Women's womany.net x odor library x September cafe

Love, ubiquitous

If we know how to love

Through stories, odors, and taro,

This time you can be closer to love,

The most beautiful scenery in this life.

The women's women's womany.net and the most fragrant smell library and September Cafe with a unique style, in this special month of love, are co-hosting “ to ” the ” senses of love ” and experience love ”!

This lecture specifically invites known Miss Love Watcher 2 , Food Melody Melody and Tarot Constellation Expert Zora shared with everyone about love, odour and tarro.

For two hours of activity, we'll fill your every second with a story that touches your heart, a unique flavor, and a beautiful and unforgetful fragrance.

Please take your five senses with us, and visit us in love!


[The Love Observer, Miss II]

Founder and CEO, Founder and CEO, who honestly faces the writing of my own.At the Yahoo fashion column, it is based on the women's fans, the ELLE love column, in the womenany.net.A book is available on the streets of London.It's good to be rational and emotional and embrace love in a time of heart or pain.

Believe in life is a journey, love is a way of life that you need to practice, stay in love, Stay with Stay!

[Food-and-art Melody]

Melody, a graduate of the University of Ologan, has a talent for talent, and has a unique insight into food, except for the talent.

For many years, there have been many different diets and experiences in eating, eating and culture, and because they love all kinds of food, they opened a dessert special cafe in the back, and the experience she had tried to make was a small export.

[Director of Life Service Zora]

The People's Intelligence Service, the founders of the Life and Intelligence Service, is the number of Talo and Life Spirit, combining spiritual growth and counseling, and hopes that every person's life can be better and more complete.

Tailor was consulted on the appointment of Benefit, aimer shine, and the Employment and Counselling Campus of the Child Care Association.It is now a media columnist for the women of womany.net and the United Daily News.


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