Today, opening the TV, in the London Olympics, seems to be a beautiful picture of women's athletes everywhere.But in fact, this year's London Olympics are of extraordinary significance, and two important breakthroughs have made the Olympic Games a great milestone for women to participate in the Olympics!

Breakthrough One: Women's Glamorous Olympics!First include all large items [1]

of the opening of the women's boxing program for the first time, this year it will be able to witness the beauty and beauty of women's athletes at all major dance platforms. It has finally achieved the ideal of competing for the various major items.

[Note 1] Under the rules of the International Olympic Committee, competition entries for the modern Olympic Games are largely divided into contests, sub-items, and small items, as set out in the Olympic Charter.

Breakthrough Two: First Open!All participating countries will be visible to

, Brunei and Saudi Arabia, which have historically restricted women's participation in the movement, finally agreed to send their female athletes to compete in the first round of Olympic Games.

Open women's boxing program at the 30th Olympics in 2012, achieving the ideal of women's participation in all the first projects.

is about to represent Saudi Arabia in the 800 meter race.
This is a great glory, and I hope it will make women more involved in the Olympics, " said Sarah Attar."

- by Lun

In addition, this year's London Olympics is expected to be the largest number of female athletes in Olympic history!As countries release the list of Olympic delegations, they are seen as the most competitive United States, Russia, and three countries in the Olympic Games. They have one thing in common: the number of female athletes is higher than that of men.Looking at the history of the Olympic Games, it is not hard to find that the participation rate of female athletes has increased year by year. We can also expect that this year, the ratio of male and female athletes can be even closer to parity.

The proportion of female athletes in the Olympic Games

Although the participation of female athletes in the Olympic Games has been greatly enhanced, it does not mean that equal participation of both sexes in sports activities has been fully realized.From the perspective of the world, because of factors such as religion, culture, and so on, the female sports population is still far less than that of men.The media often focus on their appearance, their physior and even the emotional life outside the field, while neglecting their athletic talent.To really achieve equality between men and women in the stadium, there are still many routes to go.

But there is no doubt that the recent events in the media are competing to report the high-profile female athletes in the Olympics. This year's London Olympics will be the first time that a woman will shine a light in the stadium!The new rhythms of women and sports are influencing the pulse of the world's pulse.The female athletes' passion, courage and perseverance have also given women the beauty of their beauty, and the women's theme of the Olympic Games has once again become a new focus for the Olympic Games.

Female elegance, leading the world

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