Harvey Weenstein, the storm of sex!The artist and actress, Sharma ·, wrote in the New York Times and publicly harassed her own sexual harassment.

Feree Dacara once said, "I don't draw dreams or nightmares, and I draw on my own reality."Is it because the reality is more brutal than the nightmares?In Hollywood, it is.

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A Mexican ·, Salma Hayek, who has been portraying a corner of Leverick in the New York Times the , said: "Harvey Weenstein is also my devil."" The demons of the human form.

The Oscar won six nominations and two awards, and it was not known that the production process was the most unimaginable memory of Sharma · Hayek, who was the first to win the award.At that time, she had a sense of mission to tell the story of Mexico, handing over the copyright to Miramax, handing over to the Weenstein Empire, and rewarding her unending sexual invitation with deliberate and undiminished sex.Weenstein abused his power as a threat, violated its will, wanted her body, devalued her ability, and made her know — — not enough, not enough, and that the only weapon that was possessed is sexy, and that the eroic is to please me.(Recommended reading: Sexual Harassment of Abuse in Hollywood: The Murderer doesn't have more than one Vernstein )

Sharma · Heyeck,

"What I didn't think of was that I would later say" no " to him.
he knocked on his door at any time at night, he would suddenly appear in a hotel, a personal place, and even a film where he didn't even participate.
Say no to him with him.Yes, let him take a look at me.
Yes, allow him to give me a massage.The
gave me a massage to a friend who allowed him to be naked.
Yes, allow him to say no to me.
Yes, let me take off my clothes with another woman.
No, no, no, no, no,
. " Every time he refused, he was angry at his Makivilishly.
I think he doesn't have anything more hated than the word "no"."

A woman who is devalued: "If I'm not satisfied with his sexuality, he will not let me finish my film."

You know, you know, the only place you have value is sexy, " he said.You don't sell sexy, this movie is not attractive, and nobody wants to see you play Frida."

Weenstein offered an exchange of conditions, only that Hayek agreed to make love to another woman in the film, and that he was willing to continue filming < ">.""I know what he said was true, and if I wasn't satisfied with his sexuality, he wouldn't let me finish the movie.""I don't know," he said.

Weenstein has the power, the resources, the position, and the ability to make films alone, and to be selfish.In that scene, Hayek had a nervous breakdown and his body trembling, and she was crying and vomiting at the set, and she swallowed the tranquilizer, and then she finished filming the scene.Not because it had to be naked, but because it was completely fulfilled by Vernstein's desire to watch, and the movie that had nothing to do with the plot determines whether the film can be successfully filmed.(Recommended reading: From chili to Reaja · Sardu!)Women Stars: Weenstein and Hollywood Power Rape us )

Sharma · Hayek, with the thought of the story of the motherland, met the tycoon who told the story, and the tycoon gave it to her, with only a full character.What are the hidden rules?Sex is the logic of everything. If a woman has something to say, he wants to exchange it with her body.Heyecker says, " Why are these women artists who want to tell their stories and have to face a battle?Why do we all go all out to defend our dignity?"

"In my opinion, our women have been undervalued, placed in the lower stream, low to the film industry, not willing to figure out what women are thinking about, and are not willing to find the type of story we want to see.""

But what is the truth?In 2017, the film "Superman Superman" under the heroism of heroism is the box office box office box office. The box office box office is the first one on the box office, and many people have finally made a movie of the female body.This film has never been popular, but the film industry has deliberately chosen to view the angle of view, so that women become the same as those of a male story.

Women's voices are not popular, from #METOO to #itmatters

We have to ask, why is it that women are treated as companions or decorations?Just as Hayek asked, why do women want to tell their stories and have to "fight" rather than "natural"?

Heyek is a powerful voice in the #METOO wave.#METOO supports a long lack of public space, scrolling women's kinetic energy, and why is the #METOO movement widely reported and resonated?For too long, women's voices are not popular.

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According to research data, in 2007 to 2016, fewer than 4 % of women directors in Hollywood, 80 % of them, had only a chance to complete a piece of work 11 years after the survey was conducted.Another survey conducted in 2016 found that only 27 % of the most sold movies come from women's mouths.

's voices are not popular because they challenge the normal order of the masculine society. Women's voices are not popular because they refuse to participate in the rules of the game, which are custom-made by the patriarchal system, and are unwilling to cooperate with and tolerate the environment of sexual threats and violence. Women are less popular than women, although women make up half of the world's population.

When women talk about their subjects, one of the most common types of suppression is that she does not have the same care and respect as society.Some people will easily comment, "Must you be too sensitive?""It's too big a big deal."Only because he has not had the same experience.One of the most recent examples is the story of Matt Damon commenting on the Vernstein incident. He mentioned that sexual harassment has its own spectrum. The human butt is different from that of children. One is to make people feel disgusting and one is a complete crime.It is good to have a female voice, but it is too much to be a perfect one."

People are imperfect, and the next sentence is that women have to be more tolerant.And, as Woody Allen said, " Is that a man who would have to ask a lawyer to be free from the defendants when she was flirting with women in the future?Will we fall into the politically correct trap?I often wonder why we reviewed the relationship between the relationship of the "male center", but was finally able to talk about women who were not comfortable and who didn't like it.

Women are not easy to wait for the microphone, and it is not easy to say the subject, and they are silenced again, politically, in the workplace, even more so in society.

What can we do?Starting from the #METOO movement, we look forward to the fact that women's voices are not welcome as a result of the spread of the microphones of another community, and that women's voices are not welcome as facts, and that one day, women do not need to fight anymore, they no longer need to be explained, they do not need dialectical, but a daily routine.(Recommended reading: #itmatters: Gender is a group of people, no one is a bystander )

How can you break the current single think and view perspective?In the next step, we invite more people to take on the path of gender equality — not only with women's experience, but also by calling for more people to share their own gender experience.All of the discomfort that comes from gender should not be silenced, and should not be taken for granted, and should be treated as a matter of serious nature.It matters. It really does.

Tell us about your gender story, tell us what it is, your discomfort, and make your uncomfortable experience visible.To invite you to use #itmatters to tell you how sex is important to you and gender discussion is never a trivial matter, and it should be looked at.

Global Gender Influence Awards , gender is daily, and each of your participation is important.#itmatters