The combination of sentimental love, and the science of reason, what kind of enlightentive will we give us?

This is a thing of love. Sometimes you can't even explain it clearly. Let science give us a love talk in the last one!womany organizes scientific research on love, so that science helps us, in love, knows what it is, what it wants, what it wants, to deepen your passion for love!

Make love and love

The study by Arthur Aron, a psychologist at the University of Stony Brook University in New York, points out that relationships between relationships are more likely to be more secure when emotions are high and situational, and that they are more aware of each other from active situations.But of course you don't want you to put your head in the mouth of a lion, or play a trick on a cliff. In fact, as long as a lover is engaged in sports, watching ghosts, and having a roller coaster ride, they can have the effect of passion!

On the roller coaster, say, "I'm scared!"and then took the opportunity to invest in his arms.

Parent of the skin: let him know I love you much

A study of the relationship between a female chimpanzee and a small chimpanzee indicates that the female chimpanzee does not want to be separated from his own child once he holds a small chimpanzee.People are the same, embracing, holding hands, touching, these simplest touch can produce a warm, positive feeling, not to mention having sex with him.

Skin touch can also show one another's care.First prepared a pot of warm water to lead him to sit on a comfortable chair, lightly dip his feet in warm water, and then wash his feet, massage, dry, and erase the lotion with a fragrance. He will definitely not resist your body and warmth!

Paste the body into action and melt his heart with the skin of the skin!

Find out the gaps in love!

There is a study that people who don't like to add white space between words don't like to type, but they have a higher degree of hard work on their way!Among them, 70 % are married to people who do not love themselves, while the remaining 30 % can only leave their legacy to their own cats.

The results may seem unreliable enough, but we can still find some explanation - "Leave the space for the love of our people blank!"Each day you get bored with each other and understand each other, but it's easy to speed up your love of love into a cooling-off period.Keep some, breathing space, and increase the sense of the spirit of each other, but also allow the other person to enter their own space in a timely way, so that you can increase your dating date!

The space that is reserved with each other can also be rediscovered as real.

man is not bad, woman doesn't love?

the United States, LiveScience reports that women are affected by Hurmond during ovulation, and when they choose a mate, they tend to prefer a sexy and spoiled man, rather than a reliable and obedient playing card.The period of ovulation is about 14 days before the period of the menstrual period, and trying to recollecate the period of time, is there such a tendency to change?

But the most wanted man in every woman should be a sexy, honest combination of perfection, right?If you want to see him make the bad side, it's very simple, with some props , some positive ville-playing games, or a little bit of boldness one another caress not only adds spice, but also feels the pleasure of being overpowered!However, please note that ovulation dates are also known as "pregnancy" and "danger periods". If you are not yet ready for a new life plan, you must remember to implement contraception.

Police and thieves, who will win the battle in the bed?

Are you really in love?

The social psychologist divides love into many kinds, and "round-ripening love" is the highest state of love.The three emotions of Sternbery's Triangle theory are listed below to see which components of your love are included!

(intamacy): with the warmth of knowledge

p "passion": The desire to have the skin of the skin

p and commit): Own it is you!the idea, never to be with someone

If you have these three ingredients in love, congratulations!Your love is full of ripening and perfuming. Enjoy this love that is not easy.

But if your love doesn't have a few ingredients, don't worry, love is not a result, it's a process of endless progress, and on the journey that womany provides you with the scientific conclusions of your love, step by step toward the realm of love.

A round of close love, not hard!
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