When a husband is found to have a mistress, she does not necessarily have to be sodomy in a bed, so that sheThe cost of sodomy in the credit industry is as high as $300,000 to $400,000, which is a small amount of money.In fact, as long as we understand the relevant laws, we can save a lot of trouble!

Here, let's take a look at an actual case:

Lu and Mr. Yen are husband and wife, and Ms. Lu has inadvertently discovered that her husband's suitcase is on the way to travel abroad with Miss Hung (the third party in her marriage). It is only in the diary that she found out that Mr. Yen and Miss Hong went to South Korea in August 1998 to spend the fifth day.Later on, the computer discovered that Mr NGAN and Miss Hong were traveling in different locations for four years. They even had a record of a hotel booking.

By legal counsel, Miss Lu has found that adultery does not have to be sodomy in a bed, so long as there is sufficient evidence, it can be told!So, with the assistance of a lawyer, the police detained the computer at home and asked both (Mr. Yen and Miss Hong) to ask the police for questioning whether the room was the same; Finally, the District Court convicted two people (Mr. Yen and Miss Hong) that the civil damages and divorce proceedings resulting from adultery were currently being conducted.

Valid evidence for this action

1. Tour of Tour on Computer

2. Baggage bag

3. Shipping Name of Li Consignment by Thailand

4. A photo of the defendant eating together

Why is the evidence of adultery so weak that it can be successful?

for success:

Evidence of preservation of evidence, by the Prosecutor, through the police unit, who directly sends the person to the defendant's home for the seizure of suspicious evidence.This action is to avoid significant evidence being annihilation, transformation, concealment, or obsessive use.

win two:

The Prosecutor sent a letter to the travel agency, the hotel where the defendants (Mr. Yen and Miss Hong) were invited to visit their home records, the travel agency and the hotel provided housing records, and confirmed that the two men lived with each other on the 5th.

Perhaps I don't have a situation where I need to beat back the little three. However, understanding the relevant legal knowledge will not only help the surrounding friends to save a lot of trouble, but also actively protect their rights and interests.

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