How often do you have a good chat with your father and feel each other's breath in the same space?Ten movies let you recollen the warmth of your father's time with your father, and your father's backpack has a perseverance and perseverance.

The Father's Day is almost there, and you're going to spend the day with your dad ? My father's love for her children seems to be silent, but deep and warm. This year, speak out loud for your father, thank you !

Womany has selected 10 classic father-parent films for you to tell the story of your love for your father!

Geardweeping Edition

: The fetters of love, they break through all the difficulties

" I just want you, don't be my dad!"

A 30-year-old father, only 7-year-old Sam, was the first day of his father's father, and his wife left him, and the mentally handicapped Sam had no choice but to shoulder the heavy responsibility of raising her daughter Lucy.Even if it is hard for the parents to live a life of simple life, it is not until the social worker has broken the silence.Sam, who has been seen as not able to raise his daughter, how to break through the difficulties that he has faced in front of him, and fight for custody of his seven-year-old daughter?

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< You can't do without you >: The father is the most dynamic father to confuse

" If I can do it again, I will not let anyone take you away!"

adaptation of real social events in Taiwan, through a pragmatic approach, portrays humanity's most realistic parents, and also presents the true face of the underlying society in Taiwan.Kaohsiung's labor, Li Wu-hsiung, is dependent on his seven-year-old daughter. Although there is no luxury in the material, the two have a solid and warm heart.Until his daughter was enrolled in school, the father who did not have custody was willing to account for his daughter's account, and the police and the social bureau were involved. The conflict was imminent, and the father was willing to live with his daughter, and he would not hesitate to make bold moves.

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< Beautiful Life La vita è bella>: The most beautiful, touching, fatherhood with humorous tone

"We're here to play hide-and-to-be-cats, and Dad's going to go first, or we'll find it.""

story's background took place during World War II, under the control of fascist governments, with Quito, Dora and his son separated from the Jewish concentration camp, where his father and his son were locked up; and their mother was placed in another place.In a brutal concentration camp, fathers avoided the brutal persecution of their sons, and kept their sons happy and naive by … games with their sons. The story of the whole film, with the naive and humorous angle of the child, was a story of the Germans killing Jews. They made people laugh and cry, and succeeded in depicting the great affection of the great age of the great age.

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: With love, where is paradise

" If the world can't hold you, life will not be allowed to live. Then, my love for no interest is your eternal paradise …."

The film depicts an alternative father and son for a cancer father and autistic son.Wang Xincheng, who is about to leave the world, is the only son of autistic children who can't fit in.In the only remaining time, the Church has decided to learn how to dress, learn, and learn how to take care of themselves and to live independently. In the process, this has become even more intimate with the father and son, and also treasure every piece of time.

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: Lovers between love and pain

" Give Dad a chance to ..."

The deep connection between father and son is bound to reflect the most real suffering of life.The father of the film is grumpy, untargeted, and gamble, but deeply loves his wife and child.When his wife, Alien, was unable to endure the household chores, the father and son who had lost their mother's love, in search of a happy journey, struggled to overcome the most realistic weakness of human nature, and wrote a profound feeling of love and hate, and struggled to cut off.

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Happy Edition

When happiness comes to the door, Pursuit of Happyess>: The touching and father-son love of happiness.

" If you have a dream, you have to defend it.
You can't do those people who can't do it themselves. If you want to get what you want, try to do it!"

Based on the true story, a single dad, Chris, who has failed in the job, has been poor, homeless, homeless, and still has to shoulder the burden of raising her son.For his son's future, he was recheaing, knocking at the door, and finally he was finally a successful investment expert.In the process, he has the greatest motivation to bite his teeth. Apart from the baby, he always believes: "As long as we work hard today, happiness will come tomorrow (...)."

< Submarine mobilization Finding Nemo>: sweet, sweet journeys.

" No, Nemo, come back!The sea is dangerous!"

In the beautiful waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the lively clown fish Nemo is unfortunately caught by a diving person who specials in the fish in the fish tank, and is a member of the fish in the fish tank.Nimo had to face a strange and strange new friend, and had to worry about how to reunite with his father's father. On the other hand, his father was determined to try to find Nemo in a far more distant way than he could. Was he able to secure the smooth rescue of his father and his son?


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< Yangtze River Seven >: Happy and Moving, Warm Affinity.

" We are poor, but we don't fight, don't steal, don't rob.It's not our stuff, we won't take it.
If you want to study hard, you're going to be a useful person for the community."

A poor father, Zhou Tie, and son, Little Dietrichson, were killed. To give their son a better life, Zhou Tie would not hesitate to make money to pay high school fees for his son to go to the star school.One day, a poor and poor father brought back the plastic balls that were found in the garbage heap. He didn't realize that the ball was a lovely exotic creature.

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< Wang Card Liar Liar Liar>: Struggling to Comedy and Lies between Honest and Lies.

' I'm so stupid, you've been around me all the time, I don't know how to treasure you, I love you, I love you,
You don't go, stay, I won't lie to you anymore."

the case of Fletcher, a smart and talented lawyer, lying is like a usual meal, and even his five-year-old son, Max, has a lot to learn about his lies.Even so, whenever Max meets with his father, he makes a lie and makes a lie, and he will still be sad.On Max's birthday, Fletcher failed again to attend his birthday party, and disappointed Max Hsu, who was disappointed that his father could one day not lie, a series of magical things happened.Fletcher, who loves to lie, was plunged into unprecedented chaos, and finally, he finally came to his senses and won home, family, and trust.

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< NewJersey loves not sleep, Jersey Girl>: sweet spark of love and love

" I am willing to do anything for us, because it is a favorite."

Superman O ' Leo originally had a life that seemed to be perfect. Who was expected to be born at the birth of her precious daughter, Gatchus, who lost his fortune and lost his fortune when she died, lost his job.In this seemingly mundane world, he met with a charming woman, Maya, who helped her daughter Maya and her daughter to encourage her to open up dust and open up dust.

Warm :

After watching so many movies suitable for Father's Day, what are you waiting for? Tonight we will share a warm parent-child theater with your father!