Do you know that August 13 is the International Left-Lefty Day?

International Lefty Day was set up by the left-handed international organization of the United States. The purpose was to remind people of the inconvenience that left-handed in their lives, and hoped to promote the society's attention to the rights of the left hand.Every year, in addition to the United States celebrations, there will be a grand celebration in every British city, including demonstrations, performances, setting up "left-handed-space", and left-handed works of art, etc., to give the holiday more attention to the festival.

Although Taiwan is not celebrating its left-handed habit, on August 13, the womany also organized eight small left-handed problems in their daily lives. Let's experience the left-handed-aside day.

My scissors is very

of lefty Right-handed scissors

I believe that left-handed people have this experience. Whether it is a small child class or a simple paper-cut action in daily life, if you don't have left-left scissors, you have to hurt your hands!

dirty each

Words are eaten by hand

Even though the right hand skimmers are printed on the outside of the palm, the left-handed should be even more serious.

I'm sitting next to the

When parties found everyone was right-handed ...

When you take part in a large meal, if everyone is right-handed, only you are left-handed. I'm afraid you can't sit across or sit on the other side. This situation usually has to sit next to the most seats, or hope that everyone will be left-handed!

i-pad Kindle is not our good friend

Really want Kandle to have lefty versions

i-pad Kindle's app program is not good for lefty, because moving left is a previous page instead of the next one!

It's not convenient to see the

Scale with

Does everyone find that there are a number of cups that are not scale on both sides?For left-handed people, this is not to change their hands, that is, they just have to bend their hands to the inner side to see what they can do!

Lecture desk

My elbow is hanging

When the lecture hall or the chair desk is like this, left-handed is really going to be sad ...

You want to be an expert on video games?

I want to attack with my left hand!

If you are right-handed, the conventional hands are more powerful. What about the left-handed?

Don't like credit card

What to do?I can't sign it!

If the signature pen for a credit card payment is tied to the signature board, should lefty be bothered?Because in any case, that line doesn't seem to be long enough!

I didn't expect to see a lot of trouble in my daily life, but there's a lot of trouble for left-handed.

social environment in recent years has become more and more friendly to lefty, some lefty interests still need attention from the public. Whether you are left-handed or not, let's have a look at this special festival. Let's celebrate the left-handed days. (International left-handed.)

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