This summer, the temperature in Taiwan is high and innovative, and I saw a cup of hand-shaking tea on the road. I was really scared because I knew what was going to be wrong with the raw materials.In fact, every one of those who drink or drink is not tea, but a terrible poison.

I'm the founder of [tea grin Yi] , and I drank tea from a young age. Based on my passion for tea, I was founded to create my own brand.In order to give birth to my own products, I visited tea farmers, tea houses, and tea factories, and during this process, I found this secret that couldn't be said.This is a secret that the industry is already open to, but few consumers know about.

What exactly is the problem with the hand-operated tea sold in the market?

At the cost of raw materials only, the most expensive drink in a drink is probably the cup.

During the process of visiting the tea leaves, I have experienced some major suppliers of hand-shaking tea. They are quite frankly told that the tea is from Vietnam. As for the special flavors and flavors, it is sprayed out of essence.I dare not say that "all" drinks shops use foreign tea. I also believe that there must be manufacturers who care about health like us. Just from the cost structure, a 25-yuan drink is hard to use in my teas. In fact, it is difficult to use healthy Taiwan tea.

Why do most of the hand-operated shops use Vietnamese tea or continental tea?

Mainly due to cheap.In fact, both tea and Vietnamese tea in mainland China are in Taiwan. The techniques of planting and making are used in Taiwan. Therefore, the taste is very similar, and the flavor is not even divided.However, due to the low cost of labor and land, the prices of these tea are roughly one-fifth of the amount of tea in Taiwan, even if they are combined with international freight charges. Therefore, most of the hand-operated shops are using Vietnamese tea or tea in the mainland due to cost considerations.

Since the taste is similar, the price is cheap. Why don't you drink foreign tea?

A lot of people on the countertop will tell you that the differences in tea between countries are "taste," but they don't tell you that the real difference is in fact the "potential risk."

worries about continental tea

pesticides used on the mainland are not subject to the rules of the United States government

Manufacturer says: All the tea I sell has been tested, even if it is the mainland.The problem is that the pesticides used on the mainland are not subject to the rules of the Taiwan government, so if they use pesticides that we do not know at all, the existing methods of testing will never be tested.Just like the Taiwan government has three types A, B, and C, and the mainland uses D and E, so the tests will not be carried out.

Vietnam Tea is a concern.

The Vietnamese tea is suffering from agricultural land contamination.

the Vietnam War, during the Vietnam War, the US military had been unable to attack and eventually chose to use the chemical warfare agent-a withered leaf, which led to a very large number of agricultural lands in Vietnam. After the war ended, many deformed babies and strange diseases in Vietnam were related to this.Even after decades, these agricultural lands are not suitable for farming, as chemicals are spread to crops.

The Vietnamese government, due to economic factors, sells these farming lands to businessmen without conscience. Businessmen are selling them back to Taiwan. This is the Vietnamese tea that you can contact every day. If you eat for a long time, no one knows what to do.(Recommended reading: Entrepreneurs: The best tea in the world is in Taiwan Lin Yu-chen )

In the store, the tea and the place of origin are all labeled in Taiwan. Should we have a problem?

the document "Q&A" published by the Department of Health, "tea leaves imported from Vietnam are processed into a tea bag or a tea beverage (product physical character (appearance) change), where the origin can be marked as Taiwan."As for why there is this law, and who can benefit from it, then let everyone think about it.(Note: This is the most recent document I have found , and if any changes are made, please do not hesitate to teach.

I'm a tea seller, so I only drink the tea I sell because I have been able to keep my own check on myself from beginning to end.This secret is not meant to say that everyone is buying our tea. It just wants to remind more people to pay attention to the tea drinking. When choosing hand-operated tea drinks, it may be possible to keep an opinion, whether or not to mark the place of origin, or to make tea for yourself, and not only for health, but also for more economical and economical benefits.(sibling: seven little secrets your beautification )

For your food nutrition, you eat your health and vitality
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