Perhaps it is not difficult for developed countries to give full resources to the Olympic athletes and train them to go abroad.However, for developing countries, when the government has limited capacity to provide athletes with financial difficulties, how can they break through adversity and compete for their own qualifications?Let's look at the Wonder-Olympic Games. Let's see how they have survived the hard times.

27-year-old Olympic athlete, Abdul Rashid Bangura, practice jumping rope in the national stadium and exercises physical strength.At the same time, the Sierra Leone national boxing team is actively raising money for the Olympic athletes. For them, it is very difficult for the national team to get into the Olympic competition in the event of poor economic conditions and the government's inability to fund them!

For a country that has long been ravaged by war, the Republic of Somalia, for example, brings hope to athletes and countries.The young Somali contestants continue to practice despite the sore and sore holes in the training.The four contestants, aged between 18 and 20, used six months of training to prepare for the Olympics, but life was not as simple as imagined, because the two women were forced to practice indoors due to the threat of the extremist Young Party.(So only male athletes are practicing in the picture!))

When the world is watching the advanced training ground for the London Olympics, some gold candidates have to compromise on training in relatively poor venues.A Mongolian boxing Olympic arm is in an old stadium, with children playing basketball and getting ready for practice.On one side, the children around him are hurled around and learn his actions, while the Mongolian boxer Tugstsogt Nyambayar has been working tirelessly to make preparations for Rangio, in a gymnasium where he has fallen off the boxing platform.

Do you know that some Olympic athletes are even trained in refugee camps?

19-year-old Gaza runner, Bahaa al-Farra, was trained in a sandy refugee camp, where he received three hours of training a day in the Gaza Strip, where he was trained in a dusty street and old seaside training grounds, which were donated by wealthy Gulf Arab states and Qatar.

See the training of these players before you know that under the bright and fresh field, there are many people who don't know the background of those who don't know.It turns out that if you want to go to the Olympics, you need not only people's physique, but also to persevere and brave souls, even if the environment is not good, and you dare to dream, and to fight for glory for the country!

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