Do you know, first of all, Father's Day or Mother's Day?

Do you know that the origins of the Father's Day in Taiwan are closely related to the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression?

Father's Day on Tomorrow, womany organizes you exclusively for your parents' little knowledge to help you patch up on the eve of the Father's Day!

Knowledge Question and

Q: Which country celebrates the first parent festival?

A: The first country to begin celebrating Father's Day is the United States, and Mrs. Dodd, who has proposed the creation of a Father's Day, has a sense of sacrifice for his father's sacrifice.As a result, the father began to celebrate his own party, and in 1972 Nixon signed a document to mark the third week of June of each year as the father's day of the United States.

Q: Is there a Mother's Day first, or is there a parent festival first?

A: In 1911, Mother's
was declared a national holiday by the Mother's Day, which was formally launched in 1914, and the Father's Day was only officially started in 1910.So Mother's Day is not only a national holiday, it is also a national holiday, which is nearly 60 years earlier than the father's Day.

Q: When is the father's holiday in other countries?

A: This is the second most unusual day of worship in May, and most of the country's parents are in the third week of June, including the United States, Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, India, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Turkey and others.The parents of Norway, Sweden, and Finland will be on the second Sunday in November; Thailand's parents'festival is December 5; South Korea's parents' festival is May 8; Australia and New Zealand are the first Sunday in September.Countries are almost different, quite diverse!

Q: What is the origin of the Father's Day?

A: You know what?The origins of the Father's Day in Taiwan can be traced back to the times of the national government, which were closely related to the WarAt that time, the Japanese were fighting against Japanese aggression, and in order to inspire the countrymen to stabilize the military and resist the enemies of the outside world, the patriots of Shanghai launched the "Father's Day" to pursue their fathers who died in the battle.Because "88" sounds like a father, and the "parent" of the "eighty eight" can be obtained, it is chosen for August 8.

Q: What flowers are the parents' holidays?

A: You must know that Mother's Day is a carnation, and that's the Father's Day?Father's Day flowers are quarantines!Stonehenchland is just as good as the father's image of the family.And many years ago, some people advocated the use of a tall, big-burly African chrysanthemum as a paternal line. It is also very appropriate for the sun to symbolze the love of the sun and the sun.Unfortunately, the two parents' flowers are not as popular as carnation.Why don't you give your father a stone of stone this year? Thank you for your father's silence over the years.

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