A lot of people think that they are in the way of their fingernails, and they can't do anything!But this year's London Olympics, where national players are not only focused on the results of the competition, costumes darn harder , now even their fingernails are highly learned!The nails of beauty and beauty can also win gold medals!

womany made you a beautiful woman's fingernail and painted on a beautiful woman's fingernails, and at the same time when you were shouting loudly, you also saw the excellent fashion details of the Olympic Games!

PUNK English

As the representative of the Olympic host, what kind of visual feast will the American team bring to us?

British Woman archer Naomi Folkard's fingernail is full of English, and the British people are crazy about it.

British Woman archer Amy Oliver blending the English flag with the Olympic rings and making them look unturned!

With the national flag, Rebecca Adlington, the British swimmer, successfully seized the cards.


Report the anchor, now the American battle field is transferred to the Americas!What kind of surprising fingernails can be found in the battle for the Queen's War of Tensions?

U.S. athlete Caroline Queen's fingernails will be able to see the sign of the American flag.

The fingernail of the American Volleyball player, Destinee Hooker, incocably fused the United States' British flag and the Olympic pentagon,
more eye-opening on the healthy black skin.

American swimmer Missy Franklin, even in the water.

The fingernails of Venus Williams, selected by the American Tennis Association, chose to use the basic colors of the American flag as the color of the colors.
Who can be unobcant with the blue eye of the eye?

A picture of American-American player Susie Scanlan with a mask full of American nails painted with a pair of American nails.
it full of blood?

For the good luck of winning gold for yourself, Brazilian gymnast Lynne Hutchison directly painted the Kimble nails.

Mexican weightlifter Luz Mercedes, in the finger of the Mexican national flag, where did you find out?


This time, it's a pity that only the Japanese representative appeared in the Asian war zone.I really want to see the national flag of Taiwan appearing on the nails of the representatives of Taiwan!

Japanese badminton player Tada Jill selected the colors of colors, full of vitality


Are you ready to add a bit of European flavor to the Olympic Games, and add a foreign feeling to the Olympics for the Olympics?

Denmark "Tennis sweetheart" Caroline Wozniacki drew the Danish flag on a small finger, prayed for good luck

Don't know the colors of Lithuania's national flag?Let the superyoung Lithuanian 15-year-old swimmer tell you the nails of Ruta Meilutyte!

There is only one finger, not enough!German tennis players are all German flags on the 10 fingers of the Angelique Kerber!

Hungarian athlete Suzana Jacobs combines the water color with the Olympic rings, instantly capturing the eyes of all photographers!

Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte Garc í a; Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki; French swimmer Margaux Farrell, let you experience three European fliers at a time!

The Olympic champion of the Olympic Games, womany decided to award Stefania Pirozzi to an Italian swimmer!Stefania Pirozzi's American champion will be a real winner! Stefania Pirozzi's American champion will be able to compete successfully without being affected by the length of her fingernails.

are the American Champion

Look at this beautiful Olympic style of the Olympics. Have you moved your mind? Womany has found a quick and simple color-drawing teaching, so that you can keep up with the fashion trend of the London Olympics first!

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Text: womany editorial/Zou Chi Fallen Zou

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