Is the time the child and husband have been slicing very fragmumped and not able to find time to move?In order to solve the problem of no movement, the Womany helped to solve the problem by three ways, hoping that it could become a healthy slender and a hot mother who envied it!

1. Take Family

Make a sport a good practice for your family to share it together!

If you want to move, you might as well bring the whole family together.It is a good start to take the children out of the house, and to take part in the jogging activities that have become popular in recent years is also a great way to go, so let's take the whole family out of the house and get a sun.

2. You can do exercises at

In fact, many sports can be done at home, such as making simple yoga or Pilatis, which is a good choice (but also the risk of being carefully moved from a simple start).In addition, doing housework can also be a good exercise, such as changing the way of drying clothes. As long as standing in front of the clothes hanger, the waist can be twisted by turning the clothes rack into the clothes rack, so that it can reach the effect of thin waist.

's look at the exercise that is suitable for home!

3. The sexy way to

There is actually a good way to slim down!Many sex experts have discovered that in addition to improving relationships with the other half, good sex will consume calories as well. So, take advantage of this opportunity to promote the emotions of both the husband and the husband, and burn the calories. kissing , undress, massage flirring , sex , and even dancing in the general love process, are burning heat, and if you want to know how much calories you consume in each sex-sensitive process, look at this article > > Sexuality of Calories

Cracking more excuses for moving

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