Every Monday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? If you want to try a different date on the weekends, recommend four dates!

After a rainy weekend, it was hard to clear up, looking at the Liang of the sun but could not think of a new dating place, looking at the skylight fades, day time again in the panic slipped away; the night of the week, not easy to get off the clock to catch up with the appointment, to the same restaurant, ordered the same wine, after the appointment template to know in advance, everyone looked at each other, I don't know where else to go.

If you want to give yourself a special date, throw away the old dating pattern of eating, watching movies, going home, looking for new dates and activities, creating unique memories, and recommending four dating places!

For you who want to release the stress, come to a painting date!

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Life is in a hurry, how long have you not left a time for yourself, with your inner dialogue? For those of you who want to release stress and link with your heart, let's go on a painting date! Allow yourself an afternoon to give space between the canvas and yourself, to think about these days to grow and get your own, perhaps life is occasional pain, but in frustration you start to clarify what you want to go, what is the distance, or do not want to, let the head empty, randomly sway paint, like daily, no matter the days have been sad and pregnant, Long time to look back, are a colorful, unique painting!

If you want to go on a painting date, recommend you | TheEscape Artis

"EA Wenchang our Store"
Address | No. 68th Wenchang Street, Daan District, Taipei
Telephone |02-2707-0767
Business Hours |
(a) Shop Hugh
(ii) ~ (vi) 10:00 ~ 23:00
(day) 10:00 ~ 22:00
Canvas Size: 13 kinds
How to play the painting consumption

"EA Songyan two Stores"
Address | 2/F, No. 88th, Xinyi District Tobacco Factory Road, Taipei City (Songyan 2 F)
Telephone |02-6636-5888 #1609
Business Hours |
(Songyan store on-site waiting system)
Size of Canvas | five

If you want to experience something new, it is recommended that you go on a rock climbing date!

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You always like new things, go to uncharted territory, and always get excited, and if you want to date, explore your interests, learn new skills, recommend a rock climbing date! Throw yourself in front of something completely ignorant, through rock climbing, over a challenge to the top of the climb, like life, your partner in life on the road encounter difficulties, only you can help yourself over the problem, but the growth of the ego, someone with you, behind you, let you know, life on the road we have their own topics, But when you grow up, someone is with you, and these are precious memories that belong to each other. (Recommended reading: women miss such a man!) Senior intern, old-fashioned dating code makes love more classic .

If you want to go on a rock climbing date, recommend you | Sports Center

"Beitou Sports Center"
▶︎ Address: No. 100th, section 39 Lane, Beitou District Road, Taipei, 112 Taiwan
▶︎ hours: Weekday 13:00-21:30 | holiday 09:00-19:00
▶︎ charge Standard: Adult unanimous $ $, student ticket $80 yuan, children's ticket $ (child under 12 years old)

"The center of the Lake Movement"
Address: No. 12th, ▶︎ Street, Lake District, Taipei, Taiwan (near Wen Lakeport qi station)
▶︎ Opening Hours: 09:00-22:00
▶︎ Charge Standard:

  • Outdoor Climbing area: 300 yuan/hr (admission fee + safety Equipment + coach ensure) | 150 Yuan when not limited (own equipment and coach to ensure)
  • Indoor holding stone Area: 50 Yuan/2 hr,100 yuan/Unlimited

If you want to have a heart-to-heart talk, recommend you go to Songshan to see a plane!

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You can not find time to sit down with your partner, listen to each other's doubts and ecstasy of life, and the future of your partner's hope has its own shadow? If you want to go on a date and talk to your partner and share your values, there is a closer link between life and the future, recommended to the weekly night small date, to Songshan airport to watch the plane landing, around the sound of silence, the distance on the road there will be aircraft, there are people are looking forward to return, you can either sit or lie down, Empty between the conversation, those of the future of hope and confusion, seems to be in this one, get their own solution.

If you want to go to Songshan to see the plane, recommend you | Songshan Airport observation Deck

Address | No. 340, 9th, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City (first to second Terminal 3 F)
Songshan Airport observation deck business hours |am 09:00~ PM 21:00

If you want to be free to have fun and be yourself, go on a bounce-bed date!

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You hate to sit down, eat, talk, and watch movies, so who says the date is going to be dressed up? Do you want to be comfortable in your clothes and straggly to be yourself? If you're dismissive of the dating pattern defined by the world, go on a different bounce-bed date! You can sleep in the afternoon, and play and dress comfortably, go to a few station MRT to jump Bed Park to flip themselves, see each other the most true, the most hard, the most ugly smiley face, what more than free to do their own more carefree, a person all love you really look happier? (Recommended reading: do your best to talk about a love that does not need to please others!) )

If you want to go on a bounce-bed date, I recommend you |flip out flipping the bed

Address | No. 45th, 59 Lane, two section, Zhongshan North Road, B2, Taipei, China
Telephone |02 2567 6768

If you want to go on a different date, who says the date is going to be a complete meal? Let's put on a sports outfit, exert the sweat to release the pressure; Who says that dating is about giving in to each other's liking? Let us develop the interests of two people together, the growth of the same time also shared a memory.

If you want, Why don ' t you just do it?