The name of the gifted girl Wen Yu, from the double effort from childhood, face life, the maiden Wen Yu remind us, when the world is dark, we should remember beginner's mind, strive to live in two!

"At this age, everything is light." But in the heart did not malicious once, where to see light? --Mrs. Tang, "Blood Goddess of Mercy"

Kwan-yin dyed blood, broken hands to stop the disaster, "blood Guanyin" inscribed the collusion of piety and ignorance, play everyone's secretly thinking, selfish calculation, the youngest child Tang really, in order to live beautifully, live full center, naïve have evil; young girl Millet witnessed a sexual assault, childhood became a tonal sound of the grand gala, "Carnival" in the dark side of the living world, Few people heard the small cry for help from sexually abused children, so the girl in a white, far away from the noisy place to stay, only secretly silenced, with scars back to the dark.

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The name of the gifted Maiden, from the 200 effort

November 25, 2017, after the Golden Horse, "Genius Girl Wen Yu" The name Loud, one night everyone knew this acting natural, can control the story of the soul of the girl, people said she in the "blood Guanyin" in the Tang really dark and mother-daughter scheming entanglements, Wen Yu's last film works, the "Carnival" Millet modulation of childhood and girls pure blood of the heart, straight to the audience, the dark and warm human nature, in her body all behaved so thoroughly, appropriate. (Recommended reading: I am good for you!) "Blood Guanyin": children, you want to achieve the desire and purpose, but also to be beautiful to survive.

How does a gifted girl develop? In addition to the 14-Year-old finalists for Golden Horse heroine, supporting actress achievements, Wen Yu began to learn drama, born in Taiwan, 4 years old with his parents settled in Beijing, childhood in the art class to hone their own, just at the beginning is also every day crying to escape, said the performance too bitter! With the support of parents, step by step, 2011 to participate in the new Silk Road Chinese children's model competition won the great Suzhou District champion and Best photo-taking award.

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The beginning of the foot-play, from a Yincuoyangcha, Wen Yu mentioned in a visit, himself to participate in various competitions to get the award, one day the newspaper about the interview, just that there is a film studio in the actor interview, may be the interview did not meet the satisfaction of the candidate, the Wen Yu called the past, tried her life first cry drama. It was her first contact with the script, and the first contact with the show, which coincided with her first play and began her dramatic journey.

2013, she from China's first children's road film "roller Coaster" actress, to the 2015 TV series "Silk Night," the role of the opportunity to wear temper, the act of grinding interest, also wear fame, acting began to show Wen Yu by the public affirmation, follow-up still have a lot of film and television works. (Recommended reading:"A GIRL" happy when heterogeneous!) Pei Douna: I want to be a better actress than to be a good woman .

The name of the gifted maiden is loud and strong, but the solid acting is genius, but it is also relying on double efforts.

Because we have seen the black hole, but also remember to try to live in two

"Blood Guanyin" stills

"Blood Guanyin" stills

With so much stress and a dark character, many people worry that Wen Yu's childhood will leave a shadow, but under the drama of the girl, still keep the girl's heart, work pressure of course, but in addition to tired, Wen Yu still have a 14-year-old girl's troubles, in the interview mentioned the biggest trouble or long fat problem, Want to eat a lot of food, but now in the publicity period, had to endure their own appetite; the Golden Horse ceremony on the award-winning joy hid, after the ceremony was asked to get the bonus to do what, the girl Wen Yu only answer: "will take to buy two girls will buy the camera." (Recommended reading: grow up to understand!) Small Meatball philosophy of life: to remain happy and foolish, the original is the most courageous thing )

Wen Yu at the Golden Horse Awards ceremony, the award for the best Supporting actress, has not come on stage to cry as tears son, while wiping the tears while taking lectures, to thank many people, but the most grateful to see her play, willing to believe her director: "Thank the Director to see my two." 」

Her speech did not have an overly ornate script, sentimental lines, as she always described herself, the girl's two in a full of sincerity, someone before you believe in yourself, more than you believe in yourself, someone in the colorful world, saw your stubborn and innocence, and the heart to protect it.

"Blood Guanyin" stills

There was an interview asking her, have you ever had a rebellious period from child stars to adolescence? You want to play with your personality and stop acting? Wen Yu's answer, childish in the insistence on their own:

"I think acting is my own business, even if treason can not rebel to my favorite things, or more rational treason." 」

Wen Yu

The girl said that she is two, the act is an overage of serious, when a person to understand their own heart, no matter how the generations change, how the society changes, holding the original intention and enthusiasm, go in a clear direction, where the children can be stable, any setback is the growth of temper.

It's warm along the coast, and you can get a good night's sleep even when you're homeless. --Millet, "carnival"

Like Wen Yu used to play the girl millet, in the "carnival" said the lines, the world cold, when you meet a gentle warm cotton place to live, even if you have seen a black hole, I think we can always retain the two of the ego, stubbornly with their own belief in the value of living, in the glitz, can also be good, Soft cotton to sleep a good night's sleep.