Posture Name: Ballet

Position in place: station posture

The clitoris stimulus: 5 (full 5 )

G Point irritation: (full 5 )

Action challenges: (full 5 )

Visual stimulus: (full 5 )

How to:

This is a bit of a weary feeling about a bed and wants a new place to experience fresh feelings?Don't worry, womany provides you with a ballet dancer. It suits you wherever you want it. Feel it. It's a different kind of fire.

First, you can kiss, hug, and be familiar with each other in an unfamiliar environment, followed by your hands slowly hands to sensitive nipples , fingertips gently to stir up his desire.Because it is a standing posture, it can explore sensitive belts that are hard to touch in the past, and lightly touch his rear, shoulder neck with back buttocks , if the unexpected surprise is unexpected, unexpected!When the people begin to combine, first, don't get hasty. Use the clitoris to gently close to his heat. Swing on the ground makes him feel difficult, and then slowly and slowly, to make the buttocks of his/her regular pattern, so that each other's private place can reach the most comfortable engagement.

Small dexter:

This action may require a bit of practice so that he can encircle the thighs of us. Besides making your incessant tangling smooth, the excitement of the G point will definitely be even more divided!If you want to add a little romance, then choose to bathe in the bathroom and the bathroom, and Slim your soft bath breast with his fire , and then use some props to make each other more happy. Next, he will definitely be pushed around by us!

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