In recent years there has been an increasing number of actions to liberate women's bodies, liberate nipples, vaginas, love, and also try to liberate your armpits!Define your own beauty with a free and healthy attitude.

Have you ever thought, why do women need to shave their armpits?And when do we take it for granted when we shave?womany specifically keeps track of the history of armpits, about women, about beauty, about how we have become today's women.

Every woman has an experience: a sleeveless summer, a sleeveless dress or a bikini, to show a lovely and attractive vitality!But if you lift your hands up, the hairs under the armpits don't get rid of it, and even there are still some residual black heads, and they will feel embarrassed and unconfident.

But you know what?In the past, the armpits had been considered to be so sexy!(Recommended reading: Women, more beautiful than imagined

Li An once said, " The armpit is very sexy, and it's real and natural.Tang Wei-wei, in the "The Lord of the Rings", and the intense armpit of Liang Chao-wei's passion play, caused a stir, and caused a stir of heated discussions.

Tang was given eight months of armpit for the "Caution", and the "Shanghai Women" in the 1920s did shave their armpits. In fact, in the history of mankind, no matter how Western and Western, women's arms under the arms of women are a kind of beauty, a kind of wild nature, and give people a mysterious and unimaginable dream of being a woman's sex-sexual weapon.(Recommended reading: The Decade's Dream of the Cinema, 13 Lee On-Works reviews

But when?We started to think, and even believe that women were to shave in order to be beautiful, clean, clean enough to be self-confident?

Women, starting with an advertisement

Advertiements emphasize that removing the hairs from the hairs is a way to remove the "offensive" hairs from the senior female.

In 1915, Gillette introduced a woman dedicated to a woman who published an advertisement in the May issue of Harper ’ Bazaar: The woman in the advertisement wore the most popular sleeveless evening gown, exposing the smooth shoulders and unbridred armpits, not only to shake the values of the fashion world and society, but also to change women's armpits!

The ad outlines the ideal beauty of a beautiful woman, and designs a set of literary propaganda attempts to convince women:

  1. The presence of the armpits is unsanitary: if a woman has armpits, it is unclean.
  2. The underarm of a woman should not be owned: if a woman has armpits, it is not a beautiful woman

"Taste of hate is from the armpits": the reason for removing the hair is also the simplest way to remove the peculiar smell.

the United States, the beauty of the armpit was 180 degrees, and women began to move their arms and feet, and as the media continued to influence and influence the media, the image of a woman without armpits had a beautiful image of beauty and became the mainstream beauty of today.(Recommended reading: Who has become thin?)

When a female star is found not to shave in front of the screen, it will be the focus of the media and the audience.For example, Julia Roberts, Bien's armpits often become the subject of media coverage.When you look at the past, you find that beauty is actually a concept of dynamic change.(Recommended reading: Beyuns not only singing, replacing the human rights voice

There are many stories in the underarm space of small children.Simonpova once said that "women learn from the day after tomorrow.""I want every woman to have a self-awareness and to learn to define her own beauty."

You don't have to leave armpits to challenge the world's mainstream values, but womany wants you to know, in fact, that in the near future, the armpits are also sexy.