 2017, women fans of Global women's Influence forum debut, with you aftertaste that night moved, please believe that their importance, the so-called influence, is in a place to bet your efforts!

November 22, 2017, is the time to write about women, to recreate the definition of the moment, women obsessed with the global Forum on Women's impact this year Women Impact Summit, we invited others to define, so determined to define their Guo Shuyao as a response to the ambassador, Linnings, Chen Meiling, and Liu Anting, a powerful speaker from all fields, listen to their share as women, how to use their lives to influence the world and redefine women's influence.

Bring you together aftertaste that night moved, here we dig together belong to our feminine influence: the so-called female force, not necessarily strong, embrace the fragility of the soft and toughness, you will find that each frustration gave life nutrients, grow courage, the so-called female force, is willing to use their own life, for others to chisel out a more comfortable road, Striving for greater faith than oneself.

The so-called female influence, from embracing their own values, it is your fragile sentimental, social faint cry for help to be heard by the world, it is your perseverance, persistent attention to a topic, women's rights, educational rights, environmental issues can be seen.

Less than seven o'clock that night, the field has seven full readers seated, outside the field many readers arrived early, take the "I only do myself", "I just change" sign in front of the back panel, I looked at each reader's firm and confident look, like in the shouting to himself also to the times, the influence of the age of women is coming-just because you are you, You have a unique, in fact, has been powerful enough to shake the world.

Guo Shuyao: "Life don't accept fate, but have to do a good job of the effort"

"I have not been a particularly brave person, I just to do, after doing the discovery, courage is needed to exercise." --Guo Shuyao

2017 Women fans Global women's Influence forum, inviting ambassador Guo Shuyao to talk about the definition of reconstruction, talk about the influence of women, to recreate their own definition she is particularly touched, the past Guo Shuyao the name gave her a lot of labels and obstacles, but she did not make noise to prove herself, she just to do, to become the one she wanted to be Guo Shuyao , do not want to just be concerned about the stature, she can practice acting, some fear, she on one by one breakthrough: afraid of water, she went scuba diving, afraid of the fire, she will take the fire of the "Psychic girl", she said that she has been not brave people, but she is willing to still in front of the fear of the first step to try, then found that the original brave, but also need to exercise.

Over the years Guo Shuyao through their own efforts, do not set the ego, practice dance can practice acting, recently more because the psychic girl will bring Taiwan to the international arena, redefine their value, give back to social influence, about the influence of women, Yaoyao said: "I did not think to bring to whom influence, But when you are willing to do something, your efforts can infect others and affect others indirectly. 」

With influence in general, is also the first to say, Yaoyao mentioned that they never want to become an influential person, or try to influence who, she is only with a share of life not resigned, but to have to do their part to meet the challenges of life. When you are willing to focus on one thing, inadvertently your efforts have become a small force, such a force, in fact, is the influence. (Recommended reading: do not try to sorry yourself!) Interview Guo Shuyao: The only thing I can do is desperately .

Chen Meiling: "When I forget myself and strive for greater faith, another Chen Meiling comes out."

How do you find your strength? I want to forget myself first, to think about what the impact of the world will be? --Chen Meiling

On the matter of influence, Chen Meiling teacher from his childhood began to talk about, she said she was a shy and very low self-affirmation of a person, until junior high school, a volunteer experience changed her life.

She went to a valley to work as a volunteer, seeing many born disabled children deter her from the values, she feels that meeting these children before and after their own life has changed, when he saw what he took for granted, many people are born unable to have, when your vision no longer only around the people, We have a great deal more power than many other people in this world. From birth you are very powerful, but you do not know.

When she sees these children who need help more than herself, she forgets her shyness and sings around just to raise money and supplies for her children, she said. The so-called influence is to start forgetting yourself, when you feel confused or fearful, think about the belief that is greater than you, what kind of influence do you desire to create for the world?

When you feel lost and forget yourself, you will gain strength.

"When I think of something bigger than myself, the other Chen Meiling comes out," said the American-age teacher. It would be worthwhile for me if I told my story to help people in need in the world. She held such a belief all the way, even if she grew up in Japan's history of the biggest controversy, she still embrace the faith, stand firm and continue.

Women should not work in public when they think they have children and have a family she thought of a larger group of women than herself, and if her insistence could set a precedent for women to work while still taking children, perhaps the future women could have a more free and equal workplace environment, and she was determined to spend her life To prove that women can also have career ambitions, but also to pursue their dreams.

