\fnCronos -Will you be the one who's in there?

The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, went to Oz to find his lost mind, his heart, and his courage, and finally found out that these qualities were in their possession.

Is your body also something that you have overlooked?Come on, you're the one in the Wizard of Oz, find your potential charm!

Q: You are now walking on a single bridge in the forest. Suddenly, something like yours is falling in the water. What do you think is falling into the water?

A. Mobile phone

B. Shoes

C. Keys

D. Wallet

E. Swiss Knife

F. Mirrors

you ready?Let's take a look at the results

If you choose A, you are:

Dorothy (Dorothy

You are an optimist, with a positive thinking in life, believing that there is always a good thing to be in life, because the kindness of the heart, despite being wronged, is still tolerant of people.But in the long run, you have a conflict of heart, too much to forgive others and to ask yourself to become more and less convinced of yourself and lose confidence.Honey, let's just sit down and praise yourself.Don't forget, you have the persistence of unimmortality and the patient's patience. Please enjoy the beautiful process with a perfect starting point!

> > Bravely forward to the

If you select B, you are:

Toto (Toto)

You have a unique style between your hands and your hands, and your life is as good as your people.You actually have a personal style, and people who like you will admire you unconditionally, and people who hate you may have a deep prejudice against you.While many of the opposite sex feel fascination with you, people who hate you make you reluctant to make a real sense of yourself.In fact, if you like yourself, others will like you more.Be brave and show the charming character of yourself!

> > Brave yourself the most charming

If you choose C, you are:


There are inherent self-confidence in your modest, quiet appearance, and you are confident that confidence is built on your own ability, not to be accomplished by an expansive self.Sometimes it's too subjective, and a strong sense of self-awareness is easy to get you into a horns, and you might as well sit down and listen to the sound of your surroundings.You like smart people, and once you meet someone who likes it, you're going to love it with your most sincere heart, and love gives you a sense of pride and self-pride.You're so clumsy about falling in love!

> > Silly

If you choose D, you are:


You have a strong sense of life and a sense of human being, and you can see the soul of the person you are experiencing.You have the courage to love, and you enjoy being loved.But often because too much of a situation that is so paranoinable about something or someone's love, it is easy to lose and fall out of the valley once the situation is less than what it wants.{\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000!

> > Your love makes him happy

If you select E:


You have a strong autonomy and you like to follow your own unique steps and principles.You have a high efficiency, and you have the courage to innovate, and you can always give your eyes to the end of the line before the end of the line.You are a very capable and courageous person, but sometimes it is also contradictory because it is overly cautious about its own strict requirements, and has forgotten its own bold character.Brave, bring you back your most original touch.

> > Take note of your bravery

If you choose F, you are:

(Wizard of Oz)

You, who have the charismatic leadership, always have an influential leadership role in the team.But people's reliance on you and your demands often makes you overly pursuing perfection and putting yourself in a lot of invisible pressure.In fact, on the road to success, appropriate rest and relaxation is necessary. Learn to put off the excess pressure first. When you are tired, don't forget to treat yourself well.

> > Easily perceive the

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