In recent years, with the promotion of many tea brands, the Eastern scented tea has gradually been favored by the public.However, Western flower tea has led the market for many years, and most people have become accustomed to the tea leaves, but should also have petals in them.There were also many misunderstandings during the tea-buying process.In the end, where are the differences between flower tea and Western flower tea?Just what is the production of floral tea?It was clearly a flower tea, but why didn't the tea be seen in the tea?

In fact, we can probably know from the name!Maniuses, syllavia, and "fumigation"In other words, in the process of baking the tea, the tea is added to the scented incense to make tea absorb the fragrant of the flower.In Western style, flowers are used as the main body, or the tea leaves are made of compound tea, or the tea is made of herbal tea.From the English language, it can be seen that the scented tea is Scented Tea, while the Western style tea is Herbal Tea.Of course, there are all kinds of medicinal herb tea with effect in the East, but today we will focus on the camellia and camellia, and so

Chinese floral tea history

The camellia is often referred to as fragrant tablets.The records of Chinese tea drinking could be traced back to the Chinese Tang dynasty, and the records of the jasmine tea were not limited until the time of the Southern Sung dynasty.Before the Ming dynasty, the tea was used by the majority of the people. At that time, the atmosphere of tea fighting was flourishing, and everyone was able to use the very best of the PK to create a variety of methods of making and making tea.The Yuan dynasty's Ni-Chan pushed the competition to a high peak, and the Lotus Tea Force was a key step in producing the later production of Hucha tea.

At the time, according to Ni's "The Full Set of the Cabinet", "Lotus tea, in the pond."At the beginning of the day, when the sun was out of the sun, the lotus-core was picked up by hand, and the tea was filled with fresh tea, and then picked up the tea and dried it.In so many times, the tin can and the dazar collection are collected. The simple saying is that when the lotus flower is open, the tea is put into the bud of the bud for a day, so that the tea can absorb the fragrant flower in the lotus flower, and it can be repeated three times, and the flower can become the lotus tea.Although this practice is complicated and complicated, it still needs to climb down in the mud of the Lotus field, but this action of making tea absorb the flowers is the key to making the tea be transformed from the proletariat to a large public beverage.

By the time of the Ming dynasty and the Ming dynasty, it showed that the method of making the tea was very close to that of modern scented tea.At that time, there were also many hand-made workshops in the south of the Yangtze River, where the literati had made tea, and the tea was already a daily consumption of beverages.In 1851, during the Qing Dynasty (1851), Fuzhou became a production base for Chinese scented tea, and the tea began to be produced in a large scale in the factory, with jasmine tea being the bulk of the tea.

1881, the
of making tea was introduced into Taiwan by Wu Fu's old ferry. In the future, a whirlwind was created, and the rise of the northern part of the tea and the flourishing of the Tataocheng tea was a source of tea, and the city of Taipei City was once a flower.As for the rise of alpine tea and the weakness of flower tea, it is the second time.

Manchor Step by Step

basic process has not produced much change, but the combination of different types of flowers and tea has a more refined way of handling details and tricks. Each tea party usually has some unique steps to make it possible for the tea to be able to be identified in the market.There will be no need for too many sequential terms to describe the methods of making tea with the tea in the octaPick tea.

1. Prebaked tea:

First, the tea is baked at the tea (tea embryos), removing the flavor of the tea, the smell of the cyanine, and making the tea of the base tea more purely vivid.After finishing baking, standing and cooling still need to be cooled, and the tea embryo can be finished only after the weather is placed for 3 to 7 days to drop the fire smell.

2. Screening:

flowers are not immediately used, and must be kept wet and ventilate, and the flower bud, leaves, calyx, and other parts of the flower blossoms are picked up manually before the flower bud begins to bloom, and the petals of the petal blossoms are removed to ensure that the final fragrance and taste of the last tea product are not affected.

3. Fermentation:

flower and the tea embryo are layered and jointed with the tea embryo in the order of one layer of tea, and stewing it to make it ferment naturally, so that the bloom and flower juice are directly absorbed by tea.This step takes more than eight hours and the exact time varies depending on the variety of flowers and the temperature.The fermentation process can affect the fragrance and sweetness of the flower tea, and the fermentation is not enough, and the fermentation is too high to be corrupt.

4. The scent:

fermentation is finished, the flowers are separated from the tea again, and the common baking is mixed according to the proportion.The purpose of the incense is to make the fragrance fully free, so that the tea leaves can absorb all the essence.At the same time, the moisture produced when fermenting is taken away by the baking temperature to prevent the tea from going bad.

5. Starting with:

the scent is finished, the fragrant and sweet parts of the flower are absorbed by the tea leaves, and the flower itself smells of the aroma, but it can produce bitter taste after making it, and it must be removed manually.The formalities of flowers are also the reason why orthodox flower tea is not being spent in the orthodox mantra, but also the reason for the tea.

6. Fragrant:

After the flowers, the flowers will still stand aside for a few days to recede.Because the flower fragrance of the tea is too strong to lose the flavor of the tea embryo, the tea can be rebaked once again, so that the tea and the fragrance can be balanced.

7. Finished product:

After perfumery, the tea leaves are still standing for about seven days, and the fire that is produced when baking is completely withdrawn.Before packing, the tea-drying agent will drink and confirm that the fragrance and mouth feel of the flower tea meet the taste of the family before packaging the finished product.If the tea is not enough, it will have to be perfumused again. If the flowers are lacking, then they have to sift through the step 2, and then go back to the inspection flower law.

The process of camellia is cumbersome, and each step has to be careful due to the fragility of the flowers themselves.At the same time, because the flowering time of each flower is different, the time for making tea can be adjusted along with the time of blossoming, such as jasmine flowers bloom on the night of the night. The whole process of tea making is often followed by a night battle.In addition, it takes three to four weeks to wait for the fermentation to be fermented and to anneal each time, and the production of a flower tea is usually required for three toThis is also why the orthodox manmade camellia is not cheaper than the flowable tea, and in the European market, the good manmade tea can even be sold at more than ten times the price of ordinary flowers and herbal tea.

Although tea has been debated since ancient times, the supporters agree that flowers are complementary to the tea, while opponents think that flowers replace the true fragrance of tea.But no matter how it tastes, it really has its own unique pleasure.The tea will grow with the increase in the number of brewed tea and the increase in the tea gas. Each flavor is different, as if the fragrance has a significant and backward taste, it is a difficult experience to taste the single teas.It is also because of the clear-cut and easily recognizable taste of various kinds of tea, and the ease with which tea is easy to get started, and also the companion of tea-eating.A friend who has used Western style tea as a friend may find an opportunity to try and see the long-established oriental flower tea in the East!

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