" I'm challenging myself, not challenging others."Do you still remember her?"She has been a student at the school, and she has been striving for glory in the Olympic Games. She has experienced many different forms of light in her life. She has been a challenge to the direction and determination of her life. This is her, Lin Qian.

We know that many of the athletes who once symbolize the glory of Taiwan have been gradually forgotten for a few years, but womany hopes that from now on, we can learn to remember that these are the players and coaches who are fighting for us.

the diversity of

The player, the media, the teacher, and the three roles have a common point of connection: "swimming".As a result of swimming and a variety of experiences, we can't help wondering: How did she meet swimming?

"It's pure coincidence!"" Such an answer completely subverted our imagination.Born in a family with a passion for sports, he was seen as a young man who had been trained in the skills and passion of swimming since childhood, but was never born into an athlete's mind.It was not until the fourth grade of primary school, because of an inter-school competition, and the first one was selected as the new champion swimmer.The swimming life of the people begins with this "coincidence."


At the Atlanta Olympics, the East Asian Games broke a 50-meter freestyle national record, and on this road that entered the athletes, there were many impressive achievements and experiences. But behind the bright lights, it was not known for the pressure and frustration of the people.

" You have done everything you can, but you have not chosen the …." The greatest setback in the memory of his memory, although he doesn't have any emotional expressions, still sounds a little sad and sad. At the Sydney Olympics in 2000, she was still studying at the graduate school. She almost gave up her career and was fully prepared to compete, but she was still unable to win the competition.As long as they enter the university, sports athletes are hard to have regular training, and the number of seconds is very difficult." There is nothing to be taken for granted."The defeat has made her know how precious resources are, and only through hard work can we get rich results."

True, what more needs to know about Taiwan

In addition to confronting your opponents, challenging yourself, you must compete with the broader context of Taiwan's sports.In fact, Taiwan has many sports talents. Unfortunately, these people are often unable to stay in their professional posts and lose their jobs in every corner of society.In the face of such a phenomenon, he said bluntly: " Do you say athletes don't work?No.Don't the government take care of the athletes?It is not.Perhaps it is part of the convergence between the grass roots. It has not been done well!"

While funding is important, the actual help is more urgent: " The athletes are injured. Are there professionals like sports therapists?If more sports science is added to scientific research, it can help more athletes break through the number of seconds." A team of excellent teams can't just rely on coaches, but without professional talents, resources to support each other, and lack of support from each other. It's like a tower that doesn't have a foundation, it's easy to be crushed, and it becomes a plate of loose sand.

During the conversation, we saw her hope and hope for the future of Taiwan's sports in the eyes of the people.The lack of resources, the lack of convergence among the grassroots, and the athletes' ability to exercise self-discipline in the adversity of the environment --- "the athletes have to set a good example.""If the athletes themselves work tirelessly to get the attention of the outside world, the help of the resources will continue to come for you," he said.

's ideal, not

Qian, who graduated from National Taiwan Normal University, should be the same as the other students, but she switched to the anchor in her capacity as an athlete.It was the envy of the outside world that the anchor was the dominant social status, and finally chose to leave the main broadcast station.We can't help wondering why he made such a choice.A direct response: " Because I don't like to be the anchor of my own.".

Recall the life of the anchor, and in minutes, record the news footage you just received, the days of the night news, the day of the day and the time of the day, often giving her a breath of breath.But young is a man of money and a challenging life. At that time, he felt there was nothing to be afraid of, because he thought that before the age of 30, many things could be tried, even if the failure could still begin with a heavy head.

Until you heard a friend say a word to her, she changed her value to life: "If you want to know what it will look like in 10 years, then look at your superior!"This remark suddenly woke her up like a hammer, and suddenly found that she didn't want such a life. It seemed that it was still more important than money to rethink what the future looked like, and it seemed that there was still more important things to do.

As a teacher, we admire her courage and philosophy, idealism, and the abandonment of the post of an anchor who is so shining."If you look at a teacher in a school, 30 years from now, you can still be able to teach swimming in a school and cultivate new blood for the next generation, and that may be stable and steady."She returned to the swimming line and was grateful for the social experience and thinking that she had earned from her host, so she redefined her own direction of life, and was determined to educate more people in her life.

Sea, the epitome of

The surfing is not just a joy, but a belief in life.

Three o'clock, four o'clock, four o'clock, six o'clock surfing, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, then I would be willing."When it comes to surfing, it's like a little kid's excitement about surfing, telling us that we were crazy about surfing.

Perhaps because of the background of swimming, compared to group movements and even more love to enjoy a personal movement like surfing, the difference is that surfing is a process of constantly challenging the environment and interacting with nature in the face of uncertain nature and the continuous feeling of the environment.But enjoying the enjoyment of the past few minutes has been able to make myself happy for several days, and that is why he has been so drunk in the event of a wave.

Surfing is continually challenging and frustrating. The waves are the epitome of life: "The ocean is like a microcosms of life. The waves are the unpredictability of life. Every time it's a good wave, sometimes it's a flat sea, sometimes it's a typhoon, and it's all afraid."The sea is likened to the sea of adults, who may feel helpless in the midst of the vast sea. Faced with the adversity faced by the waves, even when the time is right, the waves are right, and no matter how long it is, we can all go forward.

Surfing, too much for the first time." For the first time in my life, it's because surfing, because of surfing, I was so afraid of water for the first time!Once upon a time, the waves were getting bigger and bigger, and the height of the two men was so high that she was scared to run back ashore.The fear and the damage that have never been experienced, let them begin to respect nature's power and erratic nature, it makes people look so small, but we have gone to understand it, respect it more, and learn to protect itself more.

The ocean is a microcosms of life, and as long as the time is right, we can all go forward.

is also a

"If the movement is purposeful, it's hard to persist.""We are very surprised that she once hated running this sport!"Comparing the love and annoying between the two, she understands that if you use the "reason" to support the movement's habit, the romance with the sport usually ends in advance.Only by constantly exploring and challenging the challenges can the movement continue to live in life.Perhaps this is how we can easily see such a passion and perseverance in swimming!

If you don't have a swim, maybe I'm just a very ordinary person, nothing!Swimming has changed my life."If there is no chance of any chance of being born in a family that loves sports, and if it does not continue to love swimming, then who will she be?Glad to be connected to the fate of the swimmer, because swimming has given her a colorful life, making her the current Lin Qian.

It's a child's mother who needs to spend a lot of time and energy to care for a child, but doesn't limit the habits of the movement because of the conversion of his identity. From this insistence, we see the attitude and enthusiasm of the movement.She found that with her children, she was able to take control of the time and take care of the children. She had children's love for sports, and the family also had a passion for the sport, which was a drop in the child's passion for sports." Like when I was a kid, I brought my kids up and down the sea, and they were moving together, playing together, and that's great!"

, Women Shining

While we see him as far away as we are, the clothes are simple, sweaty, sportswear, but naturally blaring out of the sun, and let us know that women can have different faces, and through sports, they naturally emit sunlight from the outside.Perhaps this is why we can easily feel confident and beautiful in the light of such a sense of confidence and beauty!

He is a brave woman who has faced so many choices and has been able to go straight ahead. We can easily see that she has walked through every path of life, playing a philosophy, and playing a part of her faith, insisting on and bravely acting as her own life.

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