The following four themes will definitely arouse public interest: crime, romance, money, and food.The crime is intripable, love is unforgetable, money is the pursuit of money, and food is what everyone needs.However, the present food is not just enough to get people to eat. It seems that you can have a little bit more flavor, and you can be very creative, very creative.

SpongeBob sandwiches, with a simple white earth department, healthy cheese, protein, and seafood fry, and let lunch be full of children's interests.

A piece of biscuits can also be different.The food industry has a saying, " It's really hard to do the real dessert." It's a great variety of fire, temperature, sweetness, simple biscuits, and a nut. It's a natural look at the styling of the hedgehog, and it makes people smile.

A whirlwind of angry birds in the world can also become a coffee flower!? It seems like angry birds. But when they drink this coffee, they can't help but laugh out their phones and continue to play the angry bird!

The banana cake is a very big deal for many girls, but also a banana cake.

cake is dessert for all girls to make a sigh of" How so cute ".And this series of shoes, cupcakes, I'm afraid, will make a lot of girls scream!The leopard, the peach, the various high-heeled shoes, so you can have it once, and the dessert can be very fashionable.

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