The 2012 Gulf Designer Week was launched on September 14 (5)!Have year is a good reason for the Taiwanese designer on but don't miss the design events of this Taiwan and international connection!What creative magic is the display of Taiwan designers' weekly meetings?Let's start with the designers'main focus: Image shows 3x3 Design Show > , bring you to the best of the designers' weeks!

for Industry Image Show 3X3 Design Show

One of the highlights of the design industry's 3x3 Design Show, which was first held in 2009, provides a special area of brand design concepts such as independent designers, design brands, designer companies, and other designs at home and abroad.The design industry image shows 3x3 Design Show > different from the typical business exhibition to encourage designers to be principles, and to share design spirits of the designers who share the design of the designers.

Taiwan, Sweden, Germany, Japan, the richest show lineup!

More than 70 % of the nearly 75 brands, design teams, and design teams from Sweden, Germany, and Japan were added to the


Design Show > display unit, which is a strong lineup for the first time in Sweden, Germany, and Japan.The exhibits include not only the interesting items of life, furniture, information technology, interactive design, and image creation, but also the creative expression of the concept of experimental style. The rich diversity of the creative contents will exceed expectations!

Exhibits Exhibits, Excavated surprises

The 2012 Design Industry Design Show Design Show covers 12 design areas, including

Focus on daily aesthetics and bioengineering -style stationery day design, esophagus

in daily aesthetics and design

furniture, furniture design, wooden ware design, lighting design with people and space as the center of thought ;

the power of design visually shaken Visual Design, Digital Interaction Design ;

Feel the trend, touch on special clothing, textiles, accessories fashion design ;

to design "cultural creativity", "new art" for reappearing traditional crafts, hand feel, and contemporary attitudes;

Facilitating learning exchanges Design Platform ; and communicating Designers' Group of designer personal style.

This 3X3 Design Show is the most diverse in terms of history.From the art of life, fashion design to cultural creativity and content, it offers the best dance platform for designers to display the concept of brand. At the same time, the audience can experience the latest design trends one time, and let you master the latest design trends!In particular, how can you miss the most unique < design industry image show "3x3 Design Show >" this year?

Seize the pace and personally experience the charismatic appeal of the design before September 23!

[Spend womany on the Taiwanese designer week

This year, womany has designed three different lunar calendar cards, from October to December, respectively, with three good partners;

There are only small numbers on the calendar card, and the people who get it will know!Come and come, everyone hurry up and collect, so that womany will accompany you to the end of the year!

2012 Taiwan Designer

Hosts: Taiwan Designer Connection

Extension: 2012/9/14 (v) ~ 2012/9/23 (day)

Visit time: Monday ~ Thursday, 10:00-20:30; Friday ~ Sunday 1 0:00-21:00

(the last half hour of the closing time of the Pavilion)

Location: Taipei Bat Park Competition Museum

Official website:


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