Finally, the American teacher was very energetic with the whole audience, with the Japanese style of the way, for each willing to embrace their own value, for the rise of the female force times, I listened to the scene of the crowd shouted: "aao! "I think this is a menacing announcement of women's influence," he said, raising his hand with great strength.

Linnings: "When you are willing to listen, the meaning of life will unfold for you."

"When I see work as an invitation from the world, I am willing to dedicate myself." --Linnings

October 18, the name "Lin Tzu" was instantly equated with the great adjectives of "BBC hundred women, the first Taiwanese woman in Taiwan, and Asia's two representatives. Through the cotton music Yue promotion of menstruation is to education, Linnings hope that regardless of male women, can face negative characteristics, see menstruation, see the vagina, see the uterus, see women as women, the most direct simple everything. (same field Gayon:BBC hundred women!) Interview with the founder of Cotton Music Yue Linnings: Everyone has the power to change the world.

She talked about the origins of her menstrual education, from a talk under a bodhi tree, Tzu Chi says, in fact, life will naturally unfold for you, if you are willing to listen to and see the subtle things in life: "One day I was under the banyan tree and Nepal's mothers chat, ask them what they think life is the most troubling thing?" When I heard their menstrual problems, I listened to them and heard the plight of the women of the whole society. 」

So Tzu Chi opened the gentle revolution of menstrual and feminine power, and she wanted society to see feminine forces: "I feel that a lot of women's strong strength is from the core of women, and that's the strength of the firm." We should try to embrace the feminine frailty and the emotion, this is belongs to the feminine characteristic, the feminine strength, why we must resist it? 」

Speaking of influence, Tzu Chi said that he had only heard the issue and had begun to persevere and work tirelessly to improve the issue, and that she had gained more strength in the Nepalese women, the kind that was rooted in the inside out, and that women in Nepal were still doing their best whenever she wanted to give up. When Keats regards his work as an invitation from the world, she is willing to dedicate herself, to do it with the power of devotion, and then to have an impact.

At the end of the speech, Keats wanted to give every reader a present, and she led us to a breathing exercise, first put your right hand in front of your chest, feel your heartbeat, when you are willing to leave a time for their own lives, to feel the heart to say to you, you will understand what is your heart to the direction of, and then put the left hand belly, feel the uterus, The power of the core is that these cores strengthen your faith and give you the strength to practice your ideals.

Liu Anting: "Fragile let me become the true self, also linked to the lives of others, the courage to grow"

What I believe in is never my own strength, it comes from a value greater than my personal faith--Liu Anting

Liu Anting from "Reengineering", tonight's forum she wants to share with me how to recreate the definition of "bravery". Courage does not mean that you cannot be vulnerable, but when you are faced with choices, you are willing to choose greater value than yourself, even if you have to cross the difficult and practical beliefs.

She began by sharing stories she had never shared, about her mother.

She said it was the closest thing to death in her life, health seems to be weak mother had breast cancer, in addition to anger and sadness, she felt the face of life and death, their own shares from the heart gush of courage, that courage is to small brother prop up their own, that courage is to force the smile, in order not to let mother worry, The original courage is in the most fearful time, think of others, and thus have the strength of the soft to continue to live. (Recommended reading:"Scars on my body out of flowers" breast cancer patients stabbed the most beautiful medal of Pain )

Then, Anting on the projection film show his own speech and the award of photos, she smiled gently, but she said entrepreneurship "for Taiwan and teach" on the road, often let her in want to give up, the courage is not the time of these bright. But these extreme setbacks and full of pressure, is to see their fragile for others to bring courage, they have been infected with the courage to go on.

"In fact, I was under a lot of pressure every day, until even my team had people who came out and felt like I couldn't lead the team down, and I totally collapsed," he said. Anting said she had been crying for 48 hours, friends can not see down to drag her out of the beginner's mind, words knock wake up their own entrepreneurial, "when friends told me that I am not really listening to their heart in speech, because I think the letter is never their own strength, not how powerful, how perfect, But from a value greater than my own belief. 」

Then a speech Anting the fragile experience, and a girl hugged her after the speech, saying the speech had found self-worth again. Anting has redefined his bravery because of these experiences: "If my weakness and my fall, because share out to give others some strength, I think this is my courage." Originally my courage never come to the success of the ego, Fragile let me become the true self, with the fragile link, in life and life when the collision, there are nutrients can grow out of the original did not realize the courage. 」

Tonight, Liu Anting, with her life, leads us to rethink our courage--if you are weak, willing to see greater faith than yourself, and to tell your story wholeheartedly is your courage.

Zhang Wei Xuan: "I am very happy I am alive, I want to do more things for the society"

"The negative trait is wonderful, we can turn the emotion into action, and the influence actually comes from everyone." --Zhang Wei Xuan

Zhang Wei Xuan, the founder of the woman fan and finally on the stage to share her life story, when you have a moment in the face of death, you will be more aware of why your life to work, you will start to think, to put their own luck and influence, to use in which to pay attention to the issue.

Opening, Wei Xuan chatted about one of his speeches, a girl raised her hand to ask questions, facing career promotion, the director for "Women easily emotional" for the reasons of promoted other colleagues, facing such a dilemma how should I do? Wei Xuan said he was stunned, advocating gender equality for many years, a similar situation is still every woman faces the bloody daily.

"In fact, I am a very emotional person, I think the emotional is a negative trait, negative characteristics of the beautiful, these are the label of society, but I can put my emotions into action." "When we're doing everything, we can feel the need to speak and act, and in fact, the so-called influence comes from everyone," he said. (Recommended reading:"Zhang Wei Xuan line pen" in the face of the unknown fear! Three exercises to help you embrace fear

And such feelings and expectations for the community to do more faith, from Wei Xuan 16 years old from the deep rooted in her heart, "when I was 16 years old, the first time facing death, a fierce long-distance running, I did not cause dizzy and fell down, sent to the hospital found that the heart of the problem, it is the first time I feel that I may be the next second will die, then, Every moment I think: "I have lived enough?" "After a heart operation, I was happy that I was alive because I wanted to do something more!" 」

Six years, entrepreneurial fragments constantly flashed to the mind of Wei Xuan, she remembered from the beginning of the venture on the road, until today, every setback is like the electric shock of the heart surgery, and every time she takes a shock, she thinks that she has to work hard to live for more things, and every time she wants to give up on the entrepreneurial path, it's like going through a shock again, Whenever I want to give up, I think of the original intention of entrepreneurship, in order to open up women's rights, gender freedom of the times, she insisted on, for more than their own belief efforts.

Finally, Wei Xuan asked the audience whether they want to have a day to stand on the stage, to share their own story? Without hesitation, several listeners raised their hands, stiffly, fearlessly, for their own sake, in order to give some strength to raise their hands, which I have so far unforgettable, it is willing to stand up for the sake of faith.

This forum on women's influence, we heard Guo Shuyao said that life must have not resigned, but do their part to do their best; Chen Meiling use their lives to subvert social values, for women's right to work out a path; Linnings let us know, when we are willing to hear the voice of the society, to see the neglected value, The path and influence of your life will unfold; Liu Anting tells us that it is possible to embrace one's own fragility, and that when your vulnerability collides with another's life, there will be nutrients that give each other an unexpected courage.

Think of your life, your own story, everyone has the power to become the influence of the world change, as long as you are willing to see the issue when you raise your hand, in the need to change the place to work, in your own life, stubbornly for the subject of concern for continuous efforts.

And that night, women fans prepared a surprise for everyone willing to put into action, come to the scene together to think about the influence of the readers, wook--is Women's book, write down the history of the wave of women, the promotion of gender and women's rights reform, this wave of subversion of the world, let women redefine their value, is Book, because there are all the way to accompany the woman fans of you, care about the world of gender concern you, willing to bet their strength to try to bring some change of you, created this books, created a more equal freedom of the female force era.

That day Wei Xuan stood on the stage, looking at the woman fan partner a list of Wook sent to she invited women fans to come to the stage, because this all the way is the support of the team and partners, so that women are obsessed with the day, can take the value of our faith and goodwill for women to grow more of the life of the imagination, for gender to develop a more free and equal social value, Let each individual, without distinction of gender, be able to live to become the person you want to be.

I watched my partner uniform on the table in a far seat, do not need to, the scene sounded like thunder applause, I think that applause is not only for women fans partner, more is for each of you in the scene, because you, so we can stick to come here, because you, believe in the value of our faith, So we have the courage to move towards the unknown future.

Thank you, together with us to witness the move, together to see more than their own beliefs, the final speech, the woman's chief editor Audrey walked up to the stage, led the scene of the audience to hold up their hands for the last time, forcefully shouted: "Let the world see, I am very important!" 」

Yes, every you and you, as long as you play your own power in the events you care about, the impact will be enough to scroll a change, the world has influence, and all this change comes from, you are willing to believe your value, willing to shout that, I am very important!