Is everyone going to Womany Only: Victim Pop-up shop to see the new design flash drive?

At the opening tea meeting of 7/18, the womany Eye found the Vogue Tribe ( Please click me ), and the presence of Japanese fashion master KiNG !With no opportunity, womany immediately reached out to two fashion target figures conforming to the fast "quick questions" of the flash drive!

Q1. As a fashion tribal visitor, what is the fashion view?What kind of attitude should fashion be?

I think fashion is a way of life.Fashion not only refers to clothing and tastes, but fashion should be implemented in all directions in order to be fashionable.

Q2. Pop-up shop is a pretty new concept in Taiwan, and what is the spirit of Pop-up Shop?Cui himself also had a store. Did he ever think about using the form of Pop-up shop?

Pop-up shop is a brand new thing or a quick parallel input of concepts, and everything is fresh, and it's direct.I very much like the Pop-up concept. Although I have not thought of it at the moment, we have in our store been trying to bring new things or new designs into the Taiwan area.

Q3. Do you like the clothes of Victor?What is Liu Mei-hui's unique style?

I love my clothes very much, because I've always loved the Vintage (antiques).The works of Victor Liu Mei-hui, a designer of Victor's, are very characteristic. They are all about antique clothes, lace, and modern design, and they are used to make fashion colors.The spirit of this kind of antique clothes is very fashionable and environmentally friendly.

Q4. What is the impact of introducing Pop-up shop on the Taiwan Fashion Circle?

The concept of Pop-up shop has just been mentioned, in fact, the new design concept and the large number of parallel inputs to create a new impact on the fashion circle.Fashion circles are fast and fast, and the introduction of the concept of a flash shop is very good for Taiwan.Pop-up shop is able to introduce the new design to more people in a form of broadcast.

Q5. and Womany's people and people who like Truman say a word!

Today, it is an honor to come to Pop-up shop, and I love the atmosphere here. Pop-up shop is coming to feel the charm.

Japan Fashion Design Master KiNG, unique design as Pop-up shop adds to the added landscape

Q1. Ask “ KiNG ” The name of the story?

As a matter of fact, it is time for the university to be known as Sasaki (SASAKING), which is called SasakING (SASAKING), leaving only KiNG left over for a long time to go.In fact, the name of the KiNG is also good because my own name (Sasaki) is so peaceful that it is very difficult for me to have a memory point in the international community. If I was a girl named KiNG, it would be very easy for me to draw attention to such a bad deviation.

Q2. What is the most favorite part of this show?

This time, DNA is the source of inspiration, the way in which DNA is arranged, and in a circular shape, the power that the eyes of the natural world do not see, and therefore, is moved and activated.I don't like it.In this commodity, I love the Lady Gaga, the big belt, and the big belt.

A large necklace with a hyper-eye-catching necklace, there are only two bars around the world: one by Lady Gaga, and one in pop-up shop

Because my university's undergraduate is a sculptural sculptural, at first it was a natural instinct that was designed to be sculptural, and so the work was quite large.These large ornaments, like the beginning of my study of art, are a very important part of my body, and they can think of me as the most primitive form of my own.After the time of creation, I began to slowly make small jewelry to develop my own potential.

Q3. May I ask you a chance to become a designer from a sculptor?

My university era specializes in sculpture, and since my friend happened to be in charge of a concert by Japanese singer Misia, this is the opportunity to design decorations related to the performance of the dance platform.After studying sculpture, she gradually realized that he had lost his passion for sculpture. After investing in jewelry, he discovered that design decorations were the best way to make them invest and to show their enthusiasm.I think it's a happy thing to enjoy a love affair, and it's a piece of jewelry designed to design this road.

Q4. What do you feel about this time the POP-UP Shop is limited to the flash drive?

There are a lot of visitors on the tour!I am honored to be invited.And Meihui is also a favorite designer of both the British and Japanese.This exhibition will be like the great designer of all the world gathered in the center of the United States, and the possibility of creating beauty together.

I love the concept of cooperation between Asians and the whole world. I hope this will be the end of this time. If we can start from Taiwan and gradually extend to the whole of Asia and the world, I will be happy to see this.Each country's designers can inspire each other, inspire each other's creativity, and combine the current and very popular street fashion trends, so that designers around the world are like a big family, showing each other's energy and creating a happy country of design.

Q5. Please speak to the readers of the womany!

The girls in Taiwan are all cute, especially when they are happy chatting at a gathering.The city of Taiwan has a very cool feeling, and there are many special buildings and streets, but Taiwan also has a very warm part of Taiwan, which is the connection between people.This is what Japan lacks, and now the Taiwan girls are already very good, please bravely do yourselves!

Pop-up shop!Any of these may happen here, and you may be experiencing a celebrity at any time!

Sneak, when the Red Watch Diary > special correspondent girl will also be 7/23 17:00 to 20:00, as a Pop-up shop owner of the day!

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