Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Dear, may I have given you the love, is enough to support you, goes to a farther and better future.

After the breakup, I often do a person running dream.

That mountain desolate, is we eventually did not go into the snow country, that smoky, is you exhale the heavy nasal polyps, that memories of hot people, is your fundus reflection of my universe, that the road is long, I was trapped in our world, not escape, also do not want to run.

Often I wake up from the dream, stolen a sweat, secretly panting, glad to regret their return to reality. Reality without you, memories of my life imprisonment, I am willing to serve time, the heart and the rest of the sweet. Break up people always want to self abuse, at least the pain is conscious, always better than indifferent, silent. (Recommended reading:"single diary" After You go, I'm going through the day )

Break up the most unbearable, probably is to love a person so long, but to let Watanabe like eligibility. Is the love, but will eventually become agreeable strangers.

From then on, I used to write a prayer for the lost love, not to be gorgeous, but to be heartfelt. We have been so true to love, but also to treasure the great place to see, finish.

Dear You,

This is the last time to call you darling. I still can not be abusive to you, I wish myself, exhausted all the strength, give you my sincere blessing, this is the last gift I can give you.

I wish you good health, less white hair, you have always been easy to annoy the personality, I would like you to forgive yourself in due course, can put down, can say to yourself, I have been very good.

I wish you peace and security, always good, good is not easy to choose, adhere to the principle of the same hard, and you have been doing very well, I would like you to take all you believe, to all the distance you wish.

I wish you are not afraid to dream, the heart is arrogant, you are always worried that you have lost the pragmatic, I wish I can send you a pair of wings, the future road, you can take their own soaring.

I hope you believe in love, entrust yourself, 100%, like never been hurt, like never regret, if you can, I would like you to forget me, and then believe a love.

I wish your heart to have, not flurried, heart once have a place of residence, go to where also not alone wandering. I would like someone to accompany you, as I have been able to.

I wish we loved each other, more cherish the time to meet love, I would like to die of love, can forgive failed to complete it, I would like our future if met, can give each other a blessing.

Finally, I hope you can live a better life after you leave me. Do not criticize yourself, do not force yourself, I wish I have given you love, enough to support you, to further the future, do the most natural you, have the most beautiful encounter. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" Love Is like Sanmao, love a person is free )

I hope you will not regret, we have been so in love.

"May you always be healthy, and you will always know how to fly.
May you really love someone who is somebody
And who knows where warmth comes from

I'm so strong wish I was always good
May I really fall in love with someone who is somebody
It's the haste that's in the heart

May the love that is gone will forgive us.