Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. We loved, later did not love, you became the specimen of my heart, and I was again you mention already is the name with surname.

Do not know how many people have listened to Sherry's "even name with surname", can not help and the ex-lover contact, send out the message, get through the phone, or remote and safe, look at his face book, just want to confirm his unscarred, so he could drill back to the world of nothing.

Best of all, you mustn't live too well, and never be too bad. If the predecessor is too good, will not be reconciled, is not together in those years wasted us, if the predecessor too bad, will worry about whether he hurt his core.

The heard of all heard, this circle is not big, contact also has no map, that is, Miss a little guilty of cheap, that sentence "How do you look like a specimen, Pestle in my heart "good toss Ah, sing so light, can point to wake up to love people, we have bruises, not rubbing open, so the first few people, are easy to feel pain, do not blame them, and they actually have no relationship."

Love a sick person very hard, I always slightly apologetic in my heart to those who love me to say.

Love you like a big disease, the return of the calendar, obviously has been restored, but keep the prescription, feel that their body has deep roots, immortality is the patient, dust, such as memories of invasion, through familiar scenes, worried about their recurrence.

I know, of course, to contact an ex-lover is probably the most futile thing in the world, is the last blow to the chronically ill people, no purpose, pure is a kind of willful, people are not always suicidal way of the deep-rooted evil? I was so determined, don't call you, can't call you, don't have to call you. (Recommended reading:"single diary" If Love is a big disease, let us love very ill )

The day that cannot contact you depends on imagination. Imagine you are building a new life, like a baby toddler to walk on the opposite path; imagine you re a lover, combing the past has been singled out the bad temper; imagine you hear that song, will think You have loved me deeply, imagine I also slowly better, can laugh at the was at of the expression of lovelorn; Imagine I can go to love again, I am not ashamed to return their love of my mood, imagine I occasionally miss you, has begun to feel the clouds light wind.

Imagine not breaking the law, away from the real safe distance, is the adult love of the rules of war, the late Night cry red tears, left to each sherry.

You mentioned it, it's a name with a name.
Lied about friendship, but alienated.
How many people love me can't let You down
It's an open secret, and you're the only one who left me.

No more scheming.
I just don't lose my nerve.
I'm in love and I'm going to wait for you
Is the last tacit understanding
If we miss again, don't look back.