The cover of Vogue Hommes International is often highly controversial, and this latest cover is a major backlash.The cover can be seen as Stephanie Seymour, who was grabbed by male mold Maron Texeira, grabbed his neck by male hand, and kept her breasts in the chest.The beauty of the cover photo has led to controversy, and the US Center for Safe Domestic Violence says such images suggest that violence is full of energy and fashion, potentially leading to serious problems.

Center for Domestic Violence reportedly sent letters to the top and Editor-in-Chief of Conn's (Cond é, protesting that they viewed the necks as a symbol of “ passion, not violence ", and demanded that the magazine stand up and down from the newsstands.At present, the Domestic Violence Prevention Center has received nearly 200 online signatures, and the "neckline" is not a fashion, and the Domestic Violence Prevention Center even stresses, in the letter, that "it should not be used as a means of marketing.""
photographer, Terry Richardson, who is filming this cover, is in fact a lot of controversy
"He was accused of sexually harassing models in 2010.Of course, this does not mean that Richardson's cover of VOUGE is a factor of domestic violence, but this background and the result of this cover naturally lead to controversy.

Huffington Post ", which is the cover of the problem, is one that makes it difficult to ignore the sexual and desire to communicate, but the factors of violence are hard to ignore."This cover seems to convey more sex and desire, not terror violence ... but the helpless face of Stephanie, the female model, who is clutled by the male model, Teixeira, is too hard to — and is easily misunderstood."A similar fashion license
has also caused a stir.For example, the bruise of Heather Morris in the autumn of last year, and the photographs in the plastic rope, are the most obvious examples of the two hands being detained.In order to appease the society, Shields finally auctioned off the series and donated the proceeds to the Domestic Violence Prevention Center.

Is this a fashion or a wrong metaphor?Some may say that it is not necessary to overinterpret the cover of a magazine, but others will say that we have to do more to find those implicit passwords.Violence, even in the fashion of sugar, is still violent.Fashion, not violence, is still charming, isn't it?

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