Korea Entertainment Circle Well-known kith, a kind of friendship called IU and Liu Yinna, in this world met a similar soul, floating heart, there are places to warm dwelling.

In the process of growing up, you always feel that you are separated from the world by a layer of transparent paper, the inner cry No one understand, you are trapped in a lonely universe drifting, I have a meteorite rub body, hurt you, but you still believe: the vast universe, with my general fellow travellers, in the loneliness of the fans, wandering in life, only to meet us, This drift has a meaning.

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IU's cosmic drift in the face of Liu Yinna after the end, the two of them age difference 11 years old, can not prevent their age never stop the feelings of their acquaintance.

2010, they starred in a variety show "Heroes" acquaintance, Liu Yinna once in an interview so mentioned iu:"I think a lot of, mostly more abstract, but IU can understand accept. Can we say that we are people with similar souls? We always talk a lot when we are together, and I don't know when we start to feel that there is no age difference, the soul is interlinked. She really is my soul mate. "Like a whale 52 hertz continuously transmits the loneliness frequency, looks forward to the day to get the response, IU and Liu Yinna read each other's Morse password, the point knocks, the dialogue back and forth in the process, all because each other more understood oneself."

For IU, Liu Yinna to her meaning is similar to family intimacy, IU was sealed as South Korean "national sister", superb singing and refined face so that she was only 25 years old and famous, IU's character forthright and cheerful, reflected in her share of daily intravenous drip, the pressure of her hand with the sticky clatter of the snot toys, pinch to press, Became a love, mood also with the good half. But the man who is cheerful, also has the weak soft rib, iu young, the most intimate family scattered throughout life, IU, grandma and brother from the relatives of the small room, rely on the grandmother to sell jewelry to maintain the family, and biological parents also rarely meet, talk, IU said, when she felt lonely, Will comfort oneself still have grandmother this prop. (Recommended reading:"A GIRL" IU Li Chin: Hate Me is your freedom, do yourself is my right )

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From childhood to family longing IU in Liu Yinna found to be loved, be cared about the sense of belonging, there is a SuperJunior member of the Eunhyuk and the intimate photo, although IU then deleted the photo, still a lot of fan screenshot transfer, this time the picture of the storm caused a gossip, after the incident, IU The first thing to thank on the show was Liu Yinna: "That day, Liu Yinna came to me." Keep the stuff for me to eat, and kept talking beside me. Like a fool, thank her very much, and feel very sorry. "A kind of friend is like this, you know if one day you decadent down, he will catch you tightly behind, you cry, he will accompany to wipe the nose, you gas, he is more angry than anyone, your joy and anger he and you sympathize with a sense of empathy, full of care completed considerate behavior, the heart of your broken hole, warm up.

Not only when each other needs their own time to come to accompany, those who separate two places, their busy days, Liu Yinna and IU also put each other on the heart. The report mentioned that Liu Yin in the filming, IU will specifically invite a luxury coffee car to cheer her up, the coffee car printed with IU's head and the full IU to her pep talk. After IU filming, Liu Yinna sent a bigger food to help the car past, this is the way they express the friendship, warm bring point does not make sense, but is to each other hundred treasure. (Recommended reading:"Miss You" is not a lover limit!) To our sticky and not greasy distance friendship )

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Is there a person who understands your soul and makes you want to be a better person?

IU used to describe Liu Yinna: "She is one of the people I know in the world, the most popular people, and even often make me want to be that kind of person." Liu Yinna said that IU has the power to impress themselves: "iu's sincerity and persuasion, always let people will give up the things to pick up, to start again. IU gave me encouragement like hypnosis, giving me great strength. 」

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A kind of friendship is not you without me, for IU and Liu Yinna, they found a similar soul in the vast universe: you have a similar temperament with me, eccentric insist on the world's good intentions, a head of the struggle, with not easy and frustration compromise perseverance, is too understanding each other, so more cherish, and cherish each other's difficulties, Cherish the tireless efforts behind the bright.

Do you have such people around you, let you know, the original life on the road, we are not alone, there is always a you, understand my sadness, can solve my secret words, and a lifetime of gentle response.