I believe that we have all the experience of dyeing hair, but I do not know how much hair dyes have been used for dyeing hair every time.Basically, the common dyes in the market can be classified as permanent dyes and acid dyes:

permanent dyes are dyed with chemical principle, firstly, the basic components of the dye are expanded to open up the scales, and the melanin pigment in the shallow natural dark hair can show the colour of the internal cortical layer of the hair filament, and the hair dyes can be kept for 2-3 months according to the colour, deep and light and hair.In addition, the selectivity of permanent dyed hair dyes is much more free to change hair color.Nowadays, the DIY dye sold in the popular market is bubble dyeing, which is also a kind of permanent dyed dyed. The principle is to increase the contact area by using the interface active agent and improve the convenience of self-operation.In order to improve the success rate, the properties of the bubble are much stronger, and so is the ability to bite the color. Long-term use is easy to damage the quality of hair, and the difficulty of changing color is also caused

hair dyes, which can be dyed with hair and hair, can be easily dyed. The color of the hair is not easy to change, and the color scales of the hair dyed on each other.

The permanent dyes are color-effective, and the color changes are richer

most of the hair dyes are permanently dyed, the dye contains an alkaline component, which is a mild one, but the disadvantage is that the dye is a mild one.

Higher content of dye with less harmful hair quality (AVEDA)

Hair-dyeing service in ENTRY 5, using AVEDA's FSD (Full Spectrum Deep) for pure colour permanent dyes, 93 % pure flower plant extraction, and highest in the industry.In addition to reducing the sensitivity of the scalp, the organic lavender essential oil can naturally emit light after the hair dyeing process is dispersed, and the green tea can naturally emit light, and it does not contain p-phenylenediamine (PPD).

process of dyeing hair, the designer first uses isolated nourishing oil to coat and protect the scalp, avoid direct contact of the paste, and the long hair is processed to be easily damaged, and the best of the recipes is to be the first layer of the bottom, so that the sunflower protein and the Tamaro grease are protected and the hair is strong.After thorough discussion, according to the needs of each guest, the color is adjusted according to the requirements of each customer, and the color of each section is different, and the prescription will be adjusted. The time difference of the prescription is not only consistent with color and color, but also reduces the damage to the tail of the hair.The hair shampoo is cleaned with the neutral and weak acid, and the colour-protecting pH value is used to eliminate the residual alkali and neutralize, and the hair-protecting sheet can be used to eliminate the colour effect of the lock colour.The winter tree and cinnamon peel oil in the color-protecting series products are natural light-shielding agents, while the Huahua bean can be locked and lustrous.

Use a coloring scheme to maintain color age and repair of hair dyes (AVEDA)

After reading the introduction of the hair dye, it is hoped that readers will have basic knowledge of hair dyeing when choosing their hair dyes next time. They can also choose the most professional service to change their own hair and have a bright and healthy hair, and distribute the most confident glaucoma of the new life.

